31 – Pet Dog photos, (all but 2 are new)

A quick message to say thank you to those who replied yesterday evening, reading those comments did really help cheer me up 🙂 In real life I don’t know anyone in person on WordPress and vice versa , yet over the last two years I feel as though I’ve met so many lovely genuine people here. 🙂 (I tell a lie I did meet one lady). 

On-line friendships and internet acquaintances are very different to real life but because blog writers are so open honest and revealing of their true thoughts stories and emotions I’ve gotten to know many people from right around the globe and privately email several, yes I lose touch when people finish, ‘go ghost’ or you simply drift apart but I deeply value the interactions with people I’ve met here in this little corner of the Internet, some of them know silly secrets (many 😀 in fact!!!!!) about me 🙂 which are unknown to any other living soul on earth, that’s been such fun, yet they don’t judge and it’s always fun reading their replies after one of my Posts.

Also I adore commenting bloggers I read and follow, yes I’ve lost touch over last two years, that’s life, but I still REMEMBER many of their hilarious often caring replies ahh lol! 🙂 Andrew

A pet photographic post for you………..and we all enjoy looking at pet pictures.

My Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother, baby Robert and housemaid Emma!

Now the above picture of my Great Grandfather Robert, his wife Jane and housemaid Emma is a rare and very old photo taken around 1900, Robert as you may already know fought in the Anglo Dutch Boer War in South Africa, well after the British had won (Jury’s out on that one!!!) he stayed on in Africa and became a Military Policeman tasked with guarding Kimberly Diamond mines, which I’m led to believe was quite a responsible and respected occupation hence they ’employed’ a live-in housemaid by the name of Emma.

My Uncle refers to his Grandfather Robert as “that miserable bugger” which by the expression on his face seems about correct, he looks the type of self confident character who’d take no crap!

Their pet dog’s name eludes me right now though I did know it once and notice he’s a black and white collie again, seems to be a tradition in our family! To begin with they take a lot of training because collies can be problem dogs, maybe that’s because they’re so intelligent…..  😀 anyway we like to think so!


My mother who you’ve seen before
A previous border collie named ‘Belle’


‘Belle’ again

😀 Why can’t I find and marry a woman like J? Adorable, intelligent, EXTREMELY amusing, never angry,  good looking, big busted, witty, perfect and a fantastic mother in fact an all round wonder woman!! My brother’s a lucky man and I never lie.

A 12 week old ‘Lucy’ and MY Father in need of a shave!
Probably my favourite of all, ‘Lucy’ looking for trouble, she could be a little horror 😀

Two more of Holly.

Mum with Holly and Lucy

I hope you enjoyed, Andrew



30 – I’m a little upset tonight




I’m a little upset tonight, not tearful because I’m not the crying sort of man, perhaps I should reveal more of my emotions happy or sad, but not tonight I’m just to damn weary, a long day at work, two bus journeys and a phone call from my mum and I’m totally spent.

Don’t assume by me writing this post that I’m hankering after sympathy, I’m a practical man, I’m ok I just felt like writing something down so this post is totally unprepared and written out here and now. I’m not tearful but I am feeling a little low, just the tiny bit emotional, remember an earlier post where I told you all about our two collies called Lucy and Holly? Well mum phoned a few minutes ago to say Lucy was put to sleep at the vets earlier this morning, our loyal friend and precious pet dog had lived to a good age, fifteen years is exceptional for medium size dogs, but today was her final day on earth and looking at the recent photo above she was looking a bit of an old lady!

Fifteen years is a long time, we bought her from a farm and she’s a genuine sheep hearding border collie, I won’t write down Lucy’s life story just that she was loyal a friend and lots of fun, she’d fetch a thrown ball all day long if you wanted, pets become part of ones family don’t they hence that’s why their passing hurts so much. There are lots of stories to tell, only interesting to me except to say I’ll miss taking her on long walks down by the river, I’ll really miss walking the common and across fields. My sadness will probably pass by this time tomorrow to be replaced by happy memories which will be triggered by completely innocuous events in years to come, I’m ok.

So there you are, days like these bring home life’s path can change forever just by means of a simple phone call, so there you are, mum’s not to upset because she’s a very strong woman takes after her mother, and they have Holly who’ll be comfort in the days to come.

