Family photos on my mother’s side, 1950’s England

Mum’s side of the family, continuing from yesterdays post! Yawn if you’re bored, but there’s very little text, you’ve busy lives 😀 .

I’m an excitable fellow, doesn’t take much to get me started on a project! I received such lovely comments and likes for Eddie and Aggies wedding that I’ve been scanning more pictures from the same album and all featuring Great Grandmother my mother’s Grandmother, and showing has basically given me an excuse to make digital copies of photo’s which are irreplaceable, you just never know do you!

As Bradley commented yesterday I also love looking at old family photo’s, a human face conveys so many emotions, they’re time capsules and quite surreal in a way looking at blood relatives from generations past, anyways it’s been fun to discover them again. A few of these I haven’t viewed in years.

So quickly returning to yesterday’s wedding photo post, the lady bottom left was my mum’s Grandmother and the picture taken Finckle Street in the rural village of CottinghamYorkshire. England.

At the seaside, Scarborough, Yorkshire in the 1940’s. My Grandmother is the lady smiling front row in stripped dress. Her mother’s hand is on her shoulder. Looks like they’re enjoying themselves! The Gentleman left served as a Cavalryman in WW 1.


Great Grandma, now older. Life isn’t linear is it? At first you’re a baby, generations later you’re a mother, Grandmother, finally Great Grandmother holding a Grandchild? And the cycle begins again……. Their blood flow through my body! (Deep lol)


Mum on the left walking barefoot possibly the seaside 1950’s Yorkshire. Safer days back then, mum told me her and her friend could walk anywhere on their own, train journeys you name it, but these days well say no more!


Mum at the seaside again (left) 1952 sporting a ribbon in her hair, do girls wear bow ribbons these days?


Mum right fishing at the seaside, they only lived a few miles away which must have been such fun.


Now we are talking late 1940’s England with my mother far right and my other Great Grandmother seated, apparently a very stern no nonsense lady, certainly looks that way. Yorkshire England. Incidentally the lady with dark hair right married an American air force man after the war, apparently she was quite a character.

A short and sweet post, I enjoy seeing these published on my blog and I’m not showing of, if nothing else they’re quite interesting images, warning I may probably publish more!

© Andrew 🙂









10 thoughts on “Family photos on my mother’s side, 1950’s England

    • I agree with you, thinking back to my childhood and being around my Grandparents, life was happier of that I am sure and I’ve thought about this a great deal, there’s just far to much bad news from far to many countries on far to many news outlets and our consciousness can’t handle the deluge?, But there you are mustn’t dwell and thank you for replying 🙂

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  1. That’s 🙂 lovely of you to say thank you, I enjoy writing but don’t find it easy which may or may not surprise. 😀 blogging would be a little more fun if I was getting my leg over, less right hand, but there you are time will tell. I enjoyed your ‘Good’ post you 🙂 you seemed a little hyper. Now summer I have an admission I’ve been thinking about all week, I know I promised to write a sharpie sunday post and I hate breaking promises (a great idea and hopefully some will), I have sort of tried but they didn’t look and feel right. You write as you think and I’m the same, unplanned, and I have no idea what my next post will be about but the process is less easy than perhaps some imagine but then if you care should writing be easy? I hope you understand, your stream of consciousness can be astounding sometimes perhaps because you come from an intellectual more knowledgeable perspective and enjoyable to read, either way you’re a very entertaining lady but I mustn’t try to copy, I’ll finish by saying 😦 I’m not in a totally happy place at the moment………. 😀 ahh lol. x

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