58 – Beachy Head – late autumn 2016 and thoughts

If you’ve Followed my blog 😀 (in the loosest term of the phrase) this autumn ty, I had a lovely Christmas and hope you did to, mine was spent with my adorable young nephews, great fun and being around their childish enthusiasm was a real joy. ❤

My scenic photographic posts have been popular and I enjoy sharing so here’s two more for you and of course taken by me. Earlier this autumn and on a whim I booked a last minute ‘single’ room at a small West Rocks Hotel on the South Coast of England. As their website stated the room’s view stretched out across a pebble beach with blue sea beyond and a stunning sunset, I know I wish I’d taken photos :/ next time!)

I take short breaks sometimes and highly recommend, no planning, I went on-line on the Thursday and booked a Hotel somewhere last minute (some great prices for the Friday), the only proviso a Hotel has to be near a railway station. Then come Friday evening I’ll travel light taking the train for a weekend’s short break, and when there I’ll maybe sightsee trek a coastline or just do whatever?

A New Year resolution is to try more often though the downside to travelling alone is it can be depressing, there you are we’ll see :/ . Here’s a tip, travelling light is very liberating only because WE (humans) carry far tooo much baggage in life, why? With that in mind all I really carry is a small rucksack with undies (ok lol and a little more!)

Well as the Title hinted, a few months ago I took the train from Oxford England directly down to Eastbourne on the South coast, I’ll say little about Eastbourne (boring City) other than it’s sunny and warm all year round hence the retirement capital of England, a little like an English equivalent of Florida!

I must admit to wanting to finally experience the magnificent Beachy Head chalk cliffs also wander along the Coastline a little, the weather was stunning that day BUT I don’t mind wind rain and the cold……….when you walk alone in horrible weather you may find thoughts of ‘why are we here’ become a second person, you’re p#ssed angry at being outside all wet and cold and dispirited as apposed to gaily enjoying getting suntanned, just think about that dichotomy for a second……….

Dichotomy def – a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. (Sorry but you maybe know I love my dictionary)

…………..remember how relieved you feel when you get home dry and warm with a comforting hot drink?………..Climb a mountain in the driving rain and you’ll think deeply about your lives?

Lol 😀 an insight from me to you!

People standing on the tip gives an idea of the shear scale to the cliffs below.

Rather spectacular don’t you think. (All photos © Andrew)


I’ll probably still blog in 2017, it’ll be the same old sh#t 😀 no seriously I may, then again perhaps maybe not, we all feel like that? But to be honest I still enjoy posting now as if it was my first 2 years ago, the blog entry where I lost my virginity, you’d enjoy that one cause I’ve never been a more popular blogger since.

Happy New Year Andrew 🙂





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