40 – Secrets and Lies (1996), one of my favourite Movies

Note. The 1996 British Movie ‘Secrets and Lies’ is NOT to be confused with the present day ABC Television Series of the same name the Movie being a family drama and the US TV  investigated mystery Series, they’re totally different in every respect.

  • Director: Mike Leigh.
  • Writer: Mike Leigh.
  • Actors: A Cast of virtually unknown actors which soon changed after release.

Awards and nominations of which there are many many more!

  • Nominated for 6 Oscars.
  • Winner of 3 BAFTA’s.
  • Winner of Palme d’Or at Cannes.

One of many memorable scenes (below) filmed moments before the big family secret is revealed to a watching audience.

‘Secrets and Lies’ official movie trailer (below)

Movie reviews are intrinsically difficult to write, just watch a selection on the internet or written by professional critics in newspapers and you see they can’t agree, their accounts will all be different simply because we all like different genres, all our likes are deeply personal, for example I enjoy ensemble family drama’s whereas your personal favourites might be James Bond or Musicals, makes life more interesting don’t you think!

However we’d all agree a movie has to be both watchable enjoyable and written around a great story, humans since the dawn of time have loved reading and telling stories to each other, film is no different and that applies to every culture around the Globe.

rrrrrrrr Totten tomatoes rated would you believe 94% positive! Yes true!

I’m going to ask you a question, Rotten Tomatoes is probably the most respected movie review website on the planet, so with that in mind would you call me lazy for sharing their own plot description rather than my own? I only say this because I’d love you to watch Secrets and Lies but would hate to ruin any chance of that happening just because I wrote a crap review, is that fair?

‘Mike Leigh’s Palme D’Or-winning tale of love caring and deep longings is introduced by the director. Hortense is a young Black optometrist. Both her adoptive parents have died and she decides to find her birth mother, who turns out to be Cynthia, an unmarried woman who lives in a terraced house with her daughter Roxanne. Hortense tracks Cynthia down and, after a fraught first meeting, a warm mother-daughter relationship begins to develop. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s brother Maurice and his childless wife Monica decide to throw a party for Roxanne’s 21st. Cynthia asks if she can bring a friend and invites a reluctant Hortense. In a traumatic moment Cynthia reveals the truth, and all hell breaks loose.’ (Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes).

So there you are, perhaps sharing RT’s excellent description instead of writing my own is lazy of me but at least I informed you and didn’t copy, oh how I hate plagiarism, stealing other peoples thoughts and then attributing them as ones own is a wicked crime.

In conclusion

So rather than try and explain the reasons why I love Secrets and Lies so dearly, perhaps judge my opinion and recommendation completely by the replies and comments I write in response to your posts, I reveal an awful lot of myself here lol! Perhaps many of you understand more about me than I fully appreciate and I might add vice versa, but if you do wish to know a little more, have critics give the plot away, then go to the internet and read the many excellent professional critics opinions out there, because I can tell you critics universally love Secrets and Lies 1996.

Please watch, trust me you will enjoy a very warm sweet and caring film and keep in mind all families, including my own, possess deep dark secrets which perhaps if they were more openly discussed then life would be so much more fulfilling enjoyable and a f#cking darn sight easier!!

(By the way contains no sex or violence, no guns, no car chases, mild swearing and you may quite possibly cry so have tissues at hand!)



5 thoughts on “40 – Secrets and Lies (1996), one of my favourite Movies

  1. It’s still on the list 🙂 Thank you, Andrew 🙂
    If I feel like crying a bit, I’ll watch it soon. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait because I know how it’s for me, one tear is just the beginning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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