35 – Autumn – the Path that leads to my Home

Photographs © Andrew.

The Path that leads to my Home

🙂 WordPress bloggers are sharing Autumnal photographs they’ve taken themselves, local trees with their leaf shades yellow green gold and rustic brown, so I thought why not share 3 of my own, leaves will have all disappeared from their branches and the path in a week or two. Now or never!

These weren’t pre planned, the sun was shining, I had my camera on me and well here they are!

😀 I’ve just realised all of my WordPress photographs are taken within 5 minutes walking distance of my Home, I can assure you I do go places outside the housing estate!!

‘Fruits of the Forest Floor’ and ‘Yew Tree Farm – Downton Abbey’


Walk this way to my Home


In these two photographs I’m standing at a ‘T’ junction which leads to our local Tesco Supermarket, Chinese Takeaway and Jehovah’s Kingdom Hall!


Walk this way to Town

I think perhaps my promised Voyeur story should wait, do you know what I have no idea what people make of me, lol none at all, all I’ll say is my next Post will be totally different to the one before! I can’t write poetry oh how I wish I could, never mind variety is the spice of life so they say?






8 thoughts on “35 – Autumn – the Path that leads to my Home

  1. Gorgeous scenes. Such a lovely pathway you have. Thanks for sharing these. I don’t really get a changing of seasons here, even at Christmas the streets are lined with lit Palm trees so it’s a real treat to see these. I did travel to New England last fall and took some shots of the changing leaves. I will have to put them up. Have a great Evening Andrew

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    • Thank you Holly I hoped you’d like them 😀 I do go outside my housing estate but WP has made me appreciate my home surroundings a little more like the walnut tree, Manor Farm and our trees do look spectacular. MIND YOU at 6 o clock every morning I have to walk that Lane in the pitch black and it can be pretty scary!!!

      The temperature is cold today and right this moment lol I’d take Palm Trees. Andrew

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    • 🙂 Thank you I’m so pleased you enjoyed them, the leaf colours around my estate do look spectacular and I’ve come to realise I’m a lucky man. Haha I have a feeling you are a Downton Abbey fan! I must admit I’m quite pleased with my camera, it’s old and cheap but does take nice pictures when sunny. Andrew

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