A happy childhood

‘Now I understand how much my mother cared for our happiness and education,

not all children are so lucky’

There’s more to sharing these photographs than just doing something to pass the time, no. Like you all I take a great deal of care before publishing and some of you will guess these are again treasured personal pictures of mine which introduce and lead into my following two posts.

Very few childhood photos exist in print simply because we’re talking 35mm film rather than digital cameras of today so easy to snap you can capture ten in quick succession, my brother has thousands stored on external hard drives.

šŸ˜€ However in ‘olden days’ of decades past a ‘film’ photographer had 24 exposures, 24 chances at perhaps capturing just a couple of good pictures and only visible two weeks later when returned from developing.

But be aware those following two Posts are both personal opinions and relevant to the dark times we live in 2017, though they’re NOT Politically motivated. šŸ™‚ I only hope, yikes, that I haven’t over hyped them.

I digress, ALWAYS a failing of mine!

We three photographed whilst cycling Oxfordshire

I began this Post with ‘Now I understand how much my mother cared for our happiness and education, not all children are so lucky’. Only much later as an adult do you realise the actions of a parent are planned with care and forethought, as children my mother would take my brother and I, just the three of us, on daytrips to places of interest or picnicked cycle rides around the quiet leafy lanes of Oxfordshire. I said forethought because these adventures were carefully planned to be fun and educational hence our daytrips to places of interest like London…………….. to be continued.

Photos of daytrips to London (below)

Photos of daytrips to London (below)

Three more šŸ™‚

Ā© Andrew


7 thoughts on “A happy childhood

  1. I love these sweet photos of you guys as kids. It was interesting seeing the pic of you two by 10 Downing Street, too. And sadly you were so right. It’s a very different world now and not for the better.

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    • šŸ™‚ Thank you,……….. and yes the world seemed a happier place, I’ll tell you a quick story, a couple of years ago I purchased a flatbed scanner (with no photocopier no printer just a quality HP scanner Ā£50) and one of the best ‘tech’ (lol) I’ve ever purchased. Then I proceeded to scan photos from people’s old albums and I’m so pleased with the quality, so much better to have them as a file than in some old album under the stairs.

      A quick link… https://collie123.wordpress.com/2017/01/19/family-photos-on-my-mothers-side-1950s-england/


      • My father in law had a photo scanner, and he tackled a zillion of them one summer. It was a daunting task, but we all have the pics on discs now. It was a brilliant move! You, too, were wise to invest time and money in that. I need to do the same. We still rifle through a couple of folders at my mother’s house every time we want to find a photo to make fun of each other. It’s fun but I think your version it much better. šŸ™‚

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        • šŸ˜€ I know exactly how your-father-in law felt, scanning them all took an age and I sent a few to my three young nephews, knowing them they were probably interested for two minutes before picking up the IPad again, all good fun šŸ˜€


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