Erotica for boys? Erotica for Girls?

This isn’t an erotic short story though one follows later 🙂

Yay aren’t you the lucky readers I’ve just this moment completed another hopefully sexy story, or as I like to refer to them, Erotica! Ok perhaps I’m aiming tooo high calling my tales erotica then again, Anita enjoyed my gay sex story so much she re blogged and sixty people liked, so perhaps I can write a little ANYWAY one follows sooon and good or bad it’s for you to decide. 🙂

When I came to the point of downloading some tasteful Google images to accompany my tale, and we all like to add photos breaking copyright or not. Like I said I Googled images with differing search phrases then I got to wondering is my tale, or erotica in general, written for boys or for girls? Does the sex of my photos denote the sex of reader? I haven’t any idea that’s why I’m asking myself the question. I’d guess the litmus test is similar to in the movies, if the script and story isn’t great then no matter how many action scenes, neither boys or girls will like and enjoy!

But returning to my question, is the erotic fiction and sexy fantasy stories written by my favourite bloggers read by, for fear of labouring a point! Do their sexy tales and poems excite men or do they arouse women or are they enjoyed by both sexes straight or gay? One thing is for sure, it doesn’t actually matter as long as their stories are enjoyed and incidentally these authors are fabulous………… many a time they’ll give me an erection, a tingle on the tip of my penis, or perhaps a little bucking producing a bead of precum! Either way one hell of a talent to possess, I mean the ability to make a guy hard!!

So there you are Friday evening thoughts of erotic fiction. As regards my tale, hopefully it’s ok you decide, and I’m going to ‘publish’ sooon, however I’m undecided as to using sexy photos of men or sexy photos of women?…………..I could post them twice all in the name of scientific research, or is that getting above myself!

For boys girls by or gay? Doesn’t matter as long as the tales is an enoyable read. 🙂

tumblr_mbdg4h8Jqv1rz1oeao1_1280 (1)

Off to the boxing tomorrow, Andrew.



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