Renamed Post = Theresa May tells lies

(I have to admit I’m not entirely happy with this Mrs May post, uploaded last night, and but for the comments I would have removed, a little tooo jolly but it stays. The only point I’m trying to get across is our PM could be a useful bridge to the world oh and introduce Theresa if you’ve never heard of her ūüôā )

I never usually blog Politics and I’m¬†NOT going to repeat here what you can go read¬†on the internet about Mrs May, after all I pale into significance compared with the professionals,¬†so go Google British Newspapers! ūüôā But I’m at a loose end and I Follow¬†several American political bloggers so why not post one of my own.

Here goes!

Sunday is nearly over¬†and I¬†thought I’d show a few pictures of our Theresa since she’s in the American News¬†ūüėÄ . AND thankfully yes a¬†chemistry existed¬†between her and Trump but don’t worry Theresa was just playing politics, being nice and all,¬†she’ll never be his lap pussy and note could be good counsel when he’s off Twitter.

Mrs May is¬†a¬†shrewd bright no nonsense talking daughter of a clergyman with sound moral judgement, so please give her a break Britain’s Press hopefully she’ll be a brake on Trump lunacy, they liked each other so calm down!

Unlike Trump,¬†May is¬†University educated having studied at St. John’s College, Oxford¬†(which incidentally I walk past everyday on the way to work) and as you’ll guess I’m a big fan of our new PM she’s a breath of fresh air after that wanker showman David Cameron (BREXIT is his fault alone c##t) and¬†never forget¬†Theresa spent six years as Home Secretary coping with weekly (daily) minefields of riots, prison breakouts, police shootings of black teenagers………and yes the Police Federation so good at standing in the¬†way of countless Home Secretaries over the years, they deserved a telling off!……..just watch this, Theresa as she reads Police the riot act.

Impressive ūüôā

AND I do like this very telling photograph below (1000 words and all that!), Trump’s re-telling an anecdote, cracking¬†a joke and she’s well just letting it pass. (BTW I’m NOT anti American I loved Obama such a graceful intelligent man.


Theresa just letting it roll!


A few pictures, hasn’t she a great sense of style. (I wouldn’t say no!)


I think she’s fab! ūüėÄ


He likes her, but beware she’s streetwise!


(All very tongue in cheek)

¬© Andrew ūüôā



‘Ordinary People’ – (Director Robert Redford)

(Even before the sad death of Mary Tyler Moore I was going to write this post.)

Movie: Ordinary People. ¬† ¬† ¬†8/10 IMDb ¬† ¬† ¬†93% Rotten Tomatoes (pretty good ratings ūüôā )

Director: (the) Robert Redford.


Mother and son, Beth and Conrad

This isn’t a movie revue as such, call this personal observations ‘blank’,¬†I nearly set private but this is wordpress, a place where you can say as you wish so all’s well. Some will disagree with my mental health tag, ūüôā but no matter.

I’m bored watching footie tonight hence this began a lengthy reply WHICH later became a post and no I haven’t seen or read Girl Interrupted but I’m going to Google and find out more straight after this, ūüôā I have a good feeling.

Blank, ¬†I was secretly rather hoping you hadn’t watched ‘Ordinary People’ so I could write ūüėÄ , remember how I previously said sad films are a magnate to unhappy people well this film fits into that catagory perfectly, basically it’s perfecr for (blank) lol, not that I’m hinting but you get the gist!!! ¬†Briefly in this family drama there’s a hospitalised failed suicide attempt, a suicide which triggers a vulnerable young man who but for his amazing therapist would have perhaps did (omitted spoiler)……… but hold on ‘OP‘ is full of positives and certainly not a movie that’ll upset and like all great movies is based on an original novel by¬†Judith Guest.

Difficult themes yet rewarding.

