Erotica – my original story

tumblr-gay-sex-01-08-h13For context clarity and an understanding of what is true and what is fiction here please read my introduction post, if you don’t then I fear you won’t understand why and how I came to be in his bedroom. You just won’t!

Disclaimer, we slept all night naked together but we didn’t have sex.

‘I was tired from travelling and hadn’t anywhere to sleep, the choice was stark a park bench for the night or go home with him, so I chose him, I was just relieved to be safe. Never doubt though he’d taken a chance, planned and plotted, endangered his liberty and freedoms as he probably did every evening, on the outside he appeared friendly, on the inside existed a darker more predatory man, calculating and immoral, but remember as you follow this story I did like him!

Nervously I crept out of his ensuite bathroom wearing only a towel round my waist, clasping clothes bundled in my arms, my comfort blanket, I’d just had a lovely warm skin tingling shower only to be faced by the French guy standing naked a few paces from me, and to say I’m startled no shocked is possibly the biggest understatement ever, but I sensed no hostility or aggression and his sweet smile betrayed nothing more than he was as nervous as I, seconds passed and he smiled, yes he had a friendly face and feeling less anxious I smiled in return, I’m a good judge of character and he’d been a lovely guy this whole evening, in fact he’d been a perfect gentleman ever since picking me up at the Station, but beneath my very invigorating shower I’d slowly come to my senses, I finally understood he’d been more than very friendly striking up that conversation in the waiting room, he’d been cruising, I’d been picked up, the penny had dropped whilst hot water cascaded down my slim pink body, and I knew as I’d suspected, at long last I was sure he was gay, I stopped and stood like a statue in the doorway, sh#t what happens now!

In retrospect, looking back to that evening, I appear to judge him more harshly now, his choice of lifestyle is perhaps more dishonest than I’d first though, he’d groomed me planned and plotted and still to this day that bothers me. All these years later I really don’t care he’d visited a train station, ten minutes before the entrance doors were closed for the evening, a prison for the night, doors to be opened early next morning, each night he went looking men and tonight I was he. But my new found distaste forgets one truth, if he hadn’t given me a bed for the night I would have been sleeping in a Le Mans Street, beaten or robbed, a conundrum if ever there was one! But that’s now immaterial, I went home with him and does it matter he picked men up to f#ck? If he lives a life without harming anyone, doesn’t lie or cheat then ‘cruising’ is fine however unconventional his life is by societies twisted standards, so yes he picked up men taking them home for consensual sex, well I had a bloody good feeling that’s what he expects, but so what he just lives his life that way, by a different set of rules it’s nobody else’s business but his own ………. AFTERALL WE’RE A LONG TIME DEAD!

However if he visited that railway station every evening to pickup young women solely for sex, tired single lonely fearful virginal women, knowing the station would be soon closed is that different?……..yes but it shouldn’t BE.

19th Century interpretation of Hadrian and Antinous

Back to my tale, I’ve walked out of his ensuite shower naked to be confronted by my Good Samaritan standing at the foot of his bed undressed and now slightly aroused, the tip of his dick, pulsating with fresh new blood, quivering, engorged, they have a mind of their own and his member wanted in my mouth or ass. My whole being was in a state of shock, disbelief and confusion, there we both stood a few feet apart, two naked males, statuesque-like bodies a soft shade of rose pink but for a mop of jet black hair sprouting from each others groin, compared to the gloriously proportioned female nude, mythological Greek goddesses, slim figures pert breasts the sensual inward curve toward her vulva, lips of labia disappearing between slightly parted thighs, dripping with salty nectar, in comparison to a lady don’t male’s ‘bits and pieces’ seem well out of place? Oh if he’d only been a woman I would have knelt at her feet, licked sucked and nuzzled her warm wet slit……………….. then an electrified synapse in my brain shook my paralysed mind into reality, here stood a naked man before me! Oh f#ck!!!

(I’m slightly wishing I’d chosen my soon to be lover a woman, no going back Andrew!)

The guy in my tale is cuddly bear of a man, he resembled a 12 year old with all traces of pubic hair removed from his body, quite sweet not effeminate, I dislike limp wristed men, he’s gay and that’s ok by me. He looked at me a welcoming smile crossed his face, now having regained my sanity I could see he carried a slight paunch but he was still rather well toned, in fact quite a good looking handsome guy, with Gallic face slightly died hair …..hmmm about 50! For what seemed an age my heartbeat raced as we looked at each other, then he’d drop his gaze, eyes following the contours of my body to my waist, stop, then a little further to my pelvis, I knew exactly what he’s fixated with a look of longing towards my groin, a pursing of the lips, I didn’t feel uncomfortable though, all anxiety was gone and I could feel my inhibitions dissipating. Ive never thought myself gay in fact I knew I wasn’t gay, I adored women, but tonight I felt alive, a mixture of danger and excitement, and yes electricity now coursing through my veins, wow I could feel my genitals tingling, must be all those thousands of stimulated nerve endings……. unnoticed he’d moved slowly toward me pausing looking into my eyes, this guy for I still don’t know his name was only inches away, by now he must have sensed I found him attractive? Perhaps all evening he’d dreamed of having his wicked way with me, using my body as he desired, or more worryingly perhaps he was a predatory man who ever since the first minute he set eyes on me, groomed me, the only thought on his mind sex………. but I don’t care, none of that matters now!

