14. Three generations of my family eating together

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Three generations of my family seated together eating a take-away curry, my father, my brother and his son my nephew…………..and of course me, I guess I count even though I’m behind the camera 🙂 ……………oh and taken earlier this evening.


Through the wonders of technology I captured this image using my nephew’s iPad, sent it via email to my computer, then uploaded on to this Post, and isn’t it a wonderful picture of family life, a completely naturalistic snapshot of three generations sat around a dining room table sharing a meal together. The nephew has dropped something or looking for the dog, my brother is telling him to concentrate on eating and my father is tucking into a Peshwari naan! 🙂 And take a look at the colour of that Mango Chicken curry! Wtf!

Joking apart the meal was very tasty, a curry selection with naan breads poppadums pickles, so if you want the name of a good take-away restaurant then just drop me an email. Btw I had lamb Sheek kebabs if you’re wondering

I guess I could write at great length describing why I love the family scene, but as they say a picture paints a 1000 words so I’ll only say I love everything about it.

I always introduce my family photo Posts with these words ‘This is another treasured family photograph of…….’ and of course that’s all true, well tonight I have a feeling this picture of 3 generations of my family could also turn out to be a treasured photo of the future, in fact I’m absolutely certain!!!!



12 thoughts on “14. Three generations of my family eating together

  1. This is a beautiful scene Andrew – because it’s natural and the people in in are being themselves. What a lovely family you have. Although I can’t see your nephew’s face, just from the roundness of his blonde head, he looks adorable! You are blessed, my friend. Affectionate regards always, C.

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  2. You summed up the evening and photo beautifully Cara, I love picture because it is completely natural and thank you I do have a nice family, My nephew’s a good looking lad and so I hear he’s already a hit with the young ladies 🙂


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