21. A blog in order to be a true blog must stick to one theme, true?

Anyone who’s happened across my 2 previous blog domains spaced over the last 2 years will understand my Posts have NO one common theme which binds the blog content together, in fact even I understand my domain should stick to one topic and then I’d have 2000 like minded followers! Thankfully that’ll never happen but I do envy people who can truly write, that’s not false modesty, I genuinely love reading Lady writers you are absolutely fabulous 🙂

So slightly labouring the point, in my opinion a good blog, a great blog, a successful blog MUST have a common theme so as to appeal to like minded people, but unfortunately I cannot so consequently mine veer from relationships ……..to  sex with ‘women’ ……..to cookery…….. to ‘artistic’ body photos …..and……though note no more politics!

Or in other words read a post about my wonderful mother but be sure the following post will be completely different and or a disappointment :/

There you are I kinda apologise but as you all know the only point to blogging, though that’s stretching credibility when applied to me lol, where was I? Oh yes there is only one point to WordPress and that is to enjoy oneself and if at least one person has enjoyed reading mine then I’m a happy Andrew, believe me I truly am……… I’d love to be able to write great poetry but unfortunately prose which touches peoples hearts will never come my way, so to the 32 people follow me, thank you 🙂

After that rather long introduction, 😀 you’ll have guessed my next Post ain’t gonna be inspired by a family photo! You’d be correct, so be prepared to be disappointed if you enjoyed my St Mary’s Church the Virgin Post!



8 thoughts on “21. A blog in order to be a true blog must stick to one theme, true?

  1. Hahahaha… I would love ❤️ to find me a niche and stick to it..
    but I do love ❤️ your posts..

    And I love ❤️ that you comment and participate in our blogs and stories too..
    you are great 👍 at inspiring and uplifting and encouraging and even entertaining us.. ..
    don’t ever stop ✋ being you

    Liked by 2 people

  2. If I need only one theme to blog, I’m f#$ked! (I wish!!) hahahaha.
    I write whatever comes to my mind and I’m glad you do that too! It’s honest and entertaining. I
    ‘m not sure I’d stick to a blog that’s only about one subject (I get bored pretty easily) 😀


      • I like that you write for your enjoyment. That’s what it is all about for me. If I am not having fun, what is the point? If some one else does not enjoy what I write, they don’t have to read it…they write what they want to write lol! I enjoy your blog! I hope you continue to be yourself.

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