Throwing a ball with Holly the collie Sunday.

I’m annoyed, thoroughly brassed off and extremely tired, I have just spent the last hour writing a family themed Post which after pressing preview disappeared from view, consequently all my hard work is gone lost forever!

So tonight in place of my ‘long lost masterpiece’, here’s a video I filmed Sunday afternoon and for those of you who haven’t read earlier Posts Holly is the family collie ūüôā¬†

I’ve shared pet photos time to time on Blog Andrew, I ‘snapped’ the one below whilst staying over at my brother’s Christmas 2016……….ok that’s seven months ago but what the heck who doesn’t like doggy photos?………….And by the look of all that torn paper I think she’s just finished opening someone else’s present!!!

Holly Xmas

Incidentally you may remember Holly is a rescue dog who’d spent the early years of her life kept inside a cage, which resided in the kitchen of a Flat with NO GARDEN, frigging disgusting don’t you think? To cut a long story short she had a few problems when my mum rescued her, such as toilet training etc, BUT my mum put her straight and now she’s one of the family, the perfect pet friend……..perhaps don’t purchase a collie unless you have the time and patience to train, that’s very arrogant of me to suggest but they are highly intelligent dogs and require a lot of mental stimulation! But she’s fine now. ūüôā¬†

Sorry the photograph from last Christmas, the video was filmed yesterday.

© Andrew


38 – I took Holly for a Walk in the Park

I’d like to share¬†these photographs with you especially if you read and commented¬†a ‘Lucy the collie’ post written the same evening I received a certain telephone call. If you don’t understand my rather cryptic reference don’t worry it’s rather a long story ūüôā

Holly missed her friend for a couple of days afterwards, she’d go room to room looking for¬†Lucy confused as to where she’d¬†disappeared to¬†but lol she seems to have forgotten her now, such is life. Here’s a few pictures of us in the park today with her tennis ball, she’ll chase and fetch a ball all day long if you let her, anyways all is well.



18. Holly and Lucy


Dog lovers will hopefully enjoy these¬†‘family’ photographs,¬†HOLLY is age 3 so as you can imagine she’s bright eyed and full of life, she’ll retrieve a ball on a rope all afternoon and never get bored! Whereas LUCY¬†is age 14¬†and now a bit of a grumpy old lady who prefers to spend her days sleeping on the sofa.

Now a picture of my mother¬†holding both, I should say they¬†are my mother’s dogs, I exercise and play with them but alas circumstances don’t allow me to¬†have a pet!

ūüė¶ I’d love to own a collie dog but locking one up all day whilst I’m at work just isn’t fair………… maybe one day ūüôā

Mum with Holly and Lucy

Perhaps 3 photographs will suffice¬†for this post because I could write at great length about these two and even longer if I told you stories about all the other collies we’ve owned at different stages of our lives, when my brother and I were older teenagers¬†and living at my parents home we¬†had another black and white collie ūüôā named Belle and worth her weight in gold because¬†she really did help the family through difficult times, pets often are very good at that aren’t they, their loyalty sense of fun companionship friendship and happiness cheers¬†you up when you’re feeling down and yet they want so little in return, love feeding and a warm place to sleep and they’re well happy and content with life.

Returning to our two dogs and they couldn’t be more different, Lucy is a genuine working sheep dog, she was purchased from a farm where her two parents were used to round up sheep, a farmer’s tool have you will rather than pet, consequently when she accompanied me walking through¬†local¬†fields filled with stock animals, Lucy would¬†immediately crouch down as soon as¬†seeing them. Occasionally when¬†walking through¬†a field of sheep I’d allow her to encircle the animals from a distance¬†and she’d quietly move them into a group, a BLOODY dangerous thing to do mind knowing¬†farmers are permitted to shoot untethered dogs around their animals, but I trusted her instincts¬†and only dared try this on¬†a couple of occasions………. just not worth the risk and a little irresponsible of me.

Whereas Holly is a rescued collie, she’d been originally purchased by a family living in a high level maisonette which unbelievably had NO garden, consequently this very active dog could find herself locked in a cage for hours on end,¬†then when¬†the cage door was opened she’d attack the families cats…………some people don’t deserve to own pets! Well how she came to be part of our family is a long story, Holly wasn’t beaten or badly treated just neglected, anyways my mother through her many contacts came to own Holly and she’ll live out her days cared for and loved.

I’ll have to be careful because I could write thousands more words which would only interest¬†my family, that’s IF they knew of this blog which they never will!!! Anyways I’ll save you from tales of long walks by the river and…………..

I’ll¬†finish with a picture of my brother and¬†myself returning home from a cycling holiday¬†with Belle running out to greet us both. (Belle remember is the sheep herding dog!)