28 – Downton Abbey – Yew Tree Farm

Downton Abbey, Yew Tree Farm

(Note photos and video are ¬© Andrew, i.e. taken by me ūüôā )

Take a five minute stroll through my Housing Estate and you’ll¬†find¬†a genuine Television Series outside broadcast¬†film location, come to think of it I’m suddenly curious as to whether my neighbours¬†know it exists? Yes walk the short distance¬†from my front door, past the local Primary School, across the shopping precinct car park, walk briskly¬†through a small wooded area (which creeps me out), jump a stream (which I’ve¬†fallen into) lean over an agricultural barbed wire fence and you’ll¬†see a typical English¬†rural¬†landscape¬†captured¬†by my following¬†4 photos………..further still, join them together¬†left to right for a sweeping panoramic view!

Panoramic sweep from left, photograph 1.
Panoramic sweep from left, photograph 2.
Panoramic sweep from left, photograph 3.
Panoramic sweep from left, Photograph 4.

I’m very fortunate to live so close to¬†rural Oxfordshire because¬†this¬†stunning agricultural landscape¬†can be viewed virtually¬†in any direction¬†from my home¬†and only¬†a stones throw away………AND that’s why property prices are so frigging high round here!!!!!!!!

Some may already be aware I have a small¬†YouTube Channel (though¬†very insignificant and lol rarely viewed), however note¬†Channels are easily set up and can be very useful.¬†So YouTube in mind¬†I filmed a short mpeg video of the¬†same scene taken at the same time back in early September……..lovely English blue skies aren’t they¬†and come to think of it our final really sunny weekend.

End view from ‘Church Lane’
Closer end view from ‘Church Lane’

So I hear you say,¬†what are these farm buildings constructed from ‘golden Cotswold stone’ in your photographs Andrew? I’ll have given the game away¬†with my post title and for¬†those of you who¬†are eagle eyed fans of a UK period drama called¬†Downton Abbey you’ll probably recognise this as…..Yew Tree Farm.

Yew Tree Farm, remember only¬†5 minutes away,¬†is home to the Drewe family¬†in series 4, 5 & 6 and apparently¬†this is where Lady Edith‚Äôs child¬†was brought up, incidentally¬†Dame Maggie Smith (no less) and the characters Tom Branson, Lady Edith and Lady Mary also feature¬†in those episodes.¬†Well as you can imagine much excitement stirred locally¬†when cast and crew descended with their trucks, props, cameras, megaphones and ūüôā my claim to fame is I¬†can clearly remember the¬†smell of fried bacon¬†filling the air as I¬†passed the ‘chuck wagons’ early mornings on my way to work.

Click here for the episode synopsis

I must admit I’m not an avid fan of the series,¬†although¬†my mum and dad are!!!!¬†But I thought I’d share these pictures because¬†I do know many millions around the world¬†(note not on Blog Andrew) love this UK Edwardian period drama,¬†and I thought¬†one or two might¬†want¬†to view¬†Cogges¬†Manor House kitchen and grounds, btw if you’re in the UK all the locations can be found on the Downton Cotswold Tourist Trail………… ūüėÄ the local newspaper asked for extras but I declined!