I have absolutely no idea why women wear bras?

Disclaimer. πŸ™‚ These are the private musings of a middle aged Englishman, me Andrew, also note this Post contains NO nudity, call it my final ‘Just For Fun’ Post. (Maybe πŸ˜€ ) and please remember I have a good heart and mean no disrespect.

Two reasons for writing this evening, my Followers already understand I’m slightly obsessed with boobs well least I’m honest! Jo knows I’m currently single at present and I miss squeezing a breast :D, the second reason is I enjoy Cosmic Colette’s YouTube stream and she was kind enough reply to my Comment, even laughed, truth be known hardly any YouTuber’s reply to video comments, why? Btw I have asked permission and she is fine with my Post.

Colette’s YouTube (link left) is themed fun entertainment travelling veganism body image bullying relationships mental health and much much more πŸ™‚

My YouTube is andschannll

I thought I’d write something a little more light hearted today after my rather sombre and serious previous 10 Downing Street posts, truth be known politics is a dirty business and I’m glad not to be a part of it…………………… then again ‘big sigh’ we are all intrinsic to politics 😦

Enough politics!

Breasts and bras!

I’ve had the question ‘Why do women wear bras’ playing on my mind this past few days, such a weird contraption dreamt up by a bridge engineer (a man) in ‘ye olde’ Victorian England, so the story goes, mind you the design resembles a suspension bridge, seems logical or maybe “fake news?”

A woman I uhmm used to be ‘friends’ with likened wearing a bra similar to ‘unprintable’, the soreness from underwire’s were truly horrendous, she was one of those girls who’d unclip her bra, give a huge sigh of relief and say “thank God that’s off! Now I can breath!”Β 

I don’t think the video maker Cosmic Colette would mind me sharing her YouTube video, hell I might even tell her I’m sharing her “I haven’t worn a bra in one year!” video because I enjoyed watching and seeing as I’ve commented below her videos before……

So what did you think to her video? She’s lovely (attached 😦 ) and I’ll be honest and agree I can’t understand why women wear bras, they look SO much better without one, in fact Colette’s views and opinions seem pretty compelling reasons why not to wear one!

……. and if you’re saying to yourself ‘so tell me Andrew why an earth are you so interested in bras all of a sudden?’, well think back to my post Helen’s Striptease, the moment where my middle aged neighbour Helen unclipped her bra, well the seed of a post was born there and then……….. plus I’ve gotten nothing better to do this afternoon and boobs are fabulous!

Incidentally I don’t wish to offend anyone and because I’m a perfect gentleman I’m attempting to be both serious and sensitive at the same time and certainly don’t wish to come across as condescending, call this hopefully fun and amusing.


After watching the fascinating video where the lady gives her personal reasons for going braless I decided to do a little research of my own (science fan me) and where do you go if you want to find out a fact or two? Why the internet of course, dig deep enough and it’s surprising what you might learn!!

I Googled ‘reasons not to wear a bra’ this evening and happened across research conducted at a French University, turns out a sports Doctor named Jean-Denis Rouillon spent fifteen years studying the effect bras had on 330 women aged 18-35 then came to the earth shattering conclusion bras are useless!! A bold statement if ever there was one and as you can imagine he created one hell of a worldwide Sh**storm media frenzy!

Fifteen years is a long time to research bras and their effects on boobs, a study which concentrated on understanding ladies yearly breast changes when a bra is worn regularly against never worn and his preliminary results suggested, contrary to popular belief, when a young girl wears a bra from an early age, the bra doesn’t support the chest or reduce back pain or prevent breast sagging, in-fact ‘medically, physiologically and anatomically’ breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity………… the Professor went on to say when interviewed by French media “supported breasts get saggier over time”.

Here’s a useless piece of information for you, many years ago a lady by the name of Rachel (blonde attractive and age 25) and myself were undressing in her bedroom, a casual relationship, well without being indiscreet she was a ‘big girl’ and there we were sitting on her bed together and cometh the time she reaches around her back unclipping the strap of a rather large bra holding rather large boobs, and at the same moment her underwear garment was removed her boobs dropped ‘a mile’, that was a shock and a half I can tell you…. but don’t worry I’m NOT being disrespectful or abusive, both Rachel and her boobs looked absolutely stunning, so very feminine and sucking saggy empty boobs is wonderful……. just thought you’d be interested to know!

Where was I?

Bra research!

Returning to that French sports Doctor. According to his research, young women’s breasts were firmer, ligaments stronger, more toned due to extra breast tissue all because they never wore bras, and better news was to come, women who did NOT wear a bra experienced a 7 millimetre (that’s 0.3-inch) lift in their nipples compared with the women who wore bras……… pretty compelling research and now you’re wondering as to the reasons why?