My apologies for putting you through this post if you’re reading, but I’m really not sure if anyone does anyway, tonight I lost my pet dog and feel an empty hole in my heart but it’ll pass and that’s fine to acknowledge life goes on. So there you are, life’s path isn’t linear is it? Yes the direction is straight-on but life revolves around cycles, you’re born a baby and ultimately you may grow up and produce a baby of your own and so life’s cycle goes on and on 🙂 all very profound! We’ve had collies before and if my parents were younger they’d have a collie pup again life goes on.

Anyways enough of all that, tonight’s been nice to look at Lucy’s picture and write a few things down, I’m definitely at my most comfortable holding photograph and writing a family post.

Tomorrows another day and there’s more important things in life, remember my post ‘child abduction and the lie that is CCTV’? Well her abduction has had a big effect on me, more than I’d ever imagined, that poor girl, a car pulls alongside as she’s walking to school……….. and well her ordeal puts ANY of life’s problems into perspective and a pet dog dying is of no comparison.


29 – Fruits of the Forest Floor

Local seasonal photographs and all taken by me © Andrew 🙂

Residents on my housing estate must have wondered what an earth I was playing at yesterday? There I was crouched down underneath two walnut trees taking close up photographs of the ground!

I have always been an autumnal collector of UK tree seeds (a rather strange admission I know) as far back as I can remember when walking our collie dogs in local woods I’ve invariably returned home with pockets full of oak tree acorns, sycamore seeds, ‘conkers’, beech nuts and walnuts……..You see I can’t resist picking them up because quite simply I hate to see the fruit go to waste! Yes later when I returned home most were thrown in the waste bin, but as a teenager I used to plant the foraged acorn and beech seeds into pots then transport the samplings back into the woods years later. I wish I knew whereabouts though! I sense standing in a forest gazing at a fully grown oak tree I’d grown from an acorn a quarter of a century previous could be quite a spiritual experience. 🙂

Incidentally for those not in the know, fruit from the horse chestnut tree in the UK is called a ‘conker’…..and to play the game of ‘conkers’ children dig a hole through the brown nut, tie a piece of string, and well you can guess!

Anyways before I get side tracked with childhood memories and tales of schoolboy games this post features two walnut trees a few hundred metres from my home, I’ll give you a short geography lesson, from where I’m standing taking the photograph below, walk to your left following the Cotswold wall line and you’ll pass ‘Codfathers’ Fish and Chip restaurant then the Doctor’s surgery and my home, turn right and you’ll find yourself at Downton Abbey Yew Tree Farm.

Thirty years ago when the housing estate was built on wheat fields surrounding my Town, various types of tree species were planted on small patches of grass with the aim of improving the look and feel for residents living there, and in that respect they are a success, turn down one Street and you’ll find a small green oasis of oak trees, down another and you could happen across ‘copper’ beech trees and in next week or so the best is yet to come when the leaves turn rustic shades of brown…..yes I am fortunate and perhaps take my local surroundings a little for granted.

Two walnut trees close to my home with leaves just starting to turn yellow
…….walk a few paces closer and I’m standing underneath a tree canopy

So now you understand why after work I slightly change my route home, yes the distance is slightly longer from the bus stop but after a windy day there’s sure to be fallen walnuts blown to the ground and you’ve guessed 🙂 I fill my pockets with as many as I can find!…………..Neighbours looking out of their kitchen windows must question what an earth I am up to when there is a perfectly good Tesco supermarket around the corner, but hey we all know food tastes better if you don’t have to pay for it and I’ve just had a thought perhaps that’s the real reason why I also grow raspberries? Or the fact I’m just a tightwad!!! (That’s a British slang word meaning ‘an aversion to spending ones own money’ also known as ‘not having spent a penny’).

