16. A photograph of Andrew


😀 Alas the naked guy gazing at his own reflection in a pool of water isn’t a photo of myself but I have a good guess you know his name, that’s if you know your Greek Mythology which I don’t! I happened across this Google image the other day and thought to myself ‘what a sexy looking guy’ even though I’m not gay, lol all very homoerotic and with a penis I’d be proud to call my own.

Anyways I’m Andrew and the guy is Narcissus.

Reluctantly 😀 I’m uploading a photo of myself and why not, I wrote reluctantly only because I’m not exactly Richard Gere 🙂 hmm I can sense your disappointment but there you are.

So why the distant expression you may ask? Where am I gazing with such distant concentration?

Now I guess there’s several ways to interpret this photo taken by my age 8 nephew from his iPad, (I might buy one of those, he saved up for his with his pocket money and yes the tablet IS as he says, “Awesome, Uncle you could play Pokémon Go on it!“, Err NO I’ll pass, I won’t be walking the Town’s Streets searching for Hotspots………… But a clever way of getting children outside exercising don’t you think? Nintendo I applaud you.

Where was I? Yes interpretation, well I’m not being narcissistic showing you how handsome I am that’s for sure, more likely I can sense my Followers err un Following. So you can be sure revealing myself is NOT vanity, :/ no uploading this picture is nothing more complicated than showing a picture of me.

image1-2_resizedBTW my nephew secretly ‘captured’ this during Toy Story 3 and rather annoyingly he does this ALL the time! A lovely lad though and I’d be proud to call all 3 boys my sons but alas…….. anyways they’re a credit to their parents. (Being honest there are times when I wish I had children of my own but that’s for another blog post, ‘c’est la vie’ 🙂 )

Incidentally you’ll know the guy up top is the origin of the word narcissism and if you read WP blogs you’ll understand narcissism is an evil character trait much written about by bloggers from their own personal experience, horrific tales of nasty controlling men and yes also women.


Narcissus was a hunter in Greek Mythology who was known for his beauty, much like me! NO NO NO, Narcissus was the son of a river God born of a nymph and was proud, god was he proud and sneered at those who loved him. Nemesis noticed his behaviour and one day attracted Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with himself, I have a guess we’re all picturing someone right now, and unable to leave the beauty of his reflection Narcissus lost his will to live and stared at his reflection until he died.

🙂 Andrew


37 thoughts on “16. A photograph of Andrew

  1. Hahahaha.. Andrew.. you devil..

    The pic of a beautiful naked man.. is with all his erogenous zone.. is definitely going to get my undivided attention..

    And Andrew.. thank you 😊 for the educational lesson…,
    Very informative and stimulating…

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      • It’s takes a real man to admit to that..

        I sometimes look at these gorgeous women and just stare..
        and sometimes they excited me a little too…
        but .. I’m not gay either..
        I don’t see anything wrong in admiring the same sex..
        especially if they are undoubtedly the perfect 👌🏽 most beautiful person.

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        • I don’t believe we’re born a definite straight bi or gay in fact I’m convinced sexuality is a little more blurred at the edges and btw 😀 I have a story which I shared on my previous blog and will write about again, HOWEVER don’t expect anything raunchy!

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            • Can I say I’ve been 😀 thinking about your comment over the past couple of days. You may have noticed from my blog a lovely lady by the name of Paola follows and comments, in fact she has for a year and a half now, and I know she would be disappointed if I wrote my tale again this time telling more. This is my third WordPress blog, cutting a long story short I used to be a sex blogger writing very lurid honest accounts of my afternoons spent with London escorts, I didn’t hold back on detail either and the blog became a little difficult when one of the escorts ‘tracked me down’, consequently I began again with a new blog and the lady tracked me down again!!! And cut a long story even shorter I’m unsure whether she reads this one hence the fact I don’t write too sexually……..Btw I no longer visit escorts, another long story, basically I disliked the man I had become so stopped.

              LOL 😀 all very dramatic!!!!!!

              A while ago I’d decided to write the tale again and set as protected, so if anyone wishes to read they could ask. But they shouldn’t expect tooo much though.

              Liked by 1 person

              • hahahaha….. to be truthful… I write erotic stories too… and I’m very detailed and explicit..
                but I do realize that this is not the audience for it.. and they are all personal experiences too…
                it’s so nice to meet someone who would appreciate my writing my tales of my wild steamy encounters and affairs..
                I also have given up my lifestyle.. but love to relive some the the most pleasurable memories…

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  2. Wow Andrew!! 🙂 I knew the story of Narcissus and I was surprised many years ago when I looked for it and it was different of what I knew. In my version (learned who knows where), Narcissus drowned trying to reach his own reflection 🙂 In any case, the sucker died 🙂

    It’s ok to love yourself but it’s always good to remember you are not the only thing in the world 🙂
    I don’t have an iPad, I have an iPod and it’s awesome! It fits in my small hands and it’s easier to transport anywhere 🙂

    I really like the picture of Narcissus that you chose. The real Narcissus is in love with his reflection but you can see that the reflection is actually looking somewhere else (and that something else got him excited… 😀 Another example of unrequited love 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG you actually made me laugh out loud!!! But I know exactly what you mean, both I love to see who I’m addressing and I can nearly never tell their age………… however having said that I can always guess whether a blogger is rather straight laced prim and proper or someone up for a laugh………not taking care and getting it wrong is awful :/

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