My new avatar!

Me 2 01026/09/2017 – Update, I’ve decided to go back to my 14 month old profile picture because I prefer looking at the painting rather than a half me photograph and I’m rather attached to it, two lover’s seated on a park bench for over one year is a long time! I like it and my 🙂 eclectic, silly posts are all that really matters. A fair reason? My apologies if you’re a little annoyed.

I’ve asked myself many many times over the past 14 months should I show my face on WordPress, and more so just recently, yes there’s photos of me here on Blog Andrew cycle holidaying with mum and my younger brother, but I was age 10 and they don’t count but it’s lovely Hester from S. Africa called me cute! Trouble is that was me back then this is 2017!

Anonymity is a dilemma especially after the X rated filth 😀 and nonsense I’ve published here, makes me sound like I know what I’m doing….I don’t lol I ‘wing it’. Anyways what’s the pro’s and what’s the con’s to coming out and I’m not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with being gay for heavens sake, now I’m meandering and showing off!

Yes to show my face or not to show that’s the question. I’m not too worried about being recognised, should I be? So that’s not the reason why I hide behind a rather beautiful avatar of a couple in love sitting on a park bench, no I’m not too worried about being outed I’m more worried what people will think when and if they saw my photo, silly really?

I’m an anxious man, yes happy go lucky, but I have had my fair share of problems as regards personal female relationships but haven’t we all, no the real reason is I’m afraid everyone will unfollow, no one will read and most of all no one will reply to my comments anymore. :/ are my worries valid.

I will say I completely respect people who decide not to, it’s even sexy an mysterious with ladies because you read their beautiful creative posts and form an image in your mind of what they look like, and I like that but I think it’s different for guys.

So I’m going to take the risk, I’ve decided to share half of me because after such a long time it feels right and I know people are curious. If my WordPress experience goes pear-shaped (British phrase for f*cked up) then so be it 🙂 I’ve had a blast here, ain’t I a drama queen with all this worrying. Bloody awful selfie though I should have smiled!

Andrew 🙂



16 thoughts on “My new avatar!

  1. Haha@sharing-half-of-Andrew. Now what kind of sharing is that? I’m joking, really. I fully respect it if people want to remain (half)anonymous. As for myself, one of the advantages of old age is that I just do not care what people think of my appearance or my opinion.

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    • 😀 I hadn’t thought of it like that, but insecurity lol is my middle name and I’m not joking, I’ve no idea how people would take to this………… well you and Kim have replied so I’m happy 🙂 Been lovely chatting with you!

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  2. Half face 😄Lol Andrew. For me, I don’t mind it either ways. Put up your picture, or don’t pretty much your business 😀

    And then, I get your worries, and I faced it myself sometime in my blog too, though mine was not because I was scared I’ll lose followers. By then I was confident in my writing, so that helped lots. At the end, it all boiled down to me wanting my blog friends to see how I looked, and people who knew me in reality damned 😶. I don’t make my blog known to friends and such, but I wanted to do it, and that was all that mattered in my opinion.

    I hope somewhere along this short speech, you’ve gotten an answer to your question 😀😊

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    • :/ I’m a little insecure ahhh. I guess one argument to showing is my photo could detract from the post contentt, for example if people saw my face above my erotica tales then would that detract from the story? Or is that a cope out! But seriously I DO understand how you came to your decision, and looking at your likes you are popular, 45 on ‘showers’ well done!

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      • Hah! I must be real though. Sometimes when you read certain writers erotica, the mystery is always good. Now what I mean by the “art” I said, is the the couples sitting on the bench. The picture that we all see.

        While maybe writing about gardening, you can take a few pictures of yourself and share it, but you can decide not to make that the picture on your grandad. If you’re going to share an erotic story for instance you don’t need your picture on that post. Your gravatar is still the lovers image, but your readers know how you look.

        I’ll use myself as an example. I want my readers to know how I look, but my picture isn’t going to be what they see once they find my blog, because I would only share it in posts I feel like. When I write a poem for instance, I am not putting my picture on there. It’s not my picture they’re seeing as they read the poem. They’re thinking about the poem, not me, but if they’re so interested and search my posts they’ll definitely see one that featured my face. You wanna share your picture with us, do that. It doesn’t have to be your profile image however if you’re so concerned on turning us off when we see your picture, because I’m guessing that’s where the insecurity lies.

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        • Yes I understand when you say choose the posts, but you’re right with the insecurities, never mind. I’ll add once sometime. But we all love our avatars, they become very personal don’t they, lol we get attached ahhh 🙂


  3. All that said, I’ve also gotten used to the art on there. When I see it in my notifications I immediately think “That’s Andrew!”, so yes, you can share your pictures in blog posts, but leave the art 😄

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