47 – Oxfordshire Countryside Photographs (taken by me August 2016)

All photographs and video © Blog Andrew.

Within walking distance from my home a small nature reserve has been created on the edge of Town, a lovely peaceful secluded area of natural habitat comprising of woods heathland and a lake populated by many wildfowl bird species, I guess the whole area covers a couple of square miles and is very popular with dog walkers bird watchers and swimmers during summer heat waves.

So having my camera handy I took a selection photographs also very short video and uploaded onto my YouTube Channel (btw they’re identical views). I’m afraid the ‘vistas’ aren’t as spectacular as Tuscany or the plains of Africa, but they show typical English countryside.

If you were to join the following 7 photographs ‘end to end’ forming one straight strip, you’ll have a panorama looking across heathland and Oxfordshire farmland in the distance.

The YouTube video below the heath panorama photographs, reveals the same pictures but in film format and narrated by me, I’m afraid I managed to obscure a row of nesting boxes fixed on top of posts which attract Barn Owls, and walkers if they’re lucky will see owls circling the heathland feeding for shrews and mice, I’ve been lucky and witnessed what is quite a spectacular sight, I probably stood and watched for an hour, but you have to visit late evening just before dusk.

Photograph 1 of R-L panorama


Photograph 2 of R-L panorama


Photograph 3 of R-L panorama, the owl nesting posts are behind that bush!!!
Photograph 4 of R-L panorama, Barn Owls in the evening fly circling the heathland looking for mice and shrews
Photograph 5 of R-L panorama


Photograph 6 of R-L panorama


Photograph 7 of R-L panorama


If you were to join the following 3 photographs ‘end to end’ in one straight strip, you’ll have a panorama view looking across the lake toward heathland, or in other words you’ll be looking across the lake toward my previous panorama……….I’m afraid all the Great Crested Grebe had disappeared…….clumsy me scared them off!

The YouTube video below is of the identical lake panorama filmed at the same time and narrated by me. Not very exciting apart from showing a typical English lake!

Photograph 1 of R-L panorama
Photograph 2 of R-L panorama
Photograph 3 of R-L panorama

Imagery © Andrew



8 thoughts on “47 – Oxfordshire Countryside Photographs (taken by me August 2016)

  1. Tranquil and … soft, almost fragile (strange word for a landscape I know, but I get the feeling that any kind of disturbance will shatter the scene). Beautiful and the perfect place for an undisturbed afternoon sleep. Unless you have ants? mosquitoes? snakes? Superb captures.

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    • There are thousands of these small ‘green oasis’ dotted up and down Britain, they break up rampant house building and communities love them, I would guess you are absolutely right, if farmers were to rid the heath of mice and shrews then the Barn Owls would disappear, very fragile. Yes I love walking the paths anytime of the year, even the British rain. TY

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      • We also love “running wild” in nature. I worked in the city center before I retired, but we lived in a small town on the outskirts of the city and commuted every day. Now we live in a very small, remote coastal town. Good for the soul.

        Liked by 1 person

        • 🙂 I envy you, Oxford’s a lovely City but I’d love to move to say Eastbourne by the sea, I visited in the summer, staying in a Hotel overlooking the beach watching the sun go down from my bedroom! Maybe one day, and I’d agree where ever people work or live in the world they need to have at least some way of connecting with nature.

          Liked by 1 person

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