2. How to bake a chocolate cake

You may understand by now this isn’t my first WordPress Blog and I’ve refrained from uploading any previously shown posts simply because simply they’re no longer in existence, that’s ok though.

HOWEVER I’m re-showing my ‘How to bake a Chocolate Cake’ post simply because the videos and cake took me all afternoon to make/bake back in early spring this year, so isn’t strictly that long ago is it!

The cake recipe is passed down from my Grandma and many years ago was reprinted in a cookery book published by a friend of the family, truth be told the recipe is no different than any other cake recipe but there you are a little family myth never hurts 🙂

I haven’t time to re write the full recipe out because the book resides at my mother’s but it will re appear and maybe leave me a comment to remind me 🙂 In the meantime enjoy, the cake which tasted very nice so my nephews say 🙂

(Btw, the video was filmed and narrated by me and also appears on my YouTube Channel)

Video number 1……

……. number 2……

……number 3……

……number 4……

……number 5……

……number 6…….

…….number 7……

…… and finally video number 8



4 thoughts on “2. How to bake a chocolate cake

  1. Your cake looks MUCH nicer than mine, Andrew 🙂
    I got a form like those you used and for some reason, half the cake leaked to the bottom of my oven! (It wasn’t this recipe). I’m pretty pissed because I have to clean it and my cake was super small (but the house smelled delicious for a long time 😀 )

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    • :/ Yikes!!! I’m not sure how that could have happened, if you remember this video was my second attempt and even though I messed the first up the cake tasted ok. I’ll write the recipe here. I thought the post worthy of a re upload cause lol it took so long 🙂

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