54 – The Lake District National Park – pt2 (of 3)

(Please don’t go thinking I’m a blogger who circles the globe visiting exotic places that make you wish ‘if only’, no these are ‘snaps’ taken on an annual holiday and little more, not quite sure why I needed to say that but there you are, and I know a lady in SA enjoys them 🙂 ).

I would describe the first picture as me ‘taking in’ the breath taking scenery before me, as I described in my previous post rain water from the ‘Fells’ forms streams which flow between tall mountains making their way down to valleys deep below, finally outpouring into lakes named and referred to as ‘Waters’, i.e. Ullswater, Derwent Water, Coniston Water…. When standing on top of mountains affront magnificent views such as this I guess it’s hard not to contemplate life itself, clearing the mind of what and what is important, existence of God questions? Maybe. And yes many hundreds of poets have been inspired to write great prose on these mountains.

What thoughts are crossing my mind I wonder? I can’t remember but I have a strong guess they are profound and of great worth……….. am I overstating their importance? I have a guess not, you’ll understand my meaning, when faced with such beauty ones mind is cleared of work, mortgages, bills and bs………….just for a minute anyway.

What an earth ever happened to those green ‘outdoor’ trousers? They were awesome as my young nephew would say!

Me (Andrew)

Me again clambering up a steep ravine of loose rock and shale.

Me (Andrew) resting

Looking at my photo below, I’m curious, could taking a bad photo in the LDNP actually be possible? Mind you l do feel slightly melancholic right now, and I’m contemplating where I maybe going on holiday next year!


You may have guessed my brother is fitter than me! Hence he’s the one at the top waiting to take photographs. And if you’re at all wondering my brother and I do get along, we are ‘chalk and cheese’ totally different, though we’re fine together. But similar to most siblings we can only go so many days before an err disagreement lol. You can never bs a sibling can you…….not that we were but you get my drift!

Me behind as usual, not as fit as my brother

Two thoughts, I considered sharing all my photographs (taken by me) at once, also including a L D poem sourced from the internet, like William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’, but no a selection at a time is fun and secondly, honestly after reading famous poems I prefer the poetry written by WordPress bloggers……seriously! I’ve never been more serious, controversial maybe but so true, please don’t ever underestimate your creativity skill imagination and talent.

To be continued…………….

Andrew 🙂




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