A close up photograph of an ‘English walnut’ variety on the ground

My apologies the ‘walnut laying on the ground’ close up photo above is a little ‘washed out’ but our evenings are drawing-in and late afternoon yesterday was a little gloomy hence the bright flash!!! Anyways if you look more closely you’ll just make out the image of an English walnut or:

Juglans regia, Persian walnut, English walnut, or especially in Great Britain called the common walnut, which is an Old World walnut tree species native to the region stretching from the Balkans eastward to the Himalayas and southwest China. (Courtesy Wikipedia

Very few plants and trees are indigenous to one particular Country and that applies to wildlife as well however introducing species into other continents can have terrible dire consequences, for example the European grey squirrel was introduced into the UK and for reasons you’ll have to Google the grey species went on to virtually wipe out our own red squirrel, such a shame because the red is such a sweet looking animal, but there you are, and yet again through the wonders of the internet Wikipedia informs us the ‘English walnut’ originates all the way from southwest China……..your fact of the day!

……..and taken even closer!!!
Three of the many I picked from the ground

…………don’t you think the Google a wonderful tool? The search engine even gave me storage tips, apparently you lay the ‘English walnut’ out to dry for two weeks then crack open and eat!

Lay the walnuts out in plastic crates to dry for 2 weeks

Well I hope you enjoyed my photographs following my housing estate ‘fruits of the forest’ foraging journey yesterday afternoon………and who knows what I’ll Post about next?



28 – Downton Abbey – Yew Tree Farm

Downton Abbey, Yew Tree Farm

(Note photos and video are © Andrew, i.e. taken by me 🙂 )

Take a five minute stroll through my Housing Estate and you’ll find a genuine Television Series outside broadcast film location, come to think of it I’m suddenly curious as to whether my neighbours know it exists? Yes walk the short distance from my front door, past the local Primary School, across the shopping precinct car park, walk briskly through a small wooded area (which creeps me out), jump a stream (which I’ve fallen into) lean over an agricultural barbed wire fence and you’ll see a typical English rural landscape captured by my following 4 photos………..further still, join them together left to right for a sweeping panoramic view!

Panoramic sweep from left, photograph 1.
Panoramic sweep from left, photograph 2.
Panoramic sweep from left, photograph 3.
Panoramic sweep from left, Photograph 4.

I’m very fortunate to live so close to rural Oxfordshire because this stunning agricultural landscape can be viewed virtually in any direction from my home and only a stones throw away………AND that’s why property prices are so frigging high round here!!!!!!!!

Some may already be aware I have a small YouTube Channel (though very insignificant and lol rarely viewed), however note Channels are easily set up and can be very useful. So YouTube in mind I filmed a short mpeg video of the same scene taken at the same time back in early September……..lovely English blue skies aren’t they and come to think of it our final really sunny weekend.

End view from ‘Church Lane’
Closer end view from ‘Church Lane’

So I hear you say, what are these farm buildings constructed from ‘golden Cotswold stone’ in your photographs Andrew? I’ll have given the game away with my post title and for those of you who are eagle eyed fans of a UK period drama called Downton Abbey you’ll probably recognise this as…..Yew Tree Farm.

Yew Tree Farm, remember only 5 minutes away, is home to the Drewe family in series 4, 5 & 6 and apparently this is where Lady Edith’s child was brought up, incidentally Dame Maggie Smith (no less) and the characters Tom Branson, Lady Edith and Lady Mary also feature in those episodes. Well as you can imagine much excitement stirred locally when cast and crew descended with their trucks, props, cameras, megaphones and 🙂 my claim to fame is I can clearly remember the smell of fried bacon filling the air as I passed the ‘chuck wagons’ early mornings on my way to work.

Click here for the episode synopsis

I must admit I’m not an avid fan of the series, although my mum and dad are!!!! But I thought I’d share these pictures because I do know many millions around the world (note not on Blog Andrew) love this UK Edwardian period drama, and I thought one or two might want to view Cogges Manor House kitchen and grounds, btw if you’re in the UK all the locations can be found on the Downton Cotswold Tourist Trail………… 😀 the local newspaper asked for extras but I declined!


27 – ‘The Child Catcher’ – Halloween

A movie question for you, is ‘The Child Catcher’ the creepiest character to appear in children’s cinema? I would say the definition of a horror movie character is one that gives you nightmares!! Well ‘The Child Catcher’ from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ is written for children and often remembered into adulthood as giving them nightmares!!!

So this is my Halloween movie revue written for those who hadn’t heard of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and what better way to explain the film than write a Post through the eyes of only one character, one which hopefully others will enjoy.

