7. Girlband having Orgasms whilst singing

Dutch all lady ‘girlband’ ADAM

Guess what I’ve found wasting my life watching YouTube videos?

Girlband ADAM having Orgasms whilst riding a (retailed) ‘female saddle for pleasure’, oh and singing their New song Naked at the same time.


Just holdΒ on before you have a ‘hissy fit’ or call me a pervert misogynist or both…… I’m neither btw.

Before you judge ME this GENUINE video features ladies from Dutch ‘girlband’ ADAM, (note I’m saying ladies not girls), the ladies starred in produced and filmed this video, further STILL this video appears on their OWN YouTube Channel. πŸ™‚

Made by women. Produced by women. Starring women

OK ARE WE COOL? (As Jules said to Marvin in Pulp Fiction before he shot him in the face)

Paola knows me πŸ™‚ I can be serious for just so long!

If any of you happen to have viewed my previous WP Domain, I keep on about it enough, time to time I was a little more adult. Eclectic! Family Posts, funny Posts, serious posts and a subject lol I won’t speak of plus lots more beside.

And note in Post 1 I stated I hate Pornography and I’m always honest. Good or Bad.

Well I decided to show you a video that made me smile in both a guy way and just for the sheer fun of it, then I’ll be back to Churches, my Town, Eclectic and family history, see I get restless then have to blog things that amuse me πŸ™‚

A machine! If you can be arsed you’ll lol work it out

I’m NOT gonna say what it is, this is a family blog, the mat costs $1500 contains two motors and well you’ll guess! If you wish to know the name of the genuinely retailed product, I didn’t frigging make it btw!

(I’m going to be careful with Category and Tag names, write the wrong words here and I’ll get all manor of low life. The video made me smile nothing more).

But please note I am NOT or NEVER will be a sx blogger,Β ‘been there, seen it and bought the tee shirt’ πŸ™‚





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