Sunday evening Blog thoughts (serious)

Hopefully a little offensive šŸ™‚bouncing_boobs_288x1921

Totally off the cuff, 24/09/2017 @ 23:46 precisely! And not once did I talk about one of the loves of my life namely ladies tits, the droopier they are the better, it means you can fit all the more in your mouth! Aww damn!

I suffer from a syndrome that doesn’t exist and I’ve just this moment dreamt up called ‘This is my final ever post for WordPress’ err syndrome!! You see I’m not a poet, I’m not a book reviewer, I don’t write sexy tales swirling round white girly imaginations about them holidaying in deepest darkest Africa and being captured by a tribe of spear throwing men wearing tiger skin underpants, then taking the slip of a girl to their mud hut in the jungle and raping her any way they can! Now hold on!!!

Don’t go getting tooo excited and wetting your knickers and reporting me to WordPress as being racist. I’m exercising my free speech for a reason! What I’m trying to say, What I actually mean by that anecdote, yes anecdote, is I’m quoting from a female writer I saw on the telly. What she was trying to say, paraphrasing, was the lady had this fantasy about being captured by well you know without having to repeat it, she had this rape fantasy story swirling around her imagination which was ok because it was her very very own fantasy, she both set the rules and controlled the boundaries of her tale, but she could never publish, she was an erotic fantasist and what I’m trying to say extremely clumsily is I love the erotic fantasy genre but I’m not female, I don’t get my knickers wet ALL the time so unfortunately there’ll be no more erotica! My blog is theme less devoid of genre hence I suffer from a This Is My Final Post Ever syndrome because I just have no idea what I will be posting about next and I panic! If you’re a poet that means you’re a creative wordsmith with a beautiful heart and soul and your next post will be a poem simple as. Are you still with me, I’m the first to say I understand I have limitations perhaps lacking imagination, I’m getting off the point, I began a few more tales of erotica but they always cum out as anal sex pornography so we’ll leave the fiction writing. I guess my blog has an honesty, like you all have, in that I don’t know where the next post is coming from but an idea always seems to appear.

(Did you understand the rape fantasy analogy? If not I’m sorry šŸ˜¦ if I offended)

So unfortunately lol I won’t be finishing yet, I have a fairground photography post coming, a blog relationship post with thoughts on blog emailing friendships (incidentally I used to email privately with a lady who quite out of the blue sent me photos of her tits on my birthday! That was a f*cking shock and a half when I opened those attachment I can tell you!), I have a half written post all about human semen yes you did read that correct (but it may not :/ make it), I have an idea in my mind connected to seeing my house on Google Maps and finally a boxing post………..yes sport ladies, but as ALWAYS written with me in there and there abouts in the tale, always first hand because I’ll be in the audience watching my heroine fight live and I cannot wait! Then again maybe you can, I do hope not šŸ™‚

So unfortunately lol I’ll be here for a while longer. Have a great week. Andrew ā¤


11 thoughts on “Sunday evening Blog thoughts (serious)

  1. I don’t have a “niche” either, and it’s so with lots of other bloggers. You just write what you’re thinking about, if that’s how you want your blog to roll. There isn’t a particular way of “blogging”, so stick to your rules and you’re good.

    You’re quite a very interesting blogger, and I must say, if your blog is filled with photograph of flowers and butterflies (or even that of hedge hogs, yes šŸ˜), it would have lost its spice, though since its still going to be you, I guess it’ll be hard not be bring some of your humor with the photography.

    I don’t know why you’re too bothered with your erotica tales. So many people write worse (depending on how you see it) stuff here.

    If you want to stop, by all means do. It’s your blog, but don’t go thinking it’s cause you’ll be…reported?

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    • :/ Err a touch embarrassing to read MY post again this morning Esther, and yes a touch self indulgent but lol interesting all the same. You have a lovely refreshing way of seeing blogging and the sentence of ‘just letting it roll’ is possibly the best advice you could ever give to someone who was starting out. Lastly you may have misinterpreted my erotica comment, rather than being worried about WP I was more worried the stories were cringe worthy! TY I shan’t be finishing because it’s great fun here ā¤


    • Oh and I do hope I haven’t offended you, the ladies rape fantasy story came to my mind because I guess the idea is so shocking and taboo yet it was all hers, she made the rules though she could never write it into a book (I think she was an author!) Lol strange how the female mind works šŸ˜€


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