Pregnant in maxi-dress and lookin sexy?

c441705897f69c9b98a0aa237e5dee0eA post inspired by a pregnant woman who smiled at me as we passed each other walking along the lane that joins my home to Town. (July 2017)

Also prompted by a News story from America, apparently there was a little controversy (‘noise there’s always noise’ a quote πŸ™‚ ) when a viewer branded anchor woman Laura Warren’s baby bump ‘disgusting’ by voicemail, I know I’m baffled to?

A question for you. In polite society is a guy allowed to say a pregnant lady can look sexy? Or is thinking let alone admitting a definite no no.

I’m not fishing for compliments here, this question genuinely honestly crosses my mind time to time, say as I’m commuting to work on the bus bored out of my mind.

The celebrity pictured below (who?) is ‘with child’ and in my learned opinion she is quite a few weeks in and not long till giving birth? And well I think she has a very sexy figure however she’s carrying someone inside so am I coming across as a little bit pervy? Don’t mean to!

Blog intermission, bit like those ice cream breaks you used to get at the cinema if you’re old enough to remember!

Quick update to my erotica tale, btw there won’t be another, you just DON’T know how much that post took out of me, I finished part 3 and thought OMFG 9 erotic fantasy writers have liked, Jeez, what if my story’s an ‘anti-climax’? Not to worry my erotic tale went ‘down’ well however I won’t be revealing fact from fantasy……….. πŸ™‚ I’ll leave you to guess.

Intermission over.

Pregnant in maxi dress 2Returning to pregnant ladies, as I’ve told you I was walking into Town along the lane that crosses the Common and not far into my housing estate one sunny July morning all of a sudden I see a lady by herself walking toward me wearing a full length black maxi dress, you know the ones, they’re made like a long sock out of stretchy cotton fabric and it NEVER ceases to amaze me a maxi dress clings to every part of a ladies body as if spray painted on!

My guess is it takes a confident woman to wear one because they show every lump bump and curve of her body, the complete outline of her figure. Anyways she’s coming toward me and I’m sorry but I cannot not take my eyes from staring, not at her boobs hips waist through to the mound of her ‘you know what’ which is very clear to see, probably one of the sexiest dresses known to man, however I wasn’t looking at her figure I was kinda staring at her bump!

Honest of me :/

So this tall lady is approaching all on her own wearing a black maxi-dress and she looks astonishing for two reasons. One this is a bloody housing estate and she looks like lost her way to a posh restaurant, and secondly she is 30+ weeks pregnant with the largest most prominent bump I have seen in my whole life, and returning the gaze she must have seen my open mouth with incredulous double take!

I’m not kidding.

Well hold on before you pass judgement, I didn’t try to make her feel uncomfortable but as we approached and passed each other in the lane I wasn’t looking at her face I couldn’t take my eyes off her bump, yes slightly awestruck and I’ll admit to being transfixed, now here’s the conundrum! The maxi dress looked ‘figure hugging’ stunning on her as a woman, she looked drop dead sexy, her figure completely exposed from bust to hips to legs, if she wasn’t pregnant I’d have called her a goddess, however she was with child which in-fact made the dress look even better on her. But I’m so confused can I guy fancy a woman when she’s pregnant? Because she’s pregnant? View pregnancy as sexy? Or am I odd?

Don’t answer the last one, I am odd!!!

Well my story ends moments before we pass in the lane, awoken from my bump hypnotic daze and slightly shocked I remembered the lady had a face, here’s the thing I smiled and she smiled back BUT the exchange was one of those momentary connections you have time to time, our eyes met, neither was embarrassed and she would have seen I was slightly awestruck I’d been looking long enough. We smiled, me off to Town, her off to a dinner party with no date! But there was an intimacy, do you understand? She didn’t mind!

…………..and btw I will admit to turning round, and yes her ass looked just as fabulous in that maxi dress, bum cheeks the lot!

So there you are can pregnancy be sexy or have I completely lost the plot now.



3 thoughts on “Pregnant in maxi-dress and lookin sexy?

  1. I love the way you love women. I know I’ve said that to you before, but I do. I love that you see beauty in all of it. I also very literally laughed out loud when you were talking about the erotic fantasy tales. You are such a mess. If you got 9 likes, I think that’s awesome – really. This stuff takes forever to get people to see. It’s a momentum thing (pun intended). I haven’t read the posts b/c I don’t want to have that browsing history conversation with my man. But I have read so many of your other stories and they are so good Andrew. Have you thought about setting up a page or additional blog just for that? I would bet that it is the kind of thing that people like to go to just for that. I have had people offer to show me theirs (ahem – I mean their adult blogs) (I’m so funny) but you know my thoughts on that. My point is that they are out there. You just need to hit it right (see – I’m funny AGAIN!). πŸ˜‰ Don’t give up. Really.

    Liked by 1 person

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