Niqab continued.

woman wearing a niqab

If you read my Niqab post yesterday then you’ll understand why I felt the need to write something a little more serious rather than my normal silliness. (Btw the next one’s about breast milk!)

I’m breaking my ‘religion is never to be discussed here’ golden rule this evening, however I’m staying well clear of religious doctrine and faith systems. If you happen to read Niqab then you’ll understand I’m addressing the reasons I looked at a young Muslim lady yesterday afternoon, for certain she felt the need to avert her eyes from my hateful? Glare, I know strong words. :/

How this came about is long story 🙂 you’ll have to please read Niqab if you’re curious and I do feel I’m being a little harsh on myself, I’m a good man but hold on Andrew don’t backtrack on yourself all of a sudden, yesterday you described yourself as this,

‘But tonight’s sadness is a little different because it’s more truthfully feelings of guilt and shame, but I’ll hold back from saying disgusted with behaviour, no I’m more disappointed I allowed myself to treat my fellow human being with contempt when I didn’t mean to.’

I’ll try my utmost to keep this post brief, try not deviate into politics a subject I so dislike. I must keep in mind ‘I deliberately glared at a young lady because she wore a Niqab covering her face and NOT because she was Asian, that I didn’t like her religion was the reason she looked away I knew what I was doing and for sure I upset her, I abused my white middle class privileges and I’m still upset about it.

This is the first time in my blogging life I’ve sat down to write a post and it’s dawned on me ‘I could get myself into real trouble if I approached writing about Muslims with a negative offensive narrative or heaven bid insulted the Islamic Faith’, ok I’m jumping ahead of myself because I’m not a popular writer and even though I’m an atheist I would never attack another culture’s beliefs, I’m a ‘live the way you wish’ type of guy however you’ll be aware several famous bloggers have died for posting cartoons and criticising Islam.

Each of us is a mixture of good and not so good and I’m no different, I’ll truthfully admit I have little regard for Islam Christianity and religion in equal measures, but after the Islamic State inspired murders of good people going about their peaceful lives in Barcelona Manchester London and Paris, who can blame me condemning the appalling actions of deranged madmen who happen to be Muslim? But yes I know this small group of evil men with hatred in their hearts doesn’t represent the majority of good kind generous Pakistani descended Muslims. I’ve thought long and hard about yesterday and I shouldn’t have glared at the lady just because she believes in a God and wears a veil, she’s being true to herself, choosing to cover her face with a Niqab is a human right and deep down I’ve always known that.

After the 911 terror attacks on NY’s Trade Towers, if mind serves me correct several New York citizens deliberately made a point of walking alongside Muslims showing their support and love for a fellow human being irrespective of the divisive Faith they follow, a belief ideology I personally have little or no time for, but there you are.

Looking back to yesterday’s events, if I had my time again I wouldn’t have glared at her, I would have smiled and said “good afternoon”, and if she’d thought ‘weirdo’ then lol that’d been ok, but my guess is she’d had an awful day, I imagine that young lady experienced hatred and ridicule throughout her day.

One final thought I am someone who feels great empathy towards others, possibly because I was bullied as a youngster then again weren’t we all? No excuses Andrew I’m a better man than to glare at people because there’s something I don’t like or agree with. ❤







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