9. Blind Dating (a long time ago!)


🙂 This cartoon really did make me smile’.

I have a blind date tale to tell which may have scarred me for life, maybe not, maybe it’s just a convenient excuse!

I’d guess we all have experiences which leave their indelible mark on our psyche, upsetting us, breaking our hearts, impacting our lives for years to come or for the truly unfortunate perhaps you’ve experienced a combination of all four! Ok yes a little melodramatic, we all have to learn and move on but are affairs of the heart that easy? So how many tales do you have to tell and did they actually affect you so greatly they may have altered the way you live your life for evermore, then again all experiences shape our future lives so get a grip Andrew.


🙂 I’d guess this one’s pretty much spot on.

A tale for you, and I’m always honest, after walking the third girl home I gave up girls as not worth the upset, mind you if I’d been masturbating at that point in my life I’d have been on the Town next evening looking for an easy lay, forgotten all three, isn’t the pursuit of sex how relationships come about? I’m a nice guy so I don’t use women, then again dicks control a guys thought process and I have history lol!

But truthfully after saying goodnight to the third girl I gave up dating girls quite a lot actually 😦 the first two were nice but I’d put my hopes up, the third lol a cow convincing me a sex drive could have made me date differently all these years after, so 😀 blame my laziness on lack of masturbation! Err does that make sense?

Yes I have a tale that scarred me for life, not the one where I came out of an ensuite bathroom to be faced by a guy stark bollock naked in his bedroom, don’t ask how and why! A guy armed with a hard very erect dick and that knowing look in his eyes where ‘gulp’ I understood where he wanted to insert it! (My mouth if you’re curious).

A tale for another day, or maybe not I’ve told you once before!


🙂 This one’s got creepy overtones!

I’ll set a scene, a good few years ago when I was really young, I experienced the hell that is going on a blind date, in fact friends played cupid with my heart three times in the space of one year and still a virgin as well (that has a baring on whether you give up or not). Three is a big mistake, three horrible blind dates one after another all set up by lovely well meaning friends who yes cared for my happiness, and being a weak man and frightened of hurting peoples feelings I didn’t say no.

BUT THEY WEREN’T THREE hellish ladies, that’s important, all lovely girls though the third was a bit of a cow!

I once told a horrified escort this story.

I’ve learnt an important lesson as I’ve gotten older, become wiser as the years pass, I have the right to say NO without feeling guilty. OKAY I’m all melodramatic tonight lol and it’s wrong to ‘pass the blame’, so I didn’t get the outcome I hoped for, that’s life! And note my emotions were resignation never anger.

The first date was to be an evening at the cinema accompanying several other couples, me being paired up with the sister of one of the groups young men, still with me? I’m writing this many years later and I do recall the warm afternoon, off the shoulder summer dresses and you know how it is, all evening lovely couples engineering we be alone or walk down a City street side by side. 🙂 No doubt amusingly fun for the girlfriends but for me and the young lady awkward comes to mind, love wasn’t in the air, very little chemistry, naughty girls we all know women enjoy match making, anyways my ‘girlfriend’ was pleasant but alas love was never in the air and certainly no physical attraction, lol I’m still unsure what “reading dictionaries is a good way to broaden ones vocabulary” lol actually means?

I’m a little pathetic aren’t I, but take it from me ‘cold’ blind dates ain’t a good idea!

I’m being a little disingenuous, the evening was pleasant enough and I wasn’t forced to go, I agreed because well you never know do you? We could have ‘hit it off like a house on fire’, now happily married ** years later with three kids or 🙂 just good friends.


🙂 All guys hope for a hand up her skirt don’t they? 

Believe it or not the second date was even worse lol. A male friend at the time asked if I’d like to go for a meal with him, for what I believed to be at the time with only him! We organised the date restaurant and time, but come the evening might heart sank as he pulled into my drive for there was a young woman with long jet black hair sitting next to him, the blackest coloured hair I’d ever seen and masses of it, as black as Paola’s. God knows what her pussy looked like? (Not Paola’s!) Must of resembled a pussy cat sitting across her bare crotch, maybe that’s where the term pussy originates from?

Sorry I got side tracked.

I opened the car’s rear door, sat in a seat behind them and he introduced the young lady as a friend from work with a name I can’t recall, in fact I can’t remember any of the three ladies names!  Introductions made we drove to this quiet restaurant in the Cotswolds, as you can imagine the atmosphere was tense but friendly the conversation awkward and a little forced. We were both shy consequently my friend put all the work in, he was a good natured man he obviously knew both myself and the single lady well (we didn’t), then no doubt compared our personalities and came up with a cunning plan ‘bring us together’ and be known around Church as ‘a matchmaker’ lol. Looking back you could say not telling me was a little deceitful, he should really have told me this lady was coming perhaps he was worried I’d cry of with an excuse.


😀 Scary or not I’d still give her one!

I was tooo young for blind dates.

