33 – Voyeurism pt 2

Continuation of part 1………….. Voyeuristic thoughts and musings 🙂

Downblouse (definition): Watching female breasts whilst looking down a woman’s dress also cleavage. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Do you have questions you’d love to know the answer to but never been brave or stupid enough to ask? Possibly you didn’t ask because a spoken enquiry would get you in to deep water or at least warrant a slap around the face……or both……..and probably you didn’t ask because that question is so personal it could even be deemed sexual assault! Ladies do you possess a sixth sense? Can you tell when a guy’s looking down your blouse?

I should like to say the photo below is a stock image from the internet I Google searched the phrase ‘Female Cleavage’ (for reasons to be elaborated on) and happened across this picture of a lady on a train, notice the logo VOYEURCLOUD.COM in the left hand corner proving I DIDN’T take it, so now that the ‘woman on a train’ ownership is crystal clear let me begin!

Google search engine image copyright unknown

Several years ago one sunny humid afternoon I was standing on a railway platform going somewhere (can’t remember where) then my train pulls into the station, so I board a coach only to find all available seats are occupied also people standing shoulder to shoulder around the door. So I push my way along a coach aisle coming to a halt directly between two seats with my hands holding their headrests to steady myself, then the train pulled out the station meandering its way through the English countryside.

I’m a great people watcher, I think everyone is, and I remember looking around that carriage observing people reading chatting daydreaming or wistfully gazing out the window and of course I was looking for pretty girls with their boobs bouncing up and down in time to the rocking coaches. All is not well though because I’m aware many people are watching me and that made me extremely self conscious I can tell you!

So when the passengers attention became too intrusive I’d look down at the floor and well since I defined Downblouse up top, you’ll have guessed what happened next! Yep I’d just looked directly down a seated young woman’s open collared white blouse and this being high summer, stifling hot, she’d quite a few top buttons undone! Then for the next ten minutes or so I’d look out the window, glance around the passengers faces seeing who’s watching, then look directly down her blouse again and not a word of a lie I nearly had an orgasm in my pants, in fact I can still picture her lacy bra and pink boobs now, omg what a train journey!!!!

What do you make of that admission? Incidentally similar plunging cleavage scenarios happen to me quite regularly 😉 but I guess at some point peering could become leering?

I’m getting side tracked here but who cares, no one’s reading, the most likely place to see a lucky Downblouse is Department Store payment counters, like M&S. I’ll be standing in line to pay for clothes and could well be watching a young lady assistant leaning forward over the counter, bend down to pick up a carrier bag then lean over the counter again. Truly wonderful voyeurism perhaps made more exciting because she doesn’t know I’m viewing her bra and boobs or does she? God now you’ve got me going, I could tell you many more instances but perhaps I’d better not.

Btw this always happens completely by chance!

Ok you’ve twisted my arm, here’s another scenario, I’ve travelled on buses and looked down many a ladies cleavage, perhaps that’s why I sit upstairs…………anything wrong admitting? Any harm in enjoying? But of course that brief glimpse never lasts long, over in a flash, however there was the lady sitting on a Delicatessen shop floor whilst I was waiting for my sandwich, same scenario, looking at her small boobs nestling inside a cute purple bra for what seemed an age, and before you ask no she didn’t notice then we went our separate ways. I’m NOT a perv, erotic moments like these 🙂 make life worth living living.

Here’s another photograph from the internet I didn’t take.tumblr_m74zmpyp8l1qzooqho1_500Now honestly I’ve only just realised she’s also sitting on a train……….so be careful ladies and don’t you think the pictures sharpen the mind? Btw pt 1 is a lot more serious and addresses this crime, Jesus f#ck what sort of a guy takes photos? Sick men that’s who and before you ask I own a £15 Nokia without a camera thank you very much!!!

Pt 3 is an intro to my own story.

I’ve been told off by several ladies for my post apologising so I won’t, judge me for writing but at least I’m honest and tell I tell a tale with affection. ❤









16 thoughts on “33 – Voyeurism pt 2

  1. Heyyyy. Andrew.. I always think 💭 that’s what men do best.
    I must admit. I sometimes am guilty of showing off my cleavage and get a kick out of looking directly into the guys face.. smile a wink 😉. Can you imagine his reaction and how red he turned Getting caught red handed…
    I’m laughing 😂 right now .. thinking about a few of these incidents..

    So guess what Andrew..some of us girls are so bad knowing the natural habits of you men..
    we tease..
    I even went farther on a very crowded bus 🚌. .. caught between these.. hottt looking guys.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy I love your two comments thank you 🙂 and I’ve been busted on a couple of occasions, by that I mean the lady has noticed me looking! 😀 ladies are VERY proud of their breasts and rightly so and I don’t think they mind within reason <3. A good few years back I walked past a young woman sat on her bike at traffic lights, one foot on a peddle with a big grin across her face, 😀 she was flashing her bright white knickers and well she knew she'd made my day when I smiled. TY ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oops 🙊..
    Anyways.. pressed my butt into his groin.. and shifting like I was uncomfortable 😣.. and feeling his boner growing as I push into him..
    and he leaned and whispered into my ears 👂🏾..
    ” mmmm.. I like that.. ” and I just look 👀 back at him and just smile.. raising my eyebrows….

    It’s so natural for us to play games like that..
    so dear Andrew .. it’s not so bad as you think . Some of us girls purposely dress 👗 that way.. to entertain you breast peeping Toms

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha lucky guy! Like I said ladies have smiled in return and I’m not just saying that, I think ladies appreciate being smiled at if only for the briefest of seconds, makes the world go round!. Thank you again Wendy, I get a little disheartened and I so like feedback BUT ONLY if it’s deserved mind. ❤ (And incidentally I'm neither a jealous or envious man, the awesome ladies I follow are popular and I think that's wonderful……..in fact it makes me very happy and I'm always honest.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What I noticed in both pictures is that the girls have earphones. I don’t believe any man would risk taking a picture if the girl could hear the “click” of the camera.

    And some women dress to be watched/admired… I truly hope none of the guys at the stoplight thought I was flashing my panties! I like wearing miniskirts and I realized that you can see the panties if you are at the same level… But it’s ok if I “accidentally” made more than one guy happy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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