You’ll be relieved there’s no pictures of my ‘bum’ tonight, I’m going to see ‘La La Land’, been so looking forward to watching that movie.

Yesterday evening I was very excited, I went to bed expecting snow only to open my bedroom curtains next morning and wouldn’t you believe it NOT one single snowflake had fallen last night, consequently I’m a little brassed off today all because the UK was promised plummeting temperatures accompanied by inches of deep white virgin snow (I exaggerate). So much so soldiers and military vehicles had been put on stand by (true), but no not one snowflake fell and I had my camera ready spare batteries charged! And I had this silly little blog all set to share photos of snow covered fields and white Cotswold stone Churches. But alas this morning I opened my bedroom curtains, gazed out the window only to be confronted by my same old boring suburban housing estate. Ahh well tis only mid January and it always snows on my birthday.

People have written they enjoy my photographic posts, so when Oxford gets snow whether you like it or not I guarantee they’ll be snow scenes galore!

I’m NOT going to write about blogging tonight because that’s boring, except to say I Follow many talented people here on WordPress, by talented I mean they can create with their hands, I love the blogs where people draw with pencil and paint on canvas so much so if they were for sale and I could afford to buy, I’d perhaps ask to purchase one from them.

Then I got to thinking ‘what about myself?’ in what ways am I Andrew creative? I cannot paint or write poetry and to be honest I wing it here as a blogger but people have liked which has been an absolute joy, so all’s good with the world only wish I was having sex at present.

No I’m happy to admit I’m possibly the least creative person alive but even if I say it myself I am reasonably good at making things with my hands and I’m not showing off! No I cannot paint but I am creative in another sense, ever since a very young man I’ve been employed as an engineering Toolmaker, don’t yawn lol I understand manufacturing things from metal isn’t most people’s idea of being creative but no matter because I’m going to tell you anyway! At age sixteen I served a four year apprenticeship living near penniless on very meagre wages, however I should not be disingenuous because the factory I was employed by taught me a trade which has served me well over the past X amount of years, and fingers crossed a trade which will see me earning into retirement because here in the UK we have a shortage of skilled labour…….so yes I am a very lucky man.

And I enjoy my job, I look forward to going to work of a morning, blessed I work alongside great colleagues and spend many glorious hours with highly intelligent University graduates all eager to learn and hopefully attain themselves a good degree which will serve them well in years to come. Yes I adore the fair sex but both boys and girls are a delight to work with, their eagerness and ambition is a joy to behold and infectious to jaded middle aged men, like all young people they have a huge appetite for life and a University Degree could should and will open any door they wish to open.

I’m not showing off neither conceited, my job can be boring but on the upside I do get to work with many lovely young ladies, sweet beautiful creatures with bubbly personalities who but for our Department I would never come into contact with in my personal life, and by god aren’t they ladies attractive (note over age 18), even better come summertime they’ll be wearing short skirts and tight tee shirts! Now hold on before you judge me, I’m a responsible gentleman both respectful and professional but there’s no harm admitting charming beautiful young women are a delight to tenuously be around and they know I’m a soft touch when asked for help, (no word of a lie women are ruthless when they want something lol), smile sweetly and I’ll do whatever she asks, play the little girl lol and she’ll have me wound round her little finger! I will admit once in a while I’ll have to visit the bathroom for a quick masturbate, but don’t all men ‘knock one off the wrist’ thinking about the women they work with?

Don’t they?

Anyways enough of my wittering and before I get myself into trouble talking of legs and bras wanking and boobs (at least I’m honest we’re all the same, we all appreciate beauty), I’d better return to my working ability using my hands! I know most readers will find the following photographs very VERY boring but I’m going to upload anyway because I haven’t seen them in an age, and some of you will know I use my blog as a journal for old personal photographs saved from desk draws and albums under beds.

Briefly I’m a toolmaker by trade (I know who cares 😀 ), which basically means when given a block of metal also drawings and assorted machine tools then I can manufacture virtually anything you wish, and when you for example buy a plastic kettle, rather boringly some guy or girl in a factory will have made the tool which once had plastic poured into it!

Btw a kitchen Kettle was an example.

So here are a selection of photo’s taken of press tools made by my own hands……….not very creative and somewhat boring I know but I am rather proud of them…….. call this a post for me 🙂

Four photos of an engineering Press Tool used for producing sheet steel components.

Andrew 🙂