Sheltering in a Cemetery out of the rain!

I don’t have a problem church cemeteries, in-fact I quite like them!

Don’t go yet! This isn’t Andrew becoming all morbid and depressing on you, 🙂 nope my blog is a positive happy blog where religion controversy and death are banned! Sex nature and photography yes! I’m here to hopefully be interesting, make you smile or subject you to my silly stories.

Whilst walking into Town early this afternoon the heavens suddenly opened and I became ensnared captured by a torrential rainstorm, now catch 22 if I about turned and went home I’d get soaked, if I carried on I’d get just as wet, so I thought sod it and soldiered on through the rain into Town.

One silver lining to my cloudy story was bumping into my neighbour from around the corner. She’s a lovely lady, a plain Jane but then I’m no Richard Gere, she’d gotten caught in the rain as well but even worse, as a woman who wears bras to small for her bust size, she looked as though she’d just come from a wet tee shirt competition, and by the look at her bosom she’d just won!

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Saint Mary’s church cemetery Witney Town


Where was I? Oh yes getting caught in a British summertime rainstorm, so I carried on into Town, purchased a celery and cheese sandwich and orange juice, paid, stepped outside into the rain and the choice was either wander around Town, getting soaked to the skin looking in shop windows or head for the park and sit in the dry somewhere.

I don’t mind church cemeteries, I’m not one of those people who get freaked with the thought of entering one let alone spending time amongst all those headstones. Ancient English cemeteries are known to be havens for wildlife, quiet undisturbed secluded habitats where wildflower species are left to flourish the length and breadth of England and for some reason that escapes me right now, nearly all possess they’re own Yew Tree! (Blood of Christ?)

So getting wet and with time to spare I went into our thirteenth century church cemetery, found a dry conifer tree to sit under for shelter and ate my lunch and you’ll be surprised to read I quite enjoyed the experience, there’s not many places left in busy bustling British Towns that are as quiet and undisturbed such as these peaceful sanctuaries, I don’t want to become too deep but for the first time in a while, devoid of the internet phones tablets and Wi-Fi, I found myself in quite a contemplative frame of mind, spiritual even, which I haven’t experienced for quite, so I sat under a tree in the rain and listened to what Andrew had to say for himself.

Nothing morbid mind, I thought about problems at work, family, money! And cleared my mind, or at least tried to, putting some of my life worries in some sort of order. So much of our personal problems at the end of the day are just not worth worrying about and well without becoming tooo deep and meaningful, three quarter’s of an hours peace and quiet is something I’d wholly recommend.

However not in a dentist’s waiting room, that’s lazy and doesn’t work anyway, I mean go sit in a peaceful cemetery and just let your mind and imagination wander, a little quiet contemplation can be quite refreshing and good for the soul!