You’re possibly tooo young to have heard of Mary Tyler Moore¬†and to answer your question her character Beth is BPD in some traits but as I said the death of her son brought a type of psychosis to the fore, some readers may disagree, whichever, grief bound she’s in need of therapy WHICH the film suggests would could have helped! Either way Beth is mentally unstable, on the cusp of a nervous breakdown and emotionally repressed but her only sin is trying to keep her ‘sh#t together’…….. sound familiar? Like all of Us!


Berger (Therapist) and Conrad

Basically this could be a movie right up our Streets so to speak! Only joking, well me anyway, but seriously I have a guess the sessions between Beth’s¬†son Conrad and his therapist appeal because Berger¬†manages to help Conrad¬†understand why he feels so guilty for his part in his brother’s tragic death several years earlier.

Recommending a movie to someone is deeply problematic because for so many reasons favourites are personal to oneself, I have no idea as to your tastes but you being younger than I……..I’d guess…….. well I’m not going to sumise for fear of making a fool of myself. Yes ‘OP’ is a little dated now but I would say give it a go, the tale although harrowing is intelligent,¬†difficult but at the same time rewarding. Spoiler alert, thankfully no sex!

And Elizabeth is adorable as the sweet girlfriend and important to Conrad’s¬†story.

¬© Andrew ūüôā

Strung tighter than a fiddler’s bow

One of my top ten favourite movies, makes me cry and that’s no easy feat.

Mary Tyler Moore died this week, now I’m not old enough to remember her portrayal of all American moms in 1960s television sitcoms but I do know her characters were usually amusing lovable housewives, ‘cute cookies’ have you will and always exuding a strong sexy appeal to satisfy the dads watching, you just knew her characters could cook delicious meals and be a filthy sex goddess in the bedroom, in the nicest possible way ūüôā

Then in 1981 Mary surprised the viewing public by playing the character of Beth in Robert Redford’s ‘Ordinary People’ (a family drama which I may write about). The film was awarded 4 Oscars that year but shamefully Mary didn’t win, OK shamefully is a little ott but anyone who’s seen ‘Ordinary People’¬†will tell you she stole the movie with a magnificent character performance.

Remember I titled my post¬†Strung tighter than a fiddlers bow? Well¬†if you’ve seen ‘Ordinary¬†People’ you’ll know I’m referring to Beth¬†a berieved mentally unstable mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown. At the time¬†Mary’s good clean wholesome image was chalk and cheese to Beth’s various personality disorders, I guess the measure of Mary as an actress is that she gave a masterful performance of two women who couldn’t be more dissimilar, hence most people of the time were of the opinion Mary was robbed of her Oscar………. without googling I wonder who one best supporting actress that year?

I recommend you watch, and by the way I saw this years¬†La La Land’, what an earth is with all the hype and awards? I hated it! ūüėÄ

¬© Andrew ūüôā

YouTube ‘tip’ and my week

woman-with-hot-water-bottleIt’s late evening in the UK and I’m sooon off to bed so this’ll be a quick post, my hot water bottle’s been there half an hour already :/ hmm can’t help thinking a woman would be nicer. God I must be getting old talking of hot water bottles!

Read the Title you’ll see I’ve written ‘my week’, all very ambiguous I know, what I really mean to say is I’d love to write and upload more during the week but I work Longgggg hours (ahhh) also¬†endure tedious bus rides¬†in slow moving Oxford City traffic and by the time I get home, make tea, wash up, read some blog posts,¬†perhaps masturbate! By the time all that’s done I’m worn out!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed and grateful to be in regular paid work.

Then it’s up to bed and¬†ridiculously I¬†repeat the same routine next day and the next! Madness lol, if a Martian landed on earth and witnessed the¬†ridiculous things humans¬†get up to¬†he’d jump back in his spaceship and clear off home, (I know a lame lame anecdote but it’s late.)

Long and short, I’d like to post more, but there doesn’t seem¬†to be the¬†time.

Now to YouTube.

I also referred to YouTube in the post Title. Those of you who’ve read¬†the odd¬†post of mine will know time to time I¬†include a YouTube video,¬†btw I know of another blogger who does the same. Now I’m not someone to give advice but YouTube is a very useful media tool and¬†ISN’T¬†only¬†for wasting one’s life watching people do stupid things!

