53 – The Lake District National Park – pt1

The Lake District National Park has probably THE most beautiful scenic views in all of England, wild remote ‘Fells’, breath taking scenery and a landscape possessing the highest mountains in England, btw the guy below carrying a purple rucksack on his back is in fact my brother……… several years ago we camped and walked many miles together.


My brother again! I guess his winter fleece jacket and snow capped Fells gives away the time of year, summer or winter the Lake District is magnificently beautiful and incidentally some of you may know the scenery has inspired many famous writers and poets from years gone by.


Driving slowly pushing our way through sheep which populate the mountains by the thousands………..oh and if you know the region you’ll appreciate the Lakes are the wettest part of the UK……..I’ve visited and experienced rain every single day to such an extent my walking boot soles ‘fell off’ the leather being so wet and saturated with water.


At the foot of the mountains, icy cold streams carry water off the ‘Fells’ filling lakes known as ‘Waters’, so calm and still possessing such great length water speed records have been broken and lives lost…….Sir Malcom Campbell.


To be continued…………

Andrew 🙂


7 thoughts on “53 – The Lake District National Park – pt1

    • I’m a little apprehensive you have seen some of my earlier posts, the more recent are more me but the rather silly earlier ones hopefully make people smile, living in this sometimes awful world at present is SO depressing, and I don’t use that word lightly. WP allows us to express and reveal our alter ego? For those that wish to of course! I’ve been chastised by ladies for apologising for them, so lol I hope you don’t take them tooo seriously, fun to make entertainment and err shocking? But all true and honest and :/ ott.

      …………And yes The Lakes are a beautiful place 🙂

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      • Oh don’t worry, I am not judgmental at all. Everyone should do, say or write what they feel like, as long as it is not hurtful to another. I find your writing very interesting, so I keep coming back for more. Don’t apologize – ladies read, so it must be they like it, otherwise they would not, I guess 🙂


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