What have…………………

  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Jigsaw Killer
  • Darth Vader
  • The T1000
  • The Joker
  • Crueller de Vil
  • Wicked Witch of the North
  • and The Child Catcher

………………. all have in common? Answer, they have all been voted the most Evil Characters in film, quite a chilling list and in my opinion ‘The Child Catcher’ adds an extra dimension……. yes he’s VERY creepy’ but he also resonates in todays big bad world, there’s an honesty about him which the others don’t have, in real life there are creepy men out there, men who abduct children and I think he taps into childrens and parents psyche. It’s said The Child Catcher gave children nightmares, I’m unsure if that’s actually true but clearly I remember age 10 going to Hull Regal Cinema with my Grandma and experiencing a fright with his creepy face seared across my imagination ever since. But perhaps today’s children playing computer games are less innocent than children of the 1970s and perhaps ‘shock scares’ don’t work as well.

Whilst researching this post I came across a Social Media Poll which voted The Child Catcher as one of the most terrifying characters in kids’ Films……with his skipping dance and jingly black cape actor Robert Helpmann is both sinister and spine chillingly creepy, take a look at his picture and tell me what you see? I would say he has the look of a modern day child ******** so feared by parents! I’ll say no more.

But don’t panic ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ isn’t a horror film, believe it or not you’ll be watching a fairy tale family musical movie with catchy tunes which perhaps juxtaposes this evil man even more! And hey this is Halloween so I’m obliged to give you a movie many adults rate as their earliest screen fright memory.

The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

I’m going to refrain from writing my own movie review of this 1968 children’s musical, firstly because film favourites are deeply personal subjective and near impossible to recommend, and secondly professional film critics are far more skilled than I (so they say! 😀 )

rrrrrrrr  Rotten Tomatoes rated CCBB a healthy 7/10

Brief Synopsis, a children’s musical, lots of catchy tunes, funny, happy, with a flying car, adorable family, castle, and an all round ‘evil baddie’ and all from a book written by Ian Fleming with a screenplay from Roald Dahl……….. pretty impressive hey?

Robert Helpmann both ballet dancer and actor

I hope at this point readers are still with me! I’ve kept the first part easy to follow, a short description seems more fun than writing a film review incidentally the stage version is still very popular with British audiences

‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ wasn’t an all happy experience for Robert Helpmann because his face became synonymous with that of a child catcher! I guess some people blur fiction and reality and become confused between a film personification and the real man, which is sad because afterwards Robert often felt he had to reinforce the fact he loved children which must have been upsetting.

Perhaps I’m overplaying the film a little, ‘The Child Catcher’ is not the main character in the film, in fact he doesn’t appear until an hour and forty minutes in and then only for ten minutes or so but what a quite memorable ten minutes! Incidentally he doesn’t appear in the book either having being dreamt up from Roald Dahl’s imagination which probably explains why adults remember him so vividly, it’s been a while since I’ve read a Roald Dahl novel, probably I should visit mums go in the attic and re read our old childrens books.

As I’ve explained err several times I’ll refrain from a full review and I hope I haven’t built the film up tooo greatly for modern sophisticated audiences? But on reflection I think a creepy man with giant net enticing children into his cage with promises of free candy and ice cream has a resonance today.

Movie still

Robert’s portrayal is evil through and through, he’s a villain, he’s the creature under the bed he’s a boogieman of childrens silver screen, he’s designed to be a nightmare, carrying a pole with metal hook attached trying to catch children and although he’s only in a couple of short scenes he is able to create a chilling monster……….. but I’d say in a healthy way?

Finally The Child Catcher has made a number of lists for the most frightening villain/characters of all time:

  1. He made Entertainment Weekly’s list of “50 Most Vile Movie Villains,”
  2. Several Empire Magazine lists, a Digital Spy list.
  3. Total Film’s “Greatest Movie Villains” list.
  4. CBBC (Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation) poll voted him the scariest villain from a children’s book.


26 – I live in Oxford UK and this is my home!

A quick Post I hope you enjoy!

I own a YouTube Channel garnering 850 subscribers with video views numbering over a million, but don’t get tooo excited because most of my videos feature America’s 1969-73 Apollo moon landings and yes a little boring……..but I enjoyed making them, they’re popular with ‘space fans’ and one upside is I receive LOTS of hater comments!! You won’t believe the abuse I get, threats bad language 😀 and I’m not joking.

