42 – A curiosity for D @ WSU

Good evening Miss D 🙂 , call this short post a curiosity and nothing more, humour me you know the saying ‘little things please little minds 😀 Do you remember our conversation relating to tidiness? Possibly not, here’s your neatness reply which made me smile and yes I consider ‘in apple-pie order’ an art form, (nice phrase in apple-pie order that’s a new one on me! Oh yes your reply,

Miss D. ‘Andrew, are you saying you’re THAT O.C.D. about neatness?! lol’


Well afterwards the state of my work bench at the ‘blank’ crossed my mind, and btw I haven’t ‘staged’ the above picture, my work area really is that untidy! I’m told off lol for it 😀


Now compare to my colleague’s bench on the left, immaculate ordered neat! What’s to do Miss D? I fear I’m a lost cause.

Anyways, our conversation amused me.

Have a good evening Andrew.


12 thoughts on “42 – A curiosity for D @ WSU

  1. Andrew … please clean that mess up a little.. when you are organized you work more efficiently and effectively…

    Just like most men… though…

    It seems like you men are more productive when you are messy..
    so amazing 😉..

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  2. I totally agree with exoticnita54, but the truth is, if it’s your nature to not want things tidy, I’m not sure it can change in a lasting way! And I’m sure it drives your neat workmate crazy! :-\ Thanks for telling me about this post, Andrew 😉

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