Tablet camera test (MALE NUDITY!)

😀 Now hold on and listen before you get your knickers all in a twist, and yes that’s me gazing out my bedroom window, but please read on and give me a chance to explain why I think showing these pictures is fine and reasonable.

I’m an exhibitionist at heart, not the best looking bloke in the world however here’s a thing, undressing naked in front of women I haven’t known long doesn’t worry me in the slightest, and as for my selfies? Yes I’ll admit they’re staged, but I do gaze out my bedroom window once in a blue moon, I’m not adverse to watching a thunder and lightening display or snow flakes passing my window on a cold winter’s night. (When we get some I’ll post pictures).

Where was I? Oh yes my naked selfies or the part where I make a case for not being unusual or odd, I wouldn’t argue though! Short and sweet, I took the pictures because I have a brand new Samsung tablet (true) and wanted to test the camera’s image quality, a lame answer I know, but I do have a new android tablet 🙂 .

A little about my previous blog, many MANY months ago I would participate in a photographic blog meme? by the name of Sinful Sunday, and if pushed I’d call our photographs a sexier interpretation of WordPress’s Daily Prompt. Anyone could take part and here’s how, briefly every Wednesday a lady called Molly would suggest a themed word, then the following Sunday we’d all submit artistic tasteful naked photos (selfies) which were a theme of her word. Molly on the Sunday would post the 40 or so entries on her blog (with blog links) and choose her winner! (I won just the once but there was NO prize…………….prizes create competition envy and disappointment.)

So here’s a question am I worried my pictures could become a meme and go viral? I really can’t see that happening! More importantly if you’ve read the WordPress guidelines? Have you? If you have read you’ll know to WordPress’s credit, they allow explicitly written stories for adults to write if they wish, also allow consenting adults to be risqué if they wish and that’s fantastic, so if mine go viral, …’ll be interesting if nothing else. Lol quite a nice ass for my age don’t you think? 🙂 apparently a guys cheek muscles recede with age, consequently leaving him with a bony ass………so they say, sue me lol, I first read of that fact in an English Newspaper accompanied by a photo of Ronnie Wood.

Anyways participating in Molly’s photographic blog was fun for a while, also everyone posted within WP guidelines namely NO sexual acts, NO genitals and all entrants had to be over age 18. And if someone for example had submitted outside her written guidelines and rules, Molly was within her rights to report to WordPress and quite rightly so!

Recalling all those months back, I did kind of look forward to Sunday mornings and see my entry, just as importantly view other people’s interpretations of Molly’s word prompt, so you may ask, how far did everyone go? Honestly, nothing more than ‘boobs and ass’, they could be black and white , colour, pictured out in the countryside (not me), or artistic poses in the bathroom, basically where ever your imagination would take you……..and as we all know blogging attracts skilled writers and intelligent readers, well put it this way participants were in truth middle aged, mature, with body’s having seen better days.

Here is a fact for you, 95% of Sinful Sunday picture bloggers were in fact women and I remember questioning myself is a guy taking his clothes off any different to a nude lady? Are we dictated to by double standards? A world where a lady showing her boobs is more socially and morally acceptable than a naked guy? Personally speaking I’ve never taken a dick picture in my life, nor would I, forwarding dick pictures seems so sad and I have to ask what is the point, dicks look horrible and wrinkly anyway!

So here’s an updated photo of Molly’s prompt called RAIN…….I’ve Titled ‘Watching Rain’ (even though I’m not).

Watching Rain?

I’ve seen worse asses but I won’t be taking part again, and I promise this’ll be a first and last naked picture you’ll see of me on Blog Andrew. 🙂

For some reason my bedroom tinged blue? Oh and I love my lamp from Amazon

These nine photographs below are taken by a 10 second repeat timer and yes I love my new tablet. Finally if they made you smile I’m happy if your disgusted that’s fine……and a wtf will probably be nearer the mark, :/ perhaps I am insecure at heart and just enjoyed the attention?

© Andrew 🙂


29 thoughts on “Tablet camera test (MALE NUDITY!)

  1. Andrew, you should just be you and do what makes you happy. If that’s taking nude selfies than do that! Anyone who would tell you, you shouldn’t can bugger off! And you have a very nice bum. 😘

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