Here’s a fact for you, my videos get zero views, yes you read correctly lol absolutely no one watches my videos and that’s the way I like it, however¬†my Channel has more productive positives uses, I use it to show videos¬†on my¬†blog,¬†whether the How To Bake A Cake Series, Gropecunt Lane, Photos from around my Town, Local Countryside, YouTube seems to accompany WordPress beautifully.

Useful tip?

So lol my advice (and this is the first and only occasion I’ll offer advice, after all I’m in no position). Perhaps begin a YouTube Channel of your own and for your viewing only.¬†Sign up, get¬†a Channel then walk away and completely forget about it. Yep you read right don’t even go back there until the day you’ve filmed a¬†short video on your camera, then upload onto your Channel¬†and post the video link onto your blog (If you want to, goes without saying!!!) Easy as! Then¬†forget about¬†the Channel again and¬†be happy no one watches except¬†via your blog or videos for the family.

Useful tip? Not for everyone after all most of bloggers are writers, but making videos via your camera can be fun.

You now have your own YouTube to be used how it was originally intended and designed to be used. Note.¬†Remember you cannot upload video straight onto WP unless you pay. And I’m not going to pay for a domain!

Anyways here’s another one of my videos, a while ago I¬†filmed (mpeg off digital camera)¬†a whole Series instructing the viewer how to make a toy garage for model cars out of wood. Incidentally the garage in the video I gave to my young nephews for Christmas, aren’t I a great Uncle ūüėÄ

¬© Andrew ūüôā

A quick message for Hester

(To begin with thank you to those who newly Followed my blog¬†after reading yesterday evening’s post, your likes¬†are¬†really¬†appreciated ūüôā and consequently I am now Following two new blogs¬†but for personal reasons I’d like to say little more except¬†to say I loved reading the ‘Friendships & Loneliness’ post last night before bed, thank you. I should warn you new Followers my WordPress has no one specific theme, in fact sometimes I feel out of my depth here compared to some of the Fabulous blogs I Follow and read with a passion, a very productive lunch hour at work I can tell you but don’t expect tooo much from me please, I’m very¬† honest and true to myself consequently they’re not to every ones taste ūüėÄ Yesterday evening wasn’t a happy place for me as you may have read last night, I shouldn’t apologise should I, but writing helped and I guess I’ve given you all a great Movie recommendation, beats the run of the mill Movie Revues.)

Hester thank you for such an interesting and intriguing comment to that post, yes our connection though tenuous lol was a neat touch point! (More ways than one though, my Great Grandfather having fought Dutch Boers in the 1898-1902 Boer War!!!)

Enough of War ūüôā

Three photographs for you Hester. Having completed my first year as a newly apprenticed Toolmaker here are a selection of the tools I made throughout that year and every item crafted by my very own hands, everything on the table¬†made by me¬†and I’m rather proud of¬†every item¬†even if I say it myself, and why not lol I’m not that skilled at anything else! Incidentally¬†I still use many¬†of them¬†today at my present place of work.

Below I’ve included a second set of photographs taken of the Factory I was apprenticed to and a Company I’m truly grateful to, they paid me a living¬†wage and taught me a Skilled Trade, it’s only now all these years later that I realise¬†I was a very lucky lad indeed! Incidentally the factory is no more, an American Company bought the then owners out and closed that old Plant¬†several years later……….all those wonderful 1940’s buildings have disappeared flattened and in its place are luxury penthouse flats! I was going to swear but you’re a lady and what’s the point?

That wonderful factory employed hundreds of workers, kept a local communities shops and businesses alive, trained young men and women a skilled trade, helped UK’s balance of payments and manufactured armaments during the second world war. Yes they made¬†war weapons¬†from bomb and bullet casings through to casting hand grenades in the iron foundry. I’m afraid I’m very VERY bitter about the factory being closed, I’d moved on to the University by that point, but I still cried¬†the day I wandered along the canal tow path only to¬†witness those lovely buildings being demolished to rubble, such happy memories, such fabulous workmates.