Well according to the Doctor, he claimed bras have a way of slowing down blood circulation, which therefore reduced breast tone over time so the reasons are as simple as that! Some time after a British Doctor confirmed the research stating:

β€œFor younger women, not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast.” 

Hmm, I’m wondering whether the more mature woman, who’d worn a bra all her life, could suddenly burn her bra and get away with it? Then again do having children rubbish all his data?

One note of caution, the research team did add an important caveat stating women in the French study were not a representative of the population as a whole, which seems right and fair, mind you interesting research all the same!

:/ perhaps the more mature woman should keep her bra on!

To add further weight to the no bra argument if you write why I went braless’ into YouTube’s search engine Google will ‘so I’m told’ display hundreds of videos made by hundreds of women sharing their no bra life stories similar to Collette’s…………. what was life like before YouTube?

So ladies if you’re brave enough comment as to why you wear a bra? Support? Modesty? Attracting men or women or teenage (16+) girls or boys.

Braless 2Referring to the photo opposite, in my humble opinion going braless can be classy tasteful and yes elegant. I live in the University City of Oxford, a City of ‘year on year’ eternal youth, and every day I’ll see female ladies and students go braless :/ fine by me. However I guess for any of you ladies with exposure on the mindΒ  I’d agree with you braless, for obvious reasons, does attract a little more attention, but having said that if more women threw their bras in the bin then both men and women from my parent’s generation might say “what’s all the fuss about?”

So you are maybe asking “what conclusions have you drawn Andrew?” πŸ™‚ None at all except ladies be yourselves, if you like to wear bras ‘wear’, if you prefer not to wear bras ‘don’t’, it’s all good to me………….. but I prefer the ‘don’t wear’ simply because a lady’s natural profile is more feminine flattering and beautiful.

Please comment? Hmm should I stop these ‘amusing’ types of posts and please remember I have a good heart and mean no disrespect πŸ™‚

Β© Andrew


10 thoughts on “I have absolutely no idea why women wear bras?

    • Thank you so very much Hester πŸ™‚ I was in two minds as to posting and people will be relieved to know this’ll be my last only for fun, I’m single and a little ott sometimes but I always hope it comes across I respect women and adore their company. TY

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  1. So those studies may have said one thing, but my own 15 year study (and more!) of watching National Geographic tells me otherwise. Also the braless pics tends to be in chilly rooms with perfectly aligned boobs (that I would bet are not as such in reality). Many women are very uneven, have nipples at different heights or in different directions, and (sorry but this is how I feel) I don’t want necessary want to see someone’s headlights pointed at me whether they are on the bright it the dim setting.

    With that said, I love the way you adore women and the way you appreciate their bodies and the way that those bodies can be different. I agree that so many of the bra issues are about image issues and not physical needs. But there is something to be said about leaving a bit to the imagination. It’s like your peeping Andrew neighbor post. πŸ˜‰ It wouldn’t have made for much of a story had you just said that you saw a woman who was fully nude walking around daily. It’s the reveal that’s the big wow.

    This post had a real sweetness about it. Your future woman will be thrilled, but please note that almost any future woman you meet will probably toss her bra to the side the moment she walks in the door anyhoo. Almost every woman I know does!

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    • Thank you Jo, I love reading your comments because you give excellent critique and you know me, I sincerely mean that, as I replied to Hester I’d already decided this’ll be my last story in the style of this one, they can get ‘a bit samey’ (English phrase). Like I said you know me only to well πŸ˜€ me thinks tooo well!! But you are right I do adore women AND I will inform Colette because it’s only right if I used her video in my post that I should tell her and abide by her reaction πŸ™‚ actually keep an eye on this post I’ll let people know. Btw Rachel isn’t her real name, she was a little embarrassed and f*ck even apologised for heavens sake, I wonder is her reaction partly due to women’s magazines? Anyways she and they looked lovely and I told her so πŸ™‚ Ty


      • There is no bigger compliment than someone who appreciates us just the way we are. I adore that you did that, and I figured that her name wasn’t really Rachel. πŸ™‚

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  2. Lovely and amusing post. I must disagree with Colette. If one has tiny breasts it is probably fine not to wear a bra. If one has full breasts, it is probably more comfortable to wear a bra, it will relieve rather than exacerbate back strain. On a last note….Cooper’s droop. Never good. πŸ™‚

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  3. I hate wearing a bra and tend to wear an (unsexy) black vest with a little support. I reckon I’m fairly perky. I also run (walk/jog) and absolutely must wear a sports bra. I think a bra is a necessity when exercising.

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