(I know I know 😀 I’m up to my old bad habits again, promising a post then publishing something different on a whim but hey that’s blogging………. note a post about a fun fair I visited last Monday comes next also a back garden nature post follows soon, I promise! Btw I’m done with tales of masturbation 🙂 )

A post in response to Gayatri Sharma’s how-important-are-you. (click there)

I enjoy writing response posts, they’re not specifically a reply to the blog author even though they were the inspiration, no my thoughts are open to anyone kind enough to read.



I hadn’t heard of Calvin and Hobbes ‘A Starry Night’ comic story until this evening, or the

two characters for that matter which surprises me because I adore cartoons intended for adults, not the Simpsons mind ‘yawn’, no I’m more ‘Family Guy’, ‘King of the Hill’ and our very own ‘Monkey Dust’ now banned in the UK all because the story lines speak the truth making UK Politician’s nervous and uneasy, but isn’t that the point to satirical nonsense? 

Enough politics.

Calvin’s rather philosophical observation, “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.” 

Hobbes inquires, “How so?”

“Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.”

…………….Are very clever incisive and profound thoughts and yet again as often happens on my WP, as I read the afore mentioned lady’s post my own memories of an evening spent with my brother came flooding back! Amazing how the mind works, the brain has the power to recall a time, a place, a thought which I can clearly remember having twenty years ago all because of some simple trigger! Truly amazing.

A time long ago before my bother was married and just after he’d graduated in medicine from University, we two collected together our walking boots, rucksack, tent, sleeping bag, cooking stove, because we were going camping if you hadn’t already guessed. We assembled all these items, jumped in my beaten up rusty old Mini car which ‘crabbed’ because the rear sub frame was bent, then set off for the long drive into Wales or more specifically making for the Brecon Beacons and for those of you none the wiser Brecon Beacons is a very beautiful English National Park.

:/ unfortunately I’ve no photographs!

I shan’t bore you with tooo much detail of our planned weekend, simply because there’s little to explain, we parked the car in some secluded car park I can’t remember where? Got kitted with our rucksacks and proceeded to hike the Beacons however don’t envisage images of high mountains, no the National Park is a steep climb through hills of bracken and moorland, intersperse with fast flowing streams carrying rain water off the peaks yet having said all that you have to be pretty fit to hike there!

Forgot to mention we’d taken my mum’s first collie with us and mum was EXTREMELY nervous about letting us take her precious dog, lol not worried about us two but the dog yes!

I should say all three of us survived the weekend fit and well and if the collie could speak she had the best weekend of her life roaming the moors, they’re bred for moor work, she loved it!

I digress always a failing of mine, usually veering to tales of sexy times with naughty women and their fabulous tits, large or small I don’t care, but hey this post is meant to be worthy philosophical possess great insight and intellect so I’ll return to Calvin’s profound observations! (I know his author’s)

As dusk approached on either the first or second evening, we set up camp close to a large copse of trees, lit a fire always a popular activity with men I guess cave man instincts and all that, I hauled a fallen tree to lay across the fire and then we cooked and ate a meal, :/ forgot to say we packed food it’s all coming back to me now. After eating tea and bare in mind this is a time pre internet, this is the point in my tale where the cartoon becomes relevant again, you see as the cloudless night drew in, we both lay on the grass alongside each other gazing at the great expanse of stars against the clear black sky.

I know this sounds cheesy but as everything else I write on this Blog it’s all true as happened.

What makes this scene even more poignant is remember we two camping travellers were possibly the highest human beings in Britain that evening (illegally camping I might add) and the height and remoteness meant zero light pollution, because as you know city lamplight is the blight for anyone wishing to star gaze in our Country.

I own a telescope!

Pitch black it was, without a torch you couldn’t see more than well, you just couldn’t see further than one metre and thinking back such darkness is hard to comprehend these days. So there we both lay on our backs in the heather gazing at the expanse of stars, breath taking it was simply because there were so many, a total absence of light polluting the depth of visible of space was even more notable because I’ve never witnessed a night sky like it since!

Incredible it was.

Returning to Calvin’s thoughts one final time, I can clearly remember have a similar conversation with my brother that starry evening many years ago, and it’s a memory which floods my mind every so often prompted by a thought a movie or something I read. Even right this very moment I can visualise laying in the heather next to my brother, neither able to see each other, an eerie spooky silence but for the sound of a fox and I’ve just remembered something else! The collie’s instincts and hearing alerted her minutes before us two heard the fox, just goes to prove they have amazing hearing.

:/ we were sure it was a fox?

Anyways there we both were my brother and I having a very similar conversation to Calvin and Hobbes, and I have to passionately agree with the author, if human beings could all stop arguing and fighting for a second, switch off ALL media devices and just quietly gaze into the vastness that is space, only our thoughts for companions, comprehend that each white spot is a star (twinkles if it’s a star and not a planet, my brother told me how to tell the difference) then we’d be better people, true don’t you think?

Even today in these light polluted times if we gazed contemplated the meaning of life, comprehended the fact light emitting form each dot has travelled billions of miles, each cluster of white dots is a milky way or galaxy light years away, I’m convinced we’d be better people for thinking about the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, realising that our lives are completely insignificant.


In fact I’m positive we could all learn from doing a little star gazing like that incredible never to be repeated cloudless evening many years ago, a time my thoughts wandered and I became rather embarrassingly philosophical, life’s problems worries bullshit and human destructive madness kinda became worthless and irrelevant hmm I’m thinking I should try it more often, in fact I will!

Calvin’s right, there are more important things than what people do all day!



Belle was that collie!



4 thoughts on “Stargazing

  1. I must agree, star gazing is a wonderful opportunity to recharge one’s batteries. We have beautiful starry skies on these remote shores and we love spending the warm nights outdoors. Belle was appropriately named – beautiful girl.


    • Yes Belle was a beautiful girl and a wonderful walking companion and I think you can see by her face she was a very intelligent dog 🙂 On reflection I think the cartoon’s author is absolutely right and Hester I have to say with cold winter’s evenings approaching I’m quite envious, stargazing in Africa must be such a pleasure. 🙂

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