A few more pictures of W Lucy & Co. Ltd. taken before closure.

That’s progress for you!

It’s funny when I write something I never have an idea how it’ll be taken, so thank you for the comment and a blog connection with someone residing in¬†a far away Country, Africa no less, is fabulous. I used to worry with my previous blog after uploading but now I ‘publish’ and see what happens, I guess we’re all a little like that. Incidentally the company I used to be apprenticed to manufactured electrical substation switchgear and exported ring mains to South Africa. As you know I now work for a¬†blank mainly associated with research groups also the¬†odd¬†day supervising lol pretty 18= females, hard life¬†ūüėȬ†But seriously I did love my apprentice days, out of interest could you be a little more specific with at least one example of a manual you’ve written¬†because I’m quite fascinated, or perhaps you’d rather not this being a public website.

¬© Andrew ūüôā

Movie Night, and a rather odd review

Personal with adult themes. Not for everyone.

One of life’s unfathomable questions for you, think of a Movie! Then ask yourselves why do some people hate everything about that Movie yet others love¬†the tale¬†with a passion perhaps even rating it¬†as their favourite of all time, or let’s say of that particular moment, interesting conundrum don’t you think? A Hollywood Producers Holy Grail.

Tonight being Saturday evening I had intended to walk the half mile into Town and watch ‘La La Land’ now playing at my local cinema, apparently this Movie is billed as a future classic, a throwback to musicals of an earlier era such as¬†Singing In The Rain’,¬†I was going to watch but ultimately didn’t!

Right now I’m tooo tired to summon up the words to honestly describe how dejected and sorry for myself I’m feeling,¬†so as sometimes happens on my blog, a dictionary definition will suffice:

Anxiety – definition – ‘a feeling of worry, nervousness, apprehension, agitation foreboding,¬†unease as regards something with an uncertain outcome’, life!¬†Couldn’t have described the debilitating affects of AvPD any better.

There’s an American Statute named ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, such a strange phrase?

Lazy to cut and paste¬†from Google I know (at least I’m honest), but I ask could you¬†dream up¬†a better answer¬†describing how I feel all or most of the time? All I’ve ever wished in life is to have¬†something my brother has¬†remembering¬†I haven’t¬†an ounce of jealousy in my being, a wife would be nice, simple as, I’d love to have met a woman similar to¬†Jayne, a wonderful mother, homemaker, who’s witty charming, she crafts and sows, is¬†beautiful¬†and going by the contents of her underwear draw I have a guess she’s spectacular in bed (don’t ask how I know long story)…………true love is a gift¬†hookers can never give, ahh but do I¬†visit hookers lol? Women make you happy don’t they? Or as one lady blogger once¬†replied to me, ‘Andrew honey be careful what you wish for’.

Anyways this isn’t a post about escorts or my lovely¬†sister-in-law! (Not a Saint mind lol, no one’s that perfect, the lady can be moody………..and if she ever reads this remember you’re in my Will honey.)

Returning to earlier this evening, I had something to eat, dressed myself in warm coat hat and scarf in preparation for tonight’s freezing temperatures, I stood in my hallway about to open my front door into a cold dark winter’s night then anxiety hit me and all anticipation of happy times disappeared, I asked¬†myself ‘what really is the point going to watch a sweet happy Film on my own? ‘La La Land’ is a Movie¬†for young lovers, retired couples, married parents who’ve left their little ones with a baby sitter all for a deserved relaxing evening out, why go?’…………¬†why¬†would a single middle aged guy feeling rather anxious¬†melancholy and dejected really need to be amongst happy laughing¬†people,¬†endure such hellish tortuous solitude? So I didn’t bother. Anxiety as often does got the better of me tonight, a feeling of ‘what an earth is the f#cking point’¬†consumed my mind, and all cheerful spirit disappeared, and yes I was even a little tearful as I undressed myself, a panic attack? No. ………… I will watch ‘La La Land’ but some other day, perhaps next week after work in Oxford………….. Loneliness is a disease, solitude fuels depression,¬†I give up, why¬†convince myself I’m enjoying¬†a Movie¬†which has to be viewed sitting next to the person you love? A rhetorical question there is no answer.

