My Great Grandfather a Yorkshire Rifleman

A Saturday evening family picture post for you and 🙂 I haven’t forgotten the tale of how my Grandfather came to England as Religious asylum seeker and economic migrant, writing that is more time consuming than I first imagined and believe it or not 😀 a post has to be exactly right before ‘publishing’, amuses me writing publish but then again WordPress has to be treated with respect.

So as I said a quick picture post. My genealogy will get confusing if you’re not following, only joking, each tale is individual to itself, so to set the scene with this one, the gentleman is my mother’s Grandfather and my Great Grandfather as I prefer to say. He lived in Yorkshire England working as a music publisher and very successful he was to, actually I’m not sure if I’ve shown any other pictures, no matter he was very successful then lost everything business and all, during the 1930’s great depression. A very sad tale but then I guess many thousands suffered similar hardship.

But scroll back a good few years and he served as a Rifleman during the First World War, however according to my mother cavalry horses were involved somewhere and by a quirk of fate he was kicked by a horse, missed his first troop ship to France because of the injury only to find the ship was sank! I guess an incident like that either makes you feel either lucky or deeply sad that you cheated death when close friends died. am-sending-letter-todayarthur-end-of-lineHe did go on to serve as an infantryman and below is a Postcard sent home o his wife and children. On the front is a picture of (no names this time) of my Great Grandfather and on the reverse a short message, incidentally I magnified his face and he’s the moustached gentleman at the far end of the line and goes without saying another treasured photo……. the short message is to his wife Nellie.

Postcard home

But please don’t expect tales of battles fought and daring deeds done, no he came home safely and went back to his music publishing business and raising a family.

© Andrew 🙂



6 thoughts on “My Great Grandfather a Yorkshire Rifleman

  1. This is wonderful Andrew. I love the historical information re the war and the amazing pictures. I too have old pics going back so far they are dog eared now but still very treasured. Thank you for sharing this!

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    • You’ve just this moment reminded me when I was a child my Grandmother would write letters just for myself and brother, she even sent my mother (daughter) a letter every week regular as clockwork full of family news! I love that idea simply because like blogging both reader and writer have to concentrate. 🙂 Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.


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