My heart pounding I could feel the warmth of his body against mine his arms now wrapped around my waist, soft genitals pressing against my own, the thought of kissing a man had always repulsed me but now I felt his breath on my lips, a waft of cologne inside my nostrils so different to the scent of female perfume. The whole evening he’d taken a lead, made the first move, I was out of my depth and this Frenchman knew it, I sensed he understood with crystal clarity I was his tonight, our lips touched, gently at first, then as passions stirred he became more forceful and eager finally eating at my face, Jesus he’s an animal! But tonight I was open to new experiences, I will go wherever he takes me, exchanging saliva with another man excited me turned me on. So we kissed for a while longer cheek to cheek each others stubble stimulating the skin, our heads moving rhythmically side to side, his eyes tight shut mine wide open, I’ve always enjoyed fucking women with my eyes open, so close to hers they’re unable to focus.

He pulled away, broke the silence finally asking my name, “You never said what your name is?”

“You never asked……….it’s Paul” I replied.

Then he whispered in my ear “Paul do you want to suck my dick?” I recoiled away from him in disgust, only his arms around my waist held me from falling back into his bathroom, I pulled away further breaking his strong clasp, tried to leave him then glanced down at his erect member, I couldn’t, this was a step tooo far, I needed time to allow my thoughts to catch up with a brain now in a time lag the adrenaline flowing through every part of my body excited me even more, I too was beginning to become aroused glancing at his face then looking at his groin then his slightly chubby face again, umm I’ve seen worse dicks inside a men’s shower room, nude men have never bothered me. I’d now successfully mastered my momentary time warp and my brain had finally caught up with reality, I glanced down again feeling mildly shocked, I to was standing erect, I moved closer again, our erect genitals touched now trapped against each others thighs, we embraced again, arms enveloping each others hips, soft red succulent lips wet with minty saliva gorging at each other, so pleased I’d brushed my teeth, secure in his arms all inhibitions melting away we kissed again and again.

Yep this evening no question I was gay, no I’ll qualify that with bi sexual, I’ve always and still do think we’re a mixture of sexual orientation, a definitive line in the sand doesn’t exist, or perhaps tonight, being carried away in the excitement of unknown pleasures had clouded my standards and judgement?

“No I cannot” I answered, “it’s not you, you’ve been lovely sweet and kind ever since you picked me up, but I’m not gay”  I said my eyes now slightly moist at the now lie,  “I’m sorry I cannot take you in my mouth, I don’t want to and please don’t make me.”

“Shush now that’s ok my sweet English friend we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to” as he pressed his body even closer to mine, his strong arms wrapped around me squeezing me so tightly a reflex motion pushed my hands forward holding either side of his waist, that felt nice, he was carrying a few pounds and I guess I was clasping his love handles. We kissed some more, our lips wet with saliva pressed tight against each other, I gulped and gulped again, then I felt his tongue force itself into my mouth the tip entwine with mine. He slid his strong hands up and down my back, stroking and massaging the skin until gripping my buttocks so hard I whimpered “ouch”. Panting heavily I did the same, sexual excitement consuming my body, a lustful virgin wanting to learn more carrying me on a wave of ecstasy, I knew whatever was about to happen tonight I wouldn’t be the same man in the morning, I was his, I was happy and smiling to myself I mused ‘what next?’ Now all inhibitions were gone, I was enjoying exploring and loving his body, God his round buttocks were so plump firm and slightly hairy, I didn’t mind, gay or not they felt just like a woman’s, so smooth and round. Now our bodies were as one, chest and thighs touching, our forearms and hands behind each other, my lips devouring his. Then he did something quite unexpected, gripping my buttocks firmly, hands dividing my cheeks, his fingers slipped into the crack of my ass. I didn’t flinch he knew I didn’t mind. He pulled his head back from mine, with his eyes averting my gaze he spat a large blob of saliva into his hands rubbing its wetness between his fingers. He motioned his arm around my waist again pulling my body tightly against his, I felt is ball sack gently whip and bounce against mine, my heart pounding so hard I knew what was coming next then a fearful thought crossed my mind, ‘was I about to have a heart attack’ take my final breath embraced in a strange arms, in a foreign far away land?

Then my whole body flinched, rising skywards, a mild convulsion making me stand on tip toes, his fingers were between the cracks of my ass again and pressed against my butt hole, seconds passed then my body began to relax after its virgin involuntary homoerotic spasm. His lips pulled away……….. calmly asking in soft French tones, “You know what I want but I have to ask! Do you mind?”……I shook my head mouth wide open, his fingers pressing the opening, sending tingles up my spine! “I don’t mind”, I smiled.

I couldn’t kiss anymore my head was in a spin so I rested my chin on his shoulder as he methodically slowly and gently inserted two fingers deep inside my anus, so far they touched pressed against my prostate, our bodies embraced harder than ever. “Jesus Christ wholly fuck!” I shouted ecstasy in my voice, an oh so pleasurable feeling emanated from the firm hard walnut shaped organ in my body, continuing to pulse along the whole shaft of my penis, I recognised the orgasmic waves of joy, I had never been so erect and hard in my life, like a rod of iron, my body had never been so electrified and alive as he stroked his finger along the surface of my prostate, I felt like I wanted to pee but didn’t.

Minutes of overwhelming pleasure happiness and blissful euphoria consumed my body, my only thought ‘don’t stop, love me, I want this rapture for all eternity’, while my French guy and I lovingly embracing each other my chin resting on his collar bone, biting his neck, his playful fingers inside my ass, yes he’d groomed me from beginning to here, he’d made moves, led the way but I didn’t mind, just think I could have lived my whole life oblivious to the carnal pleasure only a man could give.

He quietly asked again waking me from a dream, “Paul, would you like me to f#ck you?”

OMG!!! I felt a tightening in my stomach, what had I gotten myself into, my second understatement of the evening, an hour ago I was sitting on a railway platform bench and now I was being sexually propositioned, he’d asked, I was consenting but never once that evening had I felt in danger for my life. My mind and imagination were spinning like a child’s top now, fingers wriggling deep inside my ass, eyes wide open, the