All wasn’t lost though, I belong to Lovefilm, you know the ‘club’, you pay a subscription to Amazon and in return they’ll post two DVDs to your home, newly released Movies of your internet choosing to watch on your own, and just so happens one of my two selections was a French Film named ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’. A Movie¬†touching on¬†themes of suicide depression murder sadness and family heartache yet which possesses¬†a wonderful¬†uplifting ending, warms the¬†coldest hearts ūüôā and¬†in my opinion is a masterpiece of a Film, a real weepy so have a box of tissues ready to hand, you’ll NEVER suspect she actually did that!

So I curl up on my sofa with a glass of fresh apple juice, then after two hours of viewing this wonderful¬†tale the Film ends, the credits role, and¬†my brief moment of enjoyment leaves as quickly as it came and I’m left on my own again, a kiss and a cuddle would be nice lol. But as they say tomorrow will be¬†a new day, happiness is a life choice, so I must try to make tomorrow a happy day.

Sad Films are a magnet for unhappy people

Don’t get me wrong though, as bad a movie review as tonight’s post suggests, ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’ is a true classic, intelligent, original¬†with a tour de force performance from Kristen Scott Thomas and¬†her all French cast. Please watch.

I know feeling sorry for oneself isn’t a pretty sight, quite childish actually ūüė¶

¬© Andrew ūüôā















You’ll be relieved there’s no pictures of my ‘bum’ tonight, I’m¬†going to see ‘La La Land’,¬†been so looking forward to watching that movie.

Yesterday evening¬†I was¬†very excited, I went to bed expecting snow only to open my bedroom curtains¬†next morning and¬†wouldn’t you believe it¬†NOT one single snowflake¬†had fallen¬†last night, consequently¬†I’m a little brassed off today all because¬†the UK¬†was promised plummeting temperatures¬†accompanied by inches of¬†deep white virgin snow¬†(I exaggerate). So much so soldiers and military vehicles had been put on stand¬†by (true), but no not one snowflake fell and I had my camera ready spare batteries charged! And I had this silly little blog all set to share photos of snow covered fields and white Cotswold stone Churches.¬†But alas this morning¬†I opened my bedroom curtains,¬†gazed out the window¬†only to be confronted¬†by my same¬†old boring suburban housing estate. Ahh well tis only mid January and it always snows on my birthday.

People¬†have written¬†they enjoy my photographic posts, so when Oxford gets snow¬†whether you like¬†it or not I guarantee they’ll be snow scenes galore!

I’m NOT going to write about blogging tonight¬†because that’s boring, except to say¬†I Follow many talented people here on WordPress, by talented I mean they¬†can create with their hands, I love the blogs where people draw with pencil and¬†paint on canvas so much so if they were for sale and¬†I could afford to buy, I’d perhaps ask to purchase one¬†from them.

Then I got to thinking ‘what about myself?’ in what ways am I Andrew creative? I cannot paint or write poetry and to be honest I wing it here as a blogger but people have liked which has been an absolute¬†joy, so all’s good with the world only wish I was having sex at present.

No I’m happy to admit I’m possibly the least creative person alive¬†but even if I say it myself I am reasonably good at making things with my hands and I’m not showing off! No I cannot paint but I am creative in another sense, ever since a very young man¬†I’ve been employed as an engineering Toolmaker, don’t yawn lol I understand manufacturing things from metal isn’t¬†most people’s¬†idea¬†of being creative but¬†no matter because I’m going to tell you anyway!¬†At age sixteen I served a four year apprenticeship living near¬†penniless on very¬†meagre wages, however I should not¬†be disingenuous because the factory I was employed by taught me a trade which has served me well over the past X amount of years, and fingers crossed a trade which will see me earning¬†into retirement¬†because here in the UK¬†we have¬†a shortage of skilled labour…….so yes I am a very lucky man.

