11. Breast Milk but alas with no sandwich


This Post used to be one of my late night ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ stories (click Sandwich above) :/ laced with tooo much honesty even a little dishonesty and yes poetic licence 🙂 and now removed! So my apologies if you’ve read and I’ve offended, but there you are I enjoy writing, it’s my blog and ‘at least lol I didn’t kick any puppies!!!’



5 thoughts on “11. Breast Milk but alas with no sandwich

    • :/ A long story, I entered The Daily Post challenge (ie Sandwich) I did once before with my Medal gaining 23 likes, well this time I wrote a Breastfeeding story (I know lol it sounds a bad idea already!!) and I didn’t make clear it wasn’t true, a lady thought I actually drank my sister in laws breast milk, anyways I’m a little bit embarrassed cause you know me it was a bit tacky, and lol all the likes have been coming after removal. Oh well no point crying over spilt milk lol.

      Basically my WIFI should be turned off by WP at midnight so I can’t post silly stuff til the morning!

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