1. Introduction and 10 random facts about me

I’ve blogged before, 18 enjoyable rewarding months to be precise and mildly popular in my own little way, put it this way I had just enough followers to be happy and several close friends content 🙂 , so why did I kill my blog you may ask?  Good question and best answered with a word of caution! Pressing that delete button is final, a decision you may later regret.

With my old blog I prided my self every word being honest and true, hmm turns out recklessly honest, so be careful what you write, the lady might just read it!

So out with the old and in with the new, let’s begin with a few random facts about me, that’s if you’re interested of course, either way I know a few ladies who’ll massage my ego 😀 ………… hopefully!

  1. I’m an Engineer by Trade, a middle age single male and hopeless romantic.
  2. A wise quote for you, “if you become close friends with someone on the internet, be realistic because when you finally meet in person you’ll only ever be good friends”, controversial? Take it from me the wise lady is absolutely correct. (We had a lovely picnic sitting in the sun by the river but alas remain only friends).
  3. Lol this one will really be a damper, I have epilepsy, but popping tablets ain’t so bad.
  4. The picture on the left is me, taken a while ago mind.
  5. I have a long dick! But alas no great girth. Short story, a lady I had a one night stand with said, “can we not do missionary position because you’re too long and hurt”, a different lady on another one night stand said, “can we do missionary position because I like it deep!” You pays your money and makes your choice!
  6. I’m best described Mr average, neither short nor tall, fat nor thin, slim 5’9″ to be exact.
  7. Diagnosed with AvPD, we all have a disorder don’t we! My best advice for you, stay close to your friends because they help make life worth living.
  8. WP honest or what an earth’s the point being here, beware of my exhibitionist tendencies!
  9. I have a hairy chest.
  10. I hope people describe me dependable and caring but not relaxed enough to be called charming. I’ll settle for a nice man with a good heart, oh and did I tell you I’m always honest? No?
  11. Would love to own a Border Collie, alas I’m unable! Life’s just not fair.
  12. I have a strong dislike of Pornography and hate sex in Film and TV. An unusual statement of fact? I’m not quite sure why I needed to state that fact but I’m quite proud of myself, I’ve always disliked.
  13. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE FAIR SEX! Trouble is I’m single at the moment :/
  14. I know I said 10, never mind!

So what’s my Hook? Do I have a theme? Not as such, call me eclectic if that’s not to presumptive, I’ll Post whatever takes my fancy but beware, I am unshockable and have no shame!






7 thoughts on “1. Introduction and 10 random facts about me

  1. Very nice facts about you!
    I’m not sure why your blog doesn’t show the like button or the comments field unless you touch the “leave a comment” button. I think that’s really odd!
    I’m looking forward to read more from you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you and apologies for replying so late but I did read when you commented 🙂 , beginning yet again lol is disheartening but there you are a lesson learnt though in special circumstances, I have a new Post to Upload which maybe of interest to you, I know you like photographs.

      I trust you’re keeping well, Andrew (I’ll use my Blog name, this one suffice’s for WP 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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