Breastfeeding on a train and I’m quite frankly disgusted!

Ahh 😀 I bet that Title caught your attention………..perhaps you’re curious “What’s gone and upset Andrew this evening?” ……and yes I agree my previous post was a little self indulgent but a little introspection is fine in small doses, re reading two months from now might be interesting?

I do enjoy these posts where I just write honestly and freely!

If you’ve read my naughtier posts and think I’m sexist read on, if not skip to the photograph below.

(The following morning on the 21st, I edited replaced the word misogynist with sexist, WOW I never realised misogynist is defined ‘A hater of women’, God, I don’t think any reader thinks I hate women…………. hmm 😀 sexist? You decide)

………..very occasionally I’ll contemplate the themes and content of my previous 92 posts, I did that the other day and re revisited one or two of my saucy posts and it dawned on me my language towards women could be seen as sexist, I’m not, I enjoy the company of women and I have utmost respect for the fair sex, but you have to realise since age 16 I’ve worked in male dominated environments and rightly or wrongly a blog allows us the freedom to write how we wish, within reason, or what’s the flipping point? ………… In truth I’m like all men, I’m a naughty boy at heart and writing ‘explicit’ posts makes me smile nothing more……… and anyways one overseas lady follower says 😀 she skips my naughtier posts which is fine………….a shame really b’cause they’re such fun to write.)

Returning to my frankly bizarre inflammatory Title, let me make clear I’m fine with a woman feeding her baby breast milk so as to keep the infant alive and grow up healthy.

Now look at this viral photograph circulating on Twitter the News and all other social media…………the lady is Bryony Esther and she’s feeding daughter Saffron 🙂


BreastfeedingI truly wish I’d been a seated passenger on that train travelling through the South of England because this  is a truly sad photograph, if I was one of those guys with blurred out faces I would have given up my seat and insisted the young lady sat down to feed her baby, but no this story is World News because none of those men did and worse still the owner of the bike is sat in a priority seat for disable, pensioner or anyone else in need……………….. fucking selfish bastard!!

In her words “Despite ‘hovering’ near the priority seating area no-one offered to move and instead began sniggering”.

On all levels this is such a sad photograph, a young lady with upset in her eyes and many selfish grown men lacking all humanity and common decency and I hope their mums sisters girlfriends and wives get to see this selfie ‘snapped’ by Bryony herself!

I’m certainly no angel and I’m not looking for plaudits or praise, but do you ever find yourself reading a story watching a News item and thinking ‘I wish I’d been there’ so I could do the right thing’………….such a sad photo! Why are people such assholes?

As for breastfeeding in public, don’t get me started, I’ve been there when my sister-in-law has breast fed one of her three sons in public, what’s the big deal? Why do people complain? I while ago I was walking towards the centre of Oxford and passed by a lady seated at a pavement table outside a restaurant, and as I walked by I remember thinking to myself how beautiful is that, what is more natural than a woman feeding her baby.

© Andrew




13 thoughts on “Breastfeeding on a train and I’m quite frankly disgusted!

    • I was only having this conversation with mum a while back! As a young girl my mum travelled by train everyday to school and they were instructed to vacate their seat to the older generation, jump forward a good few years, my mum was taking the bus into Town and a schoolboy actually asked her to move so he could sit next to his mate, 😀 I’m not sure she said anything I think she was in shock. Thank you Holly 🙂


    • Thank you Hester 🙂
      You’d be interested to hear breastfeeding stories like this one REGULARLY hit the News in the UK and seems many people don’t like to be aware of feeding in public, discrimination against IS illegal but the pro’s or no’s divides people over here? Funny old world 🙂

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  1. There are countless shawls and covers and wraps you can use while breastfeeding that look adorable. Public breastfeeding is not highly common in the states, but my understanding is that it is fairly normal everywhere else in the universe. It’s not my personal preference and the whole “it’s natural” argument doesn’t sway me on any level. There are all kinds of natural things people don’t do in plain sight because many other people don’t want in on it. If it makes lots of people very uncomfortable and it isn’t difficult at all to slightly cover yourself while doing it, is it really about the baby at that point or is someone just making a statement?

    If the internet is correct (and it absolutely could be wrong), the child in the picture is almost a year and a half old. This is not a kid that has to be fed every hour or so. This is also sippy cup age. I have three kids so been there done that. Were they on a train for hours and there was no other choice? If the photo was taken against her will, it seems like a pretty jerky move by the photographer, but this looks like a selfie. I don’t see anyone else around her behaving in a judgmental way. Yes the guy could have gotten up, but is it any better to snap an unapproved photo of a stranger for purposes of shaming him to the world? Maybe he was tired. Maybe he pulled a muscle. Maybe he just got there first. It may be unchivalrous on his part, but it’s sexist on hers. If you look at the whole photo, who is the one person who actually looks judgmental in it?

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    • Thank you Jo for such a fascinating reply from a mother’s point of view and you really have made me question the composition of this photograph, it hadn’t dawned on me that she WAS taking a selfie so as to shame five men who may have felt embarrassed to approach the woman, hmm do her eyes portray upset or is she angry trying to make a point!!!! Which leads ME into another question why didn’t she ask one of the men if she could sit down?
      My sister-in-law would have!!
      Actually I’m quite amazed I hadn’t considered the photo from several different standpoints and I have to agree she is making a statement, just shows a photograph can be interpreted in many ways and I was a little naïve, Jo breastfeeding in public in the UK is a massive issue even debated in Parliament, I’m on the ‘if baby needs feeding’ then I’m fine it’s fed in public but I agree all she needs is a shawl.
      Yep she’s making a political point


      • I wondered if she asked, too. Like your sis, I would have. It’s not that hard to say politely “I’m sorry to ask but would you possibly mind if I sat down for a second? My baby is hungry and I really need to feed her.” If she did and the guy said no, I would think he’s a jerk. But if she didn’t even ask and then called him out on the internet…??? The feeding doesn’t really bug me. It’s the approach she took to justifying her victimhood. To me, she wasn’t the victim in the photo.

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