23. Hysterical Literature – Part 2

I’ve been sent an email from someone who shall remain nameless so I’ve decided to answer through a Post, I also replied personally because I’m a polite boy 🙂

I’ve thought long and hard how to clearly and concisely explain What on earth those ladies are experiencing in the videos, no idea? Anyways I hope the steps below help, thank you.


1. Disclaimer: I don’t endorse those videos and I don’t earn a penny from the vibrator’s sale, it is sold by Amazon!!!

2. Firstly please view my post hysterical-literature-the-female-orgasm to understand wtf is going on.

(Brief interlude, I’m hoping you watched, what did you think?)

3. Now that you understand the relationship context association please go to the Hysterical Literature Website

4. Now ‘move your cursor’ to vibrator ‘click’ and hystericalliterature.com will forward you to Amazon.

5. Remember I can only guess what those ladies are experiencing in the videos, f#ck I wish I could!!!! But I can’t because I don’t have a clitoris.

(P.S. I hope you understand now why I haven’t sent my answer by email, first off those links are a little confusing, secondly writing a Post is more fun …….. my blog and all that.)

Andrew ❤


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