Illegal immigrant! (And one genealogy fact)

A wonderful family photograph and one of my very favourites this time taken of my Grandfather on my father’s side, I love his expression standing next to his horse whilst on a bakery delivery round in rural West England…….incidentally more than one person in my lifetime has said I resembled my Grandfather!

My Grandfather. Migrant worker, asylum seeker, illegal immigrant

Yes all true, I haven’t described my Grandfather for effect, he was quite a remarkable man and only after his death did I appreciate all he’d done in his life and for other people! Now I’m left feeling ‘if only I’d asked him to tell me more of his life story while he was alive’, one of my biggest regrets I didn’t.

I had written what a school teacher would describe as a political essay to counter act my present views on illegal immigration, you know how a white, privileged middle aged male should be careful espousing derogatory remarks about asylum seekers entering Britain (not that I particularly do but you get the idea), why not? Simply because I’m a descendent of one, yes a fact I conveniently forget time to time.

I’m not racist, but a white, middle aged, working class male ticks a few prejudice boxes!

I deleted the essay!

You may have guessed after reading this and viewing my previous 2 family photograph posts I have researched my family tree and written down family anecdotes a little like the popular TV genealogy program ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ (there’s a US Version). Well yes I have researched my family history and I’d like to impart one jewel of advice if you’re thinking ‘yes one day I’ll research mine when I’ve time’.

Note the word ‘time’.

“So Andrew what is this jewel of advice?” I here you say.

Well before you do anything else, and while people are obviously alive, write letters to close relatives asking for family anecdotes, dates of passing etc, also go speak with them personally and sit listen to their stories all the while writing anecdotes down!

You will almost certainly discover elderly people will chat to you until their hearts content simply because no one asks! The elderly are often forgotten by younger relatives  understandably rushing around self absorbed in their busy lives but elderly family members are secretly willing you to write their memoirs lol, they’ll tell you interesting stories ’till the cows come home’, pleased you’ll listen, pleased their memories are saved for posterity.

Go do it 🙂 you’ll never regret especially when a son or daughter comes and inquisitively asks “tell me more about Grandma!” It’s a fact when you reach middle aged you’ll begin to ask questions about your family, look how popular the TV program is, there comes a time we all wish to understand how our ancestors have shaped the people we are today……….but remember when Grandparents Great Aunts are gone then well it’s alas to late.

(I AM aware some people are unable 😦 )

To be continued…………………… perhaps, because I’m not sure how interested you’ll be in my Grandfather 😀

© Andrew 🙂


7 thoughts on “Illegal immigrant! (And one genealogy fact)

  1. A fabulous. Photograph. I have several family trees in my possession and they are treasured. Many pics of relatives dead and gone for a long time. It tells me a bit about who I am. Raised partly by my Grandmother and grandfather on my fathers side I was fortunate to hear many anecdotes about them and their ancestors. Many people make hobbies of following family trees, it is that fascinating. I would like to hear more about your. Grandfather , he sounds like a most interesting man. Thank you for sharing thus Andrew.

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    • Thank you, 🙂 when I publish a post I’m always unsure if people will enjoy, I guess we’re all like that, I thought this one might be a bit boring but as I said to Holly I will write about him.

      Haha I have a feeling we’re all an eclectic mix of descendants from many different nations and cultures, like the BBC (and American) shows come a certain age and we all wish to know a little more of our back grounds and the people we came from. The place Ellis Island conjures up many images because I sense I’ve seen and heard of it from many motion pictures, ‘The Godfather’ comes to mind 🙂

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