Lisa’s ‘Blackberry and Walnut Squares’ (cake video!)

Cake finish 008 use

Disaster I lost the mixing video stage and had to use a photo so my Apologies… technology!!

So who’s this lady Lisa and what are ‘Blackberry and Walnut Squares’ all about?

Short story Lisa’s Blog shared a baking post where she’d baked a blackberry and walnut cake, incidentally her very own recipe πŸ™‚ all very Great British Bake-off! Well I read her post with accompanying photographs then remembered my mother had ripening blackberries in her garden, so I called round, picked 350 grams before she froze them, took them home and baked them myself into the walnut cake using Lisa’s recipe click here

For those interested I’ve provided said recipe also method ingredients weights and photos taken at different stages on the previous post and btw I’m no skilled baker, I just bake the odd cake from time to time. πŸ™‚

(I’m aware I omitted the mixing video clip which didn’t load but if you refer to the recipe you can read there. Sorry :/)

Even if I humbly say so myself the cake tastes delicious having a sweetness and citrus sharpness at the same time, so maybe make one yourselves because the blackberries are ripening on England’s bushes as I speak……… and note they won’t cost you a penny πŸ™‚

Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you I filmed the stages and edited them into a short video now on my YouTube along with my other WordPress videos, but don’t go thinking I’m famous this one will probably be watched 50 times which is fine πŸ™‚Β 

For photographs view my previous post though I’ve included one beneath my video.




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