13. Orgasm :)

Note adult themes but I haven’t broken WP guidelines because I’ve read and checked. Hopefully!

( 🙂 I’ve been blogging (loosely) for the past 2 years and every time I’ve I uploaded ‘something unusual’ I try and convince myself I don’t care what Readers think of me, but I do care 🙂 , trouble is I’m a restless sort of guy who is mentally unable (or is that unstable!) of themed blogging, btw I think themed blogs are fabulous but not really me, you see I get bored lol so unfortunately I’m a mixture you know a Family History, 1980’s music and ‘others’.}

I’m truly hoping this Post will make you smile, the one I promised the one I lost when I deleted my earlier Blog but no worries c’est la vie I’ve uploaded again.


The funny shaped black plastic container pictured down below is in fact THE worlds most popular male ‘sx toy’ which sells literally by the millions, so I guess I’m not that unusual after all! 😀 Btw I haven’t used ‘it’ in a long while not since my ‘one and only’ pink bottle of lubrication ran out. Where was I? Yes this ‘toy’ sells by the millions and at $40 a unit some lucky inventor is now very rich!

The toy is fun warm and tight but the fit is very different to a ladies real pussy and incidentally all the ones I’ve been lucky enough to …… were all bald as well! Discretion is the manufacturers key selling point and their designers have been quite clever because the black case is made to look like a ‘Flashlight’ hence the name ‘Fleshlight’ and I guess the idea is, if someone opens a cupboard door and sees ‘it’ on a shelf then they instantly think ‘Battery powered Torch’, BUT the manufacturers don’t tell you what happens when you remove the cap and try to use in a blackout emergency! Bit of a bummer if you have a power cut!

I can understand why people consider male toys an unusual idea, you know even a little sad, with ladies a vibe is considered cool her writhing about on the bed as she’s you know, btw I was amazed a certain lady Follower has never owned a vibe preferring her fingers instead, but men using a ‘Fleshlight’ is definitely unusual and I do feel guilty when I come across it from time to time, anyways enough of feeling sorry for myself 😀

Now to the pink pliable plastic V! Going by the twelve I’ve actually seen I have to say the appearance is pretty realistic looking, the V canal is 20mm diameter and tightness around the shaft is pretty much like the real pussy, not mixing spoon in pudding bowl 😀 , but of course the sleeve is only similar to a ladies V, nothing cums close to the real thing does it, so let’s just say similar.

I’ve perhaps gone tooo far with the next set of photos but there ain’t much I haven’t shown on WP and the cartoons should bring a smile! Just be thankful lol I’m not showing the accompanying YouTube video 😀

I couldn’t resist adding ‘a personal pic’ I AM a closet exhibitionist after all, seriously, I can undress lol in front of women who I’ve known literally minutes (note inside a bedroom) and not be in the slightest bit embarrassed which is so strange cause lol I’not that good looking.

Manufacturers claims: ‘The legendary US Pink Lady Fleshlight toy for men! A soft, pliable non-vibrating sleeve made from patented high-quality material, the Pink Lady Fleshlight gives incredibly realistic sensations!’

Immerse the Pink Lady Fleshlight sleeve in hot water to add heat and make your experience even more lifelike. The material feels like velvety soft warm flesh and is 100% body-safe. The moulded gel insert is housed in an attractive and sturdy canister that looks like an ordinary utility flashlight.

The Pink Lady Fleshlight is easy to handle, easy to clean, designed for discreet storage and impossible to wear out!

Always use with a generous squeeze of water-based lubricant to enhance your pleasure to sky-high levels.

After use I washed through under a cold water tap, dried with a towel and placed in the airing cupboard, talk about ‘faffing about’!!!! You can see why I can’t be bothered lol. All said and done though, from an engineering point of view the sleeve is one amazing piece of plastic, pliable, stretchy, feeling like skin and pink!

🙂 Personally I prefer the hand, a lot less messing around. So if you ever visit someone’s home and see one of these on a shelf you’ll know it’s not a Flashlight! 😉

Comes with a shower mount for heavens sake? I don’t think so! 🙂




17 thoughts on “13. Orgasm :)

  1. I haven’t gone to far, I’ve read WP Guidelines and they’re very very open minded, sex blogs and the rest and why not!, I used to follow those blogs but they get boring. Anyways this was fun to make.


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