8. 2 happy tunes from the 1980’s

From ‘time to time’ on my previous blog I would upload favourite video songs from the 1980’s, well here are 2 more performed by ‘Tears for Fears’ and I still love listening to ‘Mad World’ even till this day.

….. see if you love it to 🙂 I’ve always been a fan of 1980’s synth music. (Google if you’d like to understand more).

Tears for Fears are an English rock band formed in 1981 by Roland (black curly hair) and Kurt (Pony tail), they are posers lol. I say rock but they were more associated with the new wave synthesizer music of the early 1980s, later branching out into mainstream rock and pop which led to future international chart success.

Their platinum-selling debut album, ‘The Hurting’, reached number one in the UK Albums Charts which was quite a feat back then when album sales ruled the world! No CD’s or digital downloads!


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