Fun Fair pt 2 – My videos

The louder you scream the faster you go!

Peter Kay writer of Phoenix Nights.

(I made a ‘rather unfortunate’ remark on my previous post pointing out not all Bloggers are happy with YouTube videos appearing on WordPress, my apologies if you thought me arrogant but the use of video is an interesting discussion point. :/ You see a while ago I read a Post where this very nice Blogger made clear WordPress is for writers but not a suitable place for YouTube videos, and they were of course ABSOLUTELY correct, writers! As for myself I’m a serial repeat offender 😀 when we’re talking video but I don’t think sharing hurts once in a while and there’s always a context. Either way my remark was out of place.)

So with alternative media in mind here’s my Oxford St. Giles Fun Fair videos from September 2017, all linked from my YouTube Channel 🙂 and hopefully they complement my previous Fun Fair post ‘please click here’. TY

Andrew 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fun Fair pt 2 – My videos

  1. I have to disagree with anyone who is arrogant enough to decide what is appropriate on WP. I use video’s a lot and watch videos on other blogs. I have seen a couple of blogs that specifically request that others not post videos to their blog…fine, I agree that can be annoying. 🙂 Enjoyed this Andrew, great links!!

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    • Thank you Holly, walking down St. Giles the Fun Fair looks even MORE spectacular because the lights and shadows reflect off the walls and buildings in a natural corridor but alas it’s tooo packed for videoing. I’ll always remember reading the no video post because it quite simply took me aback!!! I’d never once thought this could be an issue and lol I’m possibly the biggest offended 😀 I can understand their arguments but they have NO right to set rules because as Natalie once said to me, ‘no one knows what they’re doing here anyway’ so true. Perhaps the writer was having a bad day. TY 🙂

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    • Btw if you’d like to experience good old British sense of humour, then maybe give ‘Phoenix Nights’ a try! The location is set in a Northern Town Working Men’s Club, the local community revolved around a Club and EVERY Steelworks, coal mining Town, large Factory had one.

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