And I enjoy my job, I look forward to going to work of a morning, blessed I work alongside great colleagues and spend many glorious hours with highly intelligent University graduates all eager to learn and hopefully attain themselves a good degree which will serve them well in years to come. Yes I adore the fair sex but both boys and girls are a delight to work with, their eagerness and ambition is a joy to behold and infectious to jaded middle aged men, like all young people they have a huge appetite for life and a University Degree could should and will open any door they wish to open.

I’m not showing off neither conceited, my job can be boring but on the upside I do get to work with¬†many lovely young ladies, sweet beautiful creatures with bubbly¬†personalities who but for¬†our Department I¬†would never come into contact with in my personal life, and by god aren’t they ladies attractive¬†(note over age 18), even better come summertime¬†they’ll be¬†wearing short skirts and tight tee shirts! Now hold on before you judge me, I’m a responsible gentleman both respectful and professional but there’s no harm admitting charming beautiful young women are a delight to¬†tenuously be around¬†and they know I’m a soft touch when¬†asked for help,¬†(no word of a lie¬†women are ruthless when they want something lol),¬†smile sweetly and I’ll do whatever¬†she asks, play the little girl lol and she’ll have me wound round her little finger! I will admit once in a while I’ll have to visit the bathroom for a quick masturbate, but don’t all men ‘knock one off the wrist’ thinking about the women they work with?

Don’t they?

Anyways enough of my wittering and before I get myself into trouble talking of legs and¬†bras wanking and boobs¬†(at least I’m honest we’re all the same, we all appreciate beauty), I’d better return¬†to my working ability using my hands! I know most¬†readers will find the following photographs very VERY boring but I’m going to upload anyway because I haven’t seen them in an age, and some of you will know I use my blog as a journal¬†for old personal photographs saved from desk draws and albums under beds.

Briefly I’m a toolmaker by trade (I know who cares ūüėÄ ), which basically means when given a block of metal¬†also drawings and assorted machine tools¬†then I can manufacture virtually anything you wish, and when you for example¬†buy a plastic kettle, rather boringly some guy or girl in a factory will have made the tool¬†which¬†once had¬†plastic poured into it!

Btw a kitchen Kettle was an example.

So here are a selection of photo’s taken of press tools made by my own hands……….not very creative and somewhat¬†boring I know but¬†I am¬†rather proud of them…….. call this a post for me ūüôā

Four photos of an engineering Press Tool used for producing sheet steel components.

Andrew ūüôā

Swimmer Syndrome in Puppies? (Reblog)

This heart warming story brightened up my day and I had to reblog.

The Diary Of A Celibate

I know I know‚Ķ It has been ages since I even had a look at wordpress though I have a good excuse ūüôā hehe. Have any of you ever heard of swimmer syndrome in puppies? I honestly have never!! My dog recently had a litter of 9 and I thought everything was going perfectly and smoothly however, a month down the line, the runt of the litter still could not walk. You would hear him crying all night trying to move 1 foot in order to feed. I literally had a baby of my own! Waking up 5-10 times in the night to help this poor pup! I put it down to he‚Äôs the runt! He is weak, frail and just needs a little push.

A week later, I noticed that he was dragging himself across the ground. Legs spread out on either side like this:


It looks painful right?…

View original post 76 more words

Tablet camera test (MALE NUDITY!)

ūüėĬ†Now hold on and listen before you get your knickers all in a twist,¬†and yes¬†that’s me¬†gazing out my bedroom window, but please read on¬†and give me a chance to explain why I¬†think showing¬†these pictures¬†is¬†fine and reasonable.

I’m an exhibitionist at heart, not the best looking bloke in the world however here’s a thing, undressing naked¬†in front of women I haven’t known long doesn’t worry me in the slightest,¬†and as for¬†my selfies? Yes I’ll admit they’re staged, but¬†I do gaze out my bedroom window once in a blue moon, I’m not adverse to watching a thunder and lightening display or snow flakes passing my window on a cold winter’s night. (When we get some I’ll post pictures).

