22. Hysterical Literature – The Female Orgasm

You may have heard of these videos.

Hysterical Literature – The female orgasm! 😀 now that caught your attention didn’t it! Hold on a second! Please don’t go away just yet because this post isn’t intended to be salacious sleazy perverted offensive or darn right dirty, though after reading some of you naughty ladies write I don’t think I should be the one apologising.

About: ‘Hysterical Literature is a video art series by NYC based photographer Clayton Cubit. It explores feminism, mind/body dualism. distraction portraiture and the contrast between portraiture and symbolism. (It’s also just fun to watch!)’.

Listen closely and you’ll hear a buzzing sound from the motors.

Below I’m sharing selected videos from a Director named Clayton Cubit and they’re all taken from his series of 12 short Films called ‘Hysterical Literature’ featuring 12 lovely women who have to be applauded for being so open honest and revealing! I do believe Film is an Artform so when the Director describes his Films as Art I agree also on a purely entertainment level I enjoyed watching because they’re fun. However do NOT fear you’ll see absolutely NO nudity or profane language! Much later after release The Director went on to write in a great depth attaching the words spirituality and a duality of mind and body which I’m not so sure about, either way Art or a blow for feminism his series of Films do have an original theme…….very original and as you may imagine they created a Worldwide media frenzy.

Incidentally: Session Three Danielle is my favourite.

A little background information, and I do think the Director was both inspired and original because I’ve never seen anything like them before or since, speaking of originality Quentin Tarantino once questioned in an interview, “are there are any original screenplays out there or only rehashes of tired ideas?”, Anyways I’m of the opinion Clayton’s series of Films are fun to watch and the idea behind them was quite inspired.

Oh yes a little background, the Director advertised for volunteer women who would feel comfortable being filmed whilst experiencing a sexual orgasm, note they are not porn, these are rather lovely personable everyday women who I guess were game for a laugh and interested in being part of a rather novel idea.

And note they are ladies of all ages both young and old!!!!

Before Filming took place the Director asked each of them to bring a favourite novel to read and clothing of their own choice, then he sat them down individually on a simple chair behind a simple table facing his camera, oh and he filmed in black and white and I think his masterstroke was the black curtain behind which both frames and focuses your attention onto the lady herself.

As for the vibrator! Out of view and sat underneath the table is his assistant, I guess a lady, who’s holding a variable speed vibrator ready to stimulate the ladies clitoris and omg that assistant seems to know what she’s doing!!! Are you keeping up!

Anyways no more explanation is needed except the idea behind the ladies reading from their favourite novels is to distract their mind’s attention from the effects of that vibrator! I guess you could read a great deal of pseudo symbolism into what you are about to see, no that’s unfair because there is something to be said for compartmentalising her mind between two emotion experiences and also spirituality…………anyways the ladies are not faking and watching her orgasm is quite enthralling but I’m not going to even try describing what these ladies are experiencing only I’d say they are quite spiritual and certainly compulsive viewing.

Incidentally when interviewed afterwards one lady said she’d received only a few negative remarks all from women! Also overwhelmingly the one single question asked of all 12 women volunteers was you’ve guessed it, “please can you tell me the name of that vibrator?”

So what do you think? I consider the series quite spiritual Films and yes they reveal a duality between her body and mind ……..and yes they are a lot of fun!

………..and finally Marne is my second favourite.









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