Eddie & Aggies Wedding 1912

My Great Grandmother ‘Nellie’ seated bottom left, Yorkshire England

Why Post a family photograph Andrew? A short answer would be a lady in Miami USA enjoys me sharing old pictures of previous generations from my family, in addition I haven’t viewed these three for several years which seems a shame. 🙂 Incidentally below are links to three other blog Posts for those interested in genealogy and family history, hopefully you’ll take a peek and enjoy.

Anyways enough ‘waffle’ let’s return to the photo of Eddie and Aggies wedding 1912 shall we, a common theme to my previous blog was sharing my vintage family photos, here’s three links to earlier posts and quite interesting tales, well quite a few people were kind enough to ‘like’ which was nice.

I am a very fortunate man in that I can trace back my family tree many generations, in fact my Mother’s side back ten generations and I’m lucky to posses photographs of each of my Great Grandparents, in addition I have envelopes full photographs posted from a Great Grandfather who served in the Somme Region 1916 WW1 and a Great Grandfather serving in the Boer War South Africa.

I’m NOT showing off mind, neither bragging, I only tell you this because I realise I’m a very fortunate man because some adopted children may not even posses a picture of their own mother to call their own……… very upsetting to write because there’s a family story here.

Eddie and Aggies wedding! The assembled family seated in my Grandmother’s back yard belong to my mother’s side of the family, and very wealthy they were to, however their business and fortune were both lost in the Depression (bad news for me lol), anyways all very unfortunate. Oh yes I said my mother’s side, well the lady wearing a white blouse seated between her two cousins is my Great Grandmother Nellie and all looking very splendid in their straw hats and long skirts.

Perhaps one or two of you are interested in the Edwardin costume? (Downton Abbey and all that.)

©Andrew 🙂


11 thoughts on “Eddie & Aggies Wedding 1912

  1. I luuuved Downton Abbey and the fashionable clothing (to look at, not to wear – out here in not-quite-civilisation we wear as little as possible). I was pleasantly surprised to see a dog in the wedding entourage; people always look so solemn and formal in the old photographs – smiles and dogs were not the norm.

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    • Looking at the assembled wedding photograph is slightly surreal, I have to remind myself this isn’t any old photo in a book or on the internet, no these people wearing their very best clothes (I guess rented!) Are in fact my ancestors, I have a direct blood line to Great Grandma ‘Nellie’, my mother remembers sleeping in the same bedroom as her when she was a little girl. A very lucky man indeed. Ty 🙂

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    • Hi Cara I read your email and will reply soon. I’ve missed you! I remember you writing to me once and saying the average length of time for a blogger is two years so I expected you’d moved on which is fine. I imagine you’ve read the majority of recent uploads, looking back I think they’re a mixed bag, some I’m very pleased with a few maybe not (I got carried away with the photos!) Each is truthful and openly honest (tooo honest) but bear in mind I go a touch ott because I like to hopefully entertain, so I hope you’re not too offended by some on this silly little blog……..ALL TRUE but you know me, I go a little far.

      I thought you would like this wedding post 🙂 looking back over 1.5 years I’m at my strongest with family photos and stories, and they are closer to me or perhaps YOU know me better lol than I know myself, an interesting conundrum! Lovely to hear from you.

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