Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. OMD

I am totally gobsmacked! I happened to be glancing through my 158 post Titles, as you do, and was amazed to find I haven’t posted music performance videos from one of my favourite 1980’s pop Group, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark perhaps better known to most people as OMD

Boy Bands of today just don’t write original hooks like the 3 songs below, don’t you agree? There’s a rawness to OMD’s electronic sound which just doesn’t exist in today’s Pop Idol over engineered music, featuring singers who appear to think screaming as violently as one can is singing?……….. 😀 Showing my age now.

Three of my OMD all time favourites ‘Enola Gay’, ‘Souvenir’ and ‘Messages’ enjoy! Andrew



12. Crystal Castles – ‘Not In Love’

For many many months I blogged under a different name (I cannot say 😀 long story! ) where I would often share my favourite songs from the 1980’s, synthesiser Bands to be more precise and all from my distant youth in yes the 80’s! Well this tune ‘Not In Love’ by Crystal Castles was released quite a few years later, in fact I did share this YouTube video on my previous Domain but ‘hey ho’ why not again 🙂


However there is ‘a not so tenuous link’ back to the 80’s in that Robert Smith sings the vocals and of course Robert was lead vocalist in the UK Band named ‘The Cure’ which does hark back to my lol era. He’s now age 57, been through the drugs and alcohol big time, and with out Googling I think ‘The Cure’ still Tour.

Very unique voice Robert has don’t you think and thankfully not the ‘averagely run of the mill’ male X Factor vocal, God I hate 😀 reality music programs, anyway enough of grumpy old Andrew.

🙂 I hope you enjoy, and presented to you by the wonders of YouTube (not my Channel btw), ‘Not In Love’ by Crystal Castles 🙂


8. 2 happy tunes from the 1980’s

From ‘time to time’ on my previous blog I would upload favourite video songs from the 1980’s, well here are 2 more performed by ‘Tears for Fears’ and I still love listening to ‘Mad World’ even till this day.

….. see if you love it to 🙂 I’ve always been a fan of 1980’s synth music. (Google if you’d like to understand more).

Tears for Fears are an English rock band formed in 1981 by Roland (black curly hair) and Kurt (Pony tail), they are posers lol. I say rock but they were more associated with the new wave synthesizer music of the early 1980s, later branching out into mainstream rock and pop which led to future international chart success.

Their platinum-selling debut album, ‘The Hurting’, reached number one in the UK Albums Charts which was quite a feat back then when album sales ruled the world! No CD’s or digital downloads!