32 – Voyeurism – being secretly filmed Pt 1

So before you go getting your ‘knickers in a twist’ 😀 I’ve written this post for genuine reasons, the included newspaper article caught my eye when I first viewed on the internet so I thought this could make an entertaining if thought provoking post. Voyeurism is a modern day phenomenon and as you’ll all be aware men who secretly film women are sick and perverted, what they’re doing is illegal and in my opinion sexual assault, so yes Pt 1 is rather serious but Pt 2 is hopefully more amusing Pt 3 intriguing:)

WordPress are quite broadminded when it comes to issues discussed here, well they seem to be and I’ve been and checked their terms and conditions so all’s good good?

A Googled image, the lady knew she was being photographed.

Two illegal also socially and morally unacceptable voyeuristic definitions from Wikipedia which are key to this Post and the second to follow.

Upskirt: illegal voyeurism involving the practice of making unauthorized photographs under a woman’s skirt, capturing an image of her crotch area, underwear.

Downblouse: illegal voyeurism involving watching female breasts looking down a woman’s dress. It may take the form of making unauthorized photographs down the top of a female’s dress, blouse or other garment, capturing an image of her breasts or cleavage.

A question for you, have you ever asked yourself whether you’ve been followed by a male pervert holding a smartphone and he’s secretly been pointing a camera where he shouldn’t? Invading your privacy, sexual assaulting you? I came across this article below and thought it interesting reading:

Eveningstandard: Three men were arrested for filming and taking pictures up women’s skirts in separate incidents on the Tube last week as Police continued to crack down on sex offenders carrying out abuse on London’s transport network. The men were caught by officers at Green Park, Gunnersbury and Angel stations between 14-18 July.

A photograph is a digital tattoo is it not? Now you can quite rightly argue I am guilty as charged using the above photograph on this Post. Maybe? It’s a stock image, so with that fact in mind go back to those Wikipedia definitions and let’s say if you were to enter Downblouse or Upskirt into Google then many similar images will appear and on Google of all places, btw I Googled researching this post.

Several years ago, like you do, I attended a ‘last day at work Christmas party’, a slightly forced evening but fun, so there we were 50 or so mixed sex employees assembled in a staff refectory all rather self consciously standing around in groups chatting laughing having fun!! I’m a hell of a lot more confident with a glass of red in my tummy btw, lights were dimmed music was playing, all very convivial if a little false but we were enjoying ourselves also lol parties improve with alcohol 🙂 don’t they, so there we all were and I had this question on my mind.

Work colleagues aren’t necessarily close friends, you’re thrown together by the simple fact of occupation and there are people I would NEVER usually meet socially and no doubt vice versa lol. Yet I spend more time in close proximity with them than my own family, sometimes 8 hours a day 5 days a week lol. Well at the Xmas party I asked a female PA, for some reason you can no longer call admin assistants secretaries, they’re PA’s now……..I think it’s something to do with letting people know you’re very important plus you get a higher Grade….anyways don’t be so churlish Andrew.

Like I said I’m at this ‘party’ and I asked a lady PA why she wasn’t dancing, I wasn’t asking her if she wanted to dance with me!! No I was just curious why no one was letting their hair down? Then she answered with a reply which took me quite by surprise, “YouTube that’s why” and she wasn’t joking either! She explained further before we changed subject she was frightened someone might film her dancing, making a fool of herself, then Upload onto YouTube………and the penny dropped, this is exactly what happens, whatever you may be doing whether tripping over in the street or flashing ones panties on the dancefloor you may subsequently find yourself plastered across the internet…..ok I’m stating the obvious you all know what’s viewable on YouTube, but I guess watching Upskirt videos is all well and amusing unless the underwear happens to be yours!!! Internet photos are digital tattoos, they’re on the net for ever!

To be continued……………………….



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