Where was I? Oh yes my naked selfies or the part where I make¬†a case for not being¬†unusual or odd, I wouldn’t argue though!¬†Short and sweet, I took the pictures because¬†I have a brand new Samsung¬†tablet (true) and wanted to test the¬†camera’s image quality,¬†a lame answer I know, but¬†I do have a new android tablet ūüôā .

A little about my previous blog, many MANY months ago I would participate in a¬†photographic blog¬†meme?¬†by the name of¬†Sinful Sunday, and if pushed I’d call¬†our photographs¬†a sexier interpretation of WordPress’s Daily Prompt. Anyone could take part and here’s how,¬†briefly every Wednesday¬†a lady called Molly would¬†suggest a themed word,¬†then the following Sunday we’d all submit artistic tasteful naked photos (selfies) which¬†were a theme of her¬†word. Molly on the Sunday would¬†post the 40 or so entries on her blog (with blog links) and¬†choose¬†her winner! (I won just the once¬†but there was NO prize…………….prizes create competition envy and disappointment.)

So here’s a question am I worried¬†my pictures¬†could become a meme and go viral?¬†I really can’t see that happening! More importantly¬†if you’ve read the WordPress guidelines?¬†Have you? If you¬†have read you’ll know to WordPress’s credit, they allow explicitly written stories for adults to write if they wish, also allow¬†consenting adults to be risqu√© if they wish and that’s fantastic, so¬†if mine go viral,¬†…’ll be interesting if nothing else. Lol quite a nice ass for my age don’t you think?¬†ūüôā apparently a guys cheek muscles recede with age, consequently leaving him with a bony ass………so they say, sue me lol, I first read of that fact in an English Newspaper accompanied by a photo of Ronnie Wood.

Anyways¬†participating in¬†Molly’s photographic blog was fun for a while, also¬†everyone¬†posted within¬†WP¬†guidelines namely¬†NO sexual acts, NO genitals and¬†all entrants had to be over age 18. And if someone for example had submitted outside¬†her written guidelines and rules,¬†Molly was within her rights¬†to report to WordPress and quite rightly so!

Recalling all those months¬†back, I did kind of look forward to Sunday mornings and see my entry,¬†just as importantly¬†view¬†other people’s interpretations¬†of¬†Molly’s word prompt,¬†so you may ask,¬†how far did everyone go? Honestly, nothing more than ‘boobs and ass’, they could be black and white , colour,¬†pictured out in the countryside (not me), or artistic poses in the bathroom, basically where ever¬†your imagination would take¬†you……..and as we all know blogging attracts skilled writers and intelligent readers, well put it this way participants were in truth¬†middle aged, mature, with¬†body’s having seen better days.

Here is a fact for you, 95% of Sinful Sunday picture bloggers were in fact women and I remember questioning myself is a guy¬†taking his clothes off¬†any different to a nude lady?¬†Are we dictated to by¬†double standards? A¬†world where a lady showing her boobs is more socially and morally acceptable than a naked guy? Personally speaking I’ve never taken a dick picture in my life, nor would I, forwarding dick pictures seems so sad and I have to ask what is the point,¬†dicks look horrible and wrinkly anyway!

So here’s an updated photo of Molly’s prompt called RAIN…….I’ve Titled¬†‘Watching Rain’ (even though I’m not).

Watching Rain?

I’ve seen worse asses¬†but I won’t be taking part again, and I promise this’ll be a first and last naked picture you’ll see of¬†me on Blog Andrew. ūüôā

For some reason my bedroom tinged blue? Oh and I love my lamp from Amazon

These nine photographs below are taken¬†by a 10 second repeat timer and yes I love my new tablet. Finally if they made you smile I’m happy if your disgusted that’s fine……and a wtf will probably be nearer the mark,¬†:/ perhaps I am insecure at heart and just enjoyed the attention?

¬© Andrew ūüôā