EROTICA – introduction to my original story

Submissive-Male-Fucked-by-MenAfter writing and ‘posting’ Helen’s Striptease I’ve been temporarily bitten by a story telling bug, don’t worry I’ll get better!

Residing in my Drafts, loved, surviving deletion rests my first and final, one and only, original fictional story © ME, and incidentally sooon to be uploaded here, fingers crossed a few of you will enjoy reading because it was fun writing and took frigging hours to edit!

Bare in mind please my tale IS loosely based around true events.

© Andrew.

‘I was led never manipulated always willing’

I challenged myself to write a fictional story and took the challenge very seriously, it began life genre erotica but soon became sexually explicit very explicit the result being probably more airplane Terminal bookshop than serious literature, no matter erotica it was to be.

Erotica, def. Noun. Erotic art or literature

However 4700 words and many hours later I’d gotten carried away with myself and as a consequence my tale evolved, let me explain, 20 years ago, I know a long time ago but stay along for the ride no pun intended, whilst still a young man I’d toured central France by train, on my own I might add with only a rucksack and tent for company. Well a good way into my travels, and having missed all connections, I found myself sitting alone inside a provincial railway station waiting room, Le Mans Town to be exact and note the terminus clock was 10.55pm a time worth knowing!

So I’m sitting on a bench seat extremely tired, muscle achingly weary, completely exhausted, totally disorientated and yes frightened. Why? Because I hadn’t anywhere to stay that late June evening worse still the station was now emptying soon to close, consequently I knew within minutes I’d be out on the Street, alone at night, wandering a foreign city in pitch dark.

Fretting, with only minutes before staff evacuated what few passengers remained, a middle aged guy with dyed brown wispy fine hair, for some reason I’ll never forget the hair, sits down next to me, btw quite good looking, and starts chatting in hard to follow near incompressible broken sentence English, and slightly bewildered by this disorientating friendly introduction we struck up a ridiculous conversation until 11.05pm.

Only when sitting in his Renault Twingo, being driven to his house did I finally question why my Good Samaritan friend had been wandering around a waiting room 5 minutes before closing, only when sitting alongside him speeding around Le Mans backstreets did reality dawn on me he’d been seeking out, grooming, hoping to pickup a weary young backpacker. Me. Doh it slowly dawned on me his whole evening had been mapped out, he’d been cruising for young men and remember I hadn’t spotted he was gay, a fact rather important to the tale.

Naïvely and stupidly getting into a car with a single guy I didn’t know, in France, then driving to his home late at night was and is pure madness, in fact my stupidity brought about a depression which affected me for many months afterward but my tale doesn’t stop there though, oh no, consumed in what I’d describe as a ‘whirlwind’ I followed him into his home and slept naked in his bed with him naked alongside me, so up to THIS point my story is true as told, but from there on in the rest is pure fiction because combining actual true events with fiction seemed a fun idea, well my completed tale will be uploaded soon!

That much is TRUE.

Jeez I don’t half witter on!! …………but please don’t expect tooo much, humour me!

Andrew 🙂

To be continued…………………..


45 thoughts on “EROTICA – introduction to my original story

  1. Andrew..!!!! Really!!
    So you are bi..
    I can’t wait 😊 to see and find out what really happens in that bed .. with both of you naked…
    hmm 😒. .. so hottt.. sensual… steamy… please don’t wait too long to write it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrew.. that was a most intoxicatingly delicious fantasy ..

    And it actually gets me all soaking wett…
    I must confess I connected with a bisexual guy once.. and he kinda turned me on to homosexuality..
    I have never seen two men before him..
    And I must admit that I got a good stir.. watching those videos..
    But this guy was a hottt sexy Irish hunk…,

    So I can understand your fascination with that experience..

    Everything new is always a turn on..
    and your story turned me the hell on..
    you actually tell it like you have experience every details…
    well done 👍!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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