From time to time I upload private videos similar to the two below. The first video below features my home filmed from the front, I stood on Chris’s driveway over the road filming and narrating at the same time so God know what she thought I was doing talking to myself! She is lovely though, age 50 attractive slim with rather a small chest but alas Chris is married to a very nice man 🙂

As my Post Title says I live in a two bedroom home situated on the outskirts of Oxford United Kingdom, it’s ok I have good neighbours and the area’s very quiet. As you can see the house is modern approx 1985 with a secluded rear garden lawn which is just about the right size for sunbathing British weather permitting.

Look carefully and you’ll notice I’ve covered the Street Sign with my blue jacket, lol I don’t want you visiting ‘Google Street’ and come knocking on my front door, mind you any blogger is welcome to come round and have a cup of tea……..just email 😀 first!

The trees and bushes are a pain…they keep growing!

You may have heard me refer to my Raspberry bushes in the ‘Back Garden’ video, well sadly summer is but a memory but those bushes fruited did all September and I might add lol I’ve eaten that many Raspberries I have had my fill for the year! Joking apart they were rather lovely though and I would recommend to any reader if you’re interested in no frills gardening why not buy some canes on line, then manure the soil, plant, stand back and watch them grow! They are the ideal garden plant for those without green fingers or in my case lazy. Basically I left them alone all summer then picked the fruits of my labour come autumn time.



Andrew 🙂

25. Answering a question for Wendy

Good evening Wendy, remember I’m no expert but I hope this helps! For example if you look at the comments underneath someone’s Post you’ll find the word ‘reply’ next to each comment, if you press that ‘reply’ you can err lol reply to that particular comment, however as you say yours doesn’t seem to have this.

  1. Move your curser to the top left hand corner and press where it says My Site
  2. A window appears coming from the left hand side.
  3. Now move your curser down to the bottom of the window.
  4. Using cursor press on Settings
  5. A new page appears!
  6. Now move cursor over where it says Discussion and press.
  7. Look for the line which says, Enable threaded (nested) comments up to 10 levels deep.
  8. Firstly you have to make sure there’s an X in the box, secondly set the number you wish and mine is by chance 10
  9. Now press Save Settings

I hope this helps, Andrew.

24. New underwear

Don’t get tooo excited it’s mostly balls!

I’ll post this photo of me in my undies not to impress mind just so as it catches your eye in the Reader but you’ll have to read on to understand why.

For those of you who recognise that bedroom and colour co ordinated quilt cover, the oak dressing table and tree lamp you’ll know I’m the guy who Posted artistically posed selfies many many months ago, never again!!!

A short story from last weekend, don’t expect tooo much 🙂 I enjoyed writing.

I am a big time fan of online shopping, I’m known for it at work and I’ve made both great and some awful late night purchases………especially on eBay!!! So advice to my Bank, come eleven o’clock at night block my credit card until morning and I’m not joking.

I am clean right out of wearable underwear! Maybe your knickers draw is the same, you know do some pairs have a hole or two? Some lost they’re their waist elastic with a danger of slipping down, must be unnerving if you’re wearing a dress, or maybe some pairs have a stretched gusset! Wtf?

Well last Saturday evening I Googled men’s briefs, and very quickly find a pair I like sold by NEXT High Street clothes boutique, I know a tad young for me but hey ‘he who dares wins’ or something like that, so I get my credit card out and purchase a pack of four in colour black. It’s all working like a dream so far, don’t you find there’s nothing more horrifying when ‘paying up’ goes all wrong, a card is refused, I automatically break into a cold sweat thinking someone’s stolen my identity, but not to worry an email appears in my Inbox saying they’re mine and pickup Sunday after twelve.

Come on now isn’t technology amazing? Buy exactly what wish and pickup next day, years ago you’d traipse down the High Street in the pouring rain only to find what you want is sold out or they’re out of stock in the colour you want.

