Boxing thoughts

Original post by Andrew. (Photos and video taken at a live event will appear in a future post.)

Disclaimer. I have a love hate relationship with boxing, on the one hand both thrilling and exciting to watch a fighting sport however I understand completely why non boxing fans describe fighting as brutal in humane, but hold on a second the young men and women who choose to fight as a career do of their own free choice.

A casual pastime of mine is following boxing, I’m a boxing fan through and through, I watch live televised fights on any broadcasting platform I can tune into and follow all the fight news on YouTube, so there you are call this post ‘one fact about me’, you’re either non plussed, bored or perhaps a little annoyed or angry?

You see boxing isn’t liked by everyone, definitely not, it divides not only sporting opinion but also prompts questions of one’s morality, how could someone enjoy watching two people legally punch each other in the head till one drops to the floor concussed, or more likely a points win, not forgetting the two boxers could be just as well be women, and that divides public opinion even further!

Hmm see what I mean, now you’re hopefully a little annoyed you’ve been reading a blogger who on one hand admits he adores all women whatever their age looks and size of tits, yet I’m happy to watch two ladies fight! Now hold on, I ask myself questions like should boxing be banned quite often and more IMPORTANTLY should I enjoy watching two people fight in the name of sporting entertainment!

In my opinion boxers are truly heroic and courageous human beings and I don’t use those two words lightly! Just imagine for a second that two people climb in the ring, boxing gloves to hand and before the bell rings they know by the end of the fight there’s a chance one could be punched in the head suffering concussion, as a man who suffers from the brain disease epilepsy I understand all to well repeated blows to the head can cause permanent brain damage.

I’ll watch a televised fight at home on my TV and enjoy the physicality of a thrilling contest, I guess much the same as the Roman’s did 2000 years ago watching gladiators at the coliseum and the only answer I can give you is a love of brutality lies deep within a human’s DNA, am I wrong? Just take a look at the horrors perpetrated in the World today, human beings are capable of evil acts so why not allow them to channel their aggression into sport?

Chantelle 1
Chantelle Cameron, am I permitted to call her a babe?

Chantelle is the lady in white and just look at the expression on her face, neither hate nor anger, she’s using her fighting skills to win, not for the greater good of the sport no she’s trying to win and if she keeps winning boxing bouts then she’ll retire a millionaire and hopefully with her health intact and I for one say good luck to her. I’m a succour for a pretty face lol and have followed her since she missed out on qualifying for the 2016 Olympics, long story but she misheard the bell from another ring and layed an illegal punch on her opponent!

Chantelle on the right and btw she one her fight in fact she’s undefeated……… a tough tough young lady boxing’s a brutal sport.

C 5
Enter July 8th in Glasgow Chantelle faced Bojana Libiszewska………….

C 4 1

Chantelle (below) in the ring with her current Trainer Shane McGuigan (wearing grey)

Now I’ve watched Chantelle Cameron box for real!

©Andrew, though using ‘borrowed media’ for this post only.


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