34 – Pt 3. This is a preface to MY OWN voyeur story!

Note this isn’t a movie review 🙂

To those of you reading in WordPress Land the screenshots are of course borrowed from the master of suspense and voyeurism himself, Alfred Hitchcock, and the annoying GIFs are taken from his movie ‘Rear Window’ where Jimmy Stewart is of course spying on Miss Lonelyheart, who may or may not be a Prostitute he never lets on, but I like to think ‘yes’ and my guess knowing Alfred Hitchcock Miss Lonelyheart is really a Hooker, he loved his blondes but who knows?

Conversely Miss Lonelyheart represents the disaster of single life, she was always being visited by single men, were they suitors? Or lovers? But that’s a different tale and I’m on a roll talking voyeurism.

This isn’t a movie review 🙂

After writing 2 posts titled ‘Voyeurism’ you would have assumed I’d done my homework and consulted a Dictionary, showed you a little professionalism, respected my reader, done some research like all you proper writers!

You’d have thought I’d looked up the true meaning wouldn’t you?

You’d be wrong, I was lazy.

Miss Lonelyheart (btw one of my favourite films)

I’d assumed Voyeurism just meant watching people go about their daily business but I was wrong, turns out the true definition is darker……a whole lot darker and even a little sinister!! Yes Downblouse and Upskirt are distasteful and illegal practices but I’d never fully appreciated ‘Voyeurism is the practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviours, such as undressing, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.’ (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

I’ll spare you any YouPorn voyeurism videos because I absolutely detest pornography and by that I mean legal consensual pornography between adults…….I truly hate it!

Voyeur (def): a person who obtains sexual pleasure or excitement from the observation of someone undressing, yep more darker and sinister than I’d first assumed. OK I agree Voyeur is only a word after all, but I wish I’d appreciated there’s a difference between watching someone get on a bus and secretly observing women undress err for examples sake!

Lol anyways now I know.

Actor Kevin Bacon voyeur to his ‘prey’ in the movie Hollow Man

I ‘penned’ a story on my previous blog which may or may not have been true. That blog’s long gone so I’ve decided to write again and I am not going to apologise for letting you decide again, bloggers keep replying telling me not to say sorry, they say 🙂 Andrew write what you wish and let the reader decide 🙂

So here’s my late night voyeuristic tale set against the backdrop of a very non typical English summers evening, I say non typical, I’m told in America’s Deep South hot and humid evenings are described as ‘swampy’ well if you live in England you’ll get two or three ‘clammy evenings’ a year! I’m labouring the point here with the humidity references but you get the idea when I say tonight was one of those evenings where you walk around the house naked, and so damn hot and humid you’re balls would be sweating 😀

One summer evening several years ago I happened to be looking out my bedroom window, the time was midnight and I’d just gotten out of bed.


‘Through slightly parted curtains I propped myself up against the bedroom window sill and looked across the fields behind the house opposite, tonight I was watching a truly spectacular thunder and lightening display, mother natures power can be truly awe inspiring……………..


(A little naughty of me to pause but I haven’t finished editing yet and gulp I only hope I haven’t, to borrow a cookery phrase, I hope I haven’t ‘over egged’ my tale to such an extent you’re disappointed!

I’ll tell you this much though, tonight’s events might or might not be true and I’m not telling which, but if you know me you’ll guess right.)

Pt 1  Pt 2 are hopefully an interesting read.




13 thoughts on “34 – Pt 3. This is a preface to MY OWN voyeur story!

  1. So you you misinterpreted the word..” voyeur..

    And you know you are now not that guy..

    we do understand though…
    what do you do is quite harmless and I would like to say natural for a man..
    I don’t think any of us thought 💭 you would actually go to the extreme of Really voyeurism..

    You don’t fit that character…

    I guess you can now find another adjective more appropriate to suit your little fun time..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with watching… And as I said before, the time limit is the key here. It goes from being “a normal curious man” to a “dirty pervert” 🙂

    And I wish there was a hot guy in this town that I could spy with binoculars 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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