So was the date a mistake? Maybe, looking back I’m not the right type to have a surprise sprung upon me, I need preparation time in which to get all worked up, gregarious extroverts would have soon put thoughts of romance aside and just enjoyed a convivial evening out but don’t get me wrong, she was lovely my friend had good intensions and as I remember we all parted on happy terms. Then again she could just have been the one! I could be married now putting a daughter through college or helping a son erect a garden fence this weekend!

How life’s direction turns on one chance meeting. The young lady and I could have ‘clicked’, my friend could have dropped us off, allowed us to walk home together, we could have wandered into the park, lay in the long grass my hand inside her panties fingering, then f#cked each others brains out!……………….Andrew Stop! She was a lovely sweet young lady.

I’m JOKING, you know me I can be ‘clean’ for only so long 😀 she was a nice girl I wonder what her pussy looked like?


:/ Can’t say I’ve ever seen one.

So maybe you’re wondering am I angry with my deceitful kind friend?  Of course not, knowing mischievous Norman he hoped we’d suit each, how could I dislike someone who cared. Incidentally he has triplet daughters age 17 last time I saw them and absolute stunners.

Are you curious as to what happened in between us driving to the restaurant and Norman dropping us off at our two homes? As I remember we all had a pleasant meal and yes as I remember pleasant conversation 🙂 you know how in life how events and life experiences are remembered as photographs imprinted across our minds, and as the years pass so those pictures become less and less, then after a generation you’re left with an evening out perhaps as just two of those photographs.

Well my photograph is of a dark haired young lady sitting across from me, shy quiet and me wondering whether her silence was nerves, or me being me, I’d convinced myself by then she really didn’t like me. Looking back I realise my stupidity, a friend of Norman’s would have been a lovely person though probably on the quiet side and if I’d followed the date up, phoned, then a second proper date could have been fun with the ice already broken.


🙂 One for the ladies.

My own feelings are easily hurt and I should have jumped back on the dating horse, the ladies above were nice girls 🙂 though the third was nasty to me, lol if the three dates had been relaxed and fun, an absence of uncomfortable atmosphere, then with a little confidence would I have met girls a different way?

Blind dates aren’t a good idea.

If by then I’d discovered lol the joys of masturbation, that orgasmic heavenly release, then next evening out on the piss I’d have been out searching down an easy lay, she’d have played hard to get, I would have pursued her wearing her defences down then f#cked her brains out on the honeymoon.

🙂 Now that silly Post above is finished I may or may not write about the third girl.



7 thoughts on “9. Blind Dating (a long time ago!)

  1. Write about the third girl! 🙂
    And my hair is black because the brown dye alone doesn’t cover the grey 😀 (I have to mix them).
    I had one blind date when I was 15 I think. My friend didn’t want to go out with a guy alone so she asked him to bring a friend and that she was bringing a friend too. That was an awful experience. I also wish I had liked the guy but no, no chemistry at all. 🙂
    I’d do it again and again. I asked MANY of my friends to fix me with their husbands’ relatives/friends. I think they think I’m joking but I’m dead serious 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe lol she was a surly stuck up cow . Me blaming 3 dates is a cop out but they did affect me, I was a naïve young to the point of being immature (sexually), I was a late developer , if I’d been jerking off at every opportunity I’m convinced I’d have carried on chasing women at a young age, but with I guess little sex drive I couldn’t be bothered. BUT regrets in life are pointless and self destructive, I’m ok lol, always have been, I’m not bitter or twisted, I’ve had lots of friends who were girls trouble is they were ALL married.
      I agree do it again and again! As I’ve said before if my neighbour’s wife ‘asked’ me over when he wasn’t in, he’s a lovely guy, lol I wouldn’t think twice if she wanted to get ‘down and dirty’ I’d be naked in a second!!!!!!
      Paola you must say to “stop talking about me” but it’s always with affection, and Latin women do appear to have jet black hair! Btw I KNOW you’re not joking!

      Liked by 1 person

        • 🙂 Lol part of the problem is nothing of any real interest happened on the date 😀 hence it’d be very short! She was a college student living with friends, I was asked if I’d like to take her out, I did and all date she hardly spoke a word, I walked her to the pub 🙂 we sat and I bought her a drink, I tried to but she would NOT converse? After a while, and very deflated I walked her home. I guess she was a nice girl but looking back I think she was exceptionally rude and bad mannered, anyways you know me she upset me, perhaps she was on her period!!! I should toughen up shouldn’t I 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

            • They do sound a nuisance, I heard ladies talk about them on their blogs also the TV. I remember as a child mum used to get very very angry for NO reason and I can clearly remember thinking, ‘hold on but me and my brother haven’t done anything wrong!!!!!’ But now have a guess why!

              HOWEVER don’t get me wrong, mum is a lovely woman, kind friendly (everyone loves her) completely selfless and :/ I know deep down I don’t do enough in return 😦 and I’m not ‘digging’ for sympathy 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

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