The following morning I wander ‘Down Town’, that’s another phrase for ‘Shopping Mall’ to Americans 🙂 and head directly for our NEXT clothing store and I’ll tell you something I wasn’t half nervous walking through those big shiny doors parting before me. Why you ask? Well being a middle aged man I’d forgotten what a youngsters fashion boutique looks and feels like inside……….. lots of young people and racks of trendy clothes to be exact and wouldn’t you believe it Purchase Pickup is upstairs at the rear of the Store meaning I have to pick my way through happy teenagers and women’s fashion.

Are they amused by me? I knew on-line underwear shopping was a mistake!

Slightly flushed I climb upstairs and join a long queue of other internet late evening shoppers again they’re all women. ‘F#ck is this a female only store?’ I thought to myself. Today there was only one girl serving us, approximately age 17, a pretty lady wearing a white tee shirt with NEXT written across her chest, oh and a couple of tattoos spaced on her forearm. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I’m NOT a big fan of females with tattoos, call me old fashioned and I’m a ‘live your life how you wish’ 🙂 sort of person and maybe it’s an age thing but to me tattoos are unfeminine and ALWAYS look awful on a girl. There you are but I would never say to the lady!

Incidentally, tattoos are a new very modern phenomenon, oh yes the craze is very recent and did you know in Victorian days only 3 types of people were tattooed, can you guess? Well if you can’t tattoos were worn by the Military, Prostitutes and Criminals……absolutely true!

Back to my clothing Boutique shopping tale. For ten minutes or so I’m standing with other women in the Purchase Pickup queue which is moving very VERY slowly just in front of the pretty girl’s counter, but I don’t mind, she’s fun to watch briskly walking to and from her Store Room then serving customers, very conscientious I could see she enjoyed her job and I’m a sucker for a pretty face.

My turn!!! So I walk to the counter hand the girl my Order Number and a few minutes later she returns with my briefs, see photo above…………then she says something completely deflating and not at all in an unkind manner…….

“Four pairs of men’s black briefs in size SMALL”

……and lol she didn’t half emphasise the word “SMALL” but all spoken with a very sweet smile across her face, not at all nasty or condescending nope the young lady had a sense of humour and I just knew at that very moment in time we both had the image of a man’s ‘bits and bobs’ pictured across both our minds……..and no word of a lie I felt like saying “I’ll tell you something Miss I ain’t that small :)”

But of course I didn’t say anything, I just smiled in return when she caught my eye, took my package paid then exited the Store as quick as I could. Anyways our briefest of encounters made my day, in fact I smiled all the way home (true) thinking I’ll perhaps write a Post about this. Passes the time 🙂

Andrew 🙂



23. Hysterical Literature – Part 2

I’ve been sent an email from someone who shall remain nameless so I’ve decided to answer through a Post, I also replied personally because I’m a polite boy 🙂

I’ve thought long and hard how to clearly and concisely explain What on earth those ladies are experiencing in the videos, no idea? Anyways I hope the steps below help, thank you.


1. Disclaimer: I don’t endorse those videos and I don’t earn a penny from the vibrator’s sale, it is sold by Amazon!!!

2. Firstly please view my post hysterical-literature-the-female-orgasm to understand wtf is going on.

(Brief interlude, I’m hoping you watched, what did you think?)

3. Now that you understand the relationship context association please go to the Hysterical Literature Website

4. Now ‘move your cursor’ to vibrator ‘click’ and hystericalliterature.com will forward you to Amazon.

5. Remember I can only guess what those ladies are experiencing in the videos, f#ck I wish I could!!!! But I can’t because I don’t have a clitoris.

(P.S. I hope you understand now why I haven’t sent my answer by email, first off those links are a little confusing, secondly writing a Post is more fun …….. my blog and all that.)

Andrew ❤

22. Hysterical Literature – The Female Orgasm

You may have heard of these videos.

Hysterical Literature – The female orgasm! 😀 now that caught your attention didn’t it! Hold on a second! Please don’t go away just yet because this post isn’t intended to be salacious sleazy perverted offensive or darn right dirty, though after reading some of you naughty ladies write I don’t think I should be the one apologising.

About: ‘Hysterical Literature is a video art series by NYC based photographer Clayton Cubit. It explores feminism, mind/body dualism. distraction portraiture and the contrast between portraiture and symbolism. (It’s also just fun to watch!)’.

Listen closely and you’ll hear a buzzing sound from the motors.

Below I’m sharing selected videos from a Director named Clayton Cubit and they’re all taken from his series of 12 short Films called ‘Hysterical Literature’ featuring 12 lovely women who have to be applauded for being so open honest and revealing! I do believe Film is an Artform so when the Director describes his Films as Art I agree also on a purely entertainment level I enjoyed watching because they’re fun. However do NOT fear you’ll see absolutely NO nudity or profane language! Much later after release The Director went on to write in a great depth attaching the words spirituality and a duality of mind and body which I’m not so sure about, either way Art or a blow for feminism his series of Films do have an original theme…….very original and as you may imagine they created a Worldwide media frenzy.

Incidentally: Session Three Danielle is my favourite.

A little background information, and I do think the Director was both inspired and original because I’ve never seen anything like them before or since, speaking of originality Quentin Tarantino once questioned in an interview, “are there are any original screenplays out there or only rehashes of tired ideas?”, Anyways I’m of the opinion Clayton’s series of Films are fun to watch and the idea behind them was quite inspired.

Oh yes a little background, the Director advertised for volunteer women who would feel comfortable being filmed whilst experiencing a sexual orgasm, note they are not porn, these are rather lovely personable everyday women who I guess were game for a laugh and interested in being part of a rather novel idea.

And note they are ladies of all ages both young and old!!!!

Before Filming took place the Director asked each of them to bring a favourite novel to read and clothing of their own choice, then he sat them down individually on a simple chair behind a simple table facing his camera, oh and he filmed in black and white and I think his masterstroke was the black curtain behind which both frames and focuses your attention onto the lady herself.

As for the vibrator! Out of view and sat underneath the table is his assistant, I guess a lady, who’s holding a variable speed vibrator ready to stimulate the ladies clitoris and omg that assistant seems to know what she’s doing!!! Are you keeping up!

Anyways no more explanation is needed except the idea behind the ladies reading from their favourite novels is to distract their mind’s attention from the effects of that vibrator! I guess you could read a great deal of pseudo symbolism into what you are about to see, no that’s unfair because there is something to be said for compartmentalising her mind between two emotion experiences and also spirituality…………anyways the ladies are not faking and watching her orgasm is quite enthralling but I’m not going to even try describing what these ladies are experiencing only I’d say they are quite spiritual and certainly compulsive viewing.

Incidentally when interviewed afterwards one lady said she’d received only a few negative remarks all from women! Also overwhelmingly the one single question asked of all 12 women volunteers was you’ve guessed it, “please can you tell me the name of that vibrator?”

So what do you think? I consider the series quite spiritual Films and yes they reveal a duality between her body and mind ……..and yes they are a lot of fun!

………..and finally Marne is my second favourite.








21. A blog in order to be a true blog must stick to one theme, true?

Anyone who’s happened across my 2 previous blog domains spaced over the last 2 years will understand my Posts have NO one common theme which binds the blog content together, in fact even I understand my domain should stick to one topic and then I’d have 2000 like minded followers! Thankfully that’ll never happen but I do envy people who can truly write, that’s not false modesty, I genuinely love reading Lady writers you are absolutely fabulous 🙂

So slightly labouring the point, in my opinion a good blog, a great blog, a successful blog MUST have a common theme so as to appeal to like minded people, but unfortunately I cannot so consequently mine veer from relationships ……..to  sex with ‘women’ ……..to cookery…….. to ‘artistic’ body photos …..and……though note no more politics!

Or in other words read a post about my wonderful mother but be sure the following post will be completely different and or a disappointment :/

There you are I kinda apologise but as you all know the only point to blogging, though that’s stretching credibility when applied to me lol, where was I? Oh yes there is only one point to WordPress and that is to enjoy oneself and if at least one person has enjoyed reading mine then I’m a happy Andrew, believe me I truly am……… I’d love to be able to write great poetry but unfortunately prose which touches peoples hearts will never come my way, so to the 32 people follow me, thank you 🙂

After that rather long introduction, 😀 you’ll have guessed my next Post ain’t gonna be inspired by a family photo! You’d be correct, so be prepared to be disappointed if you enjoyed my St Mary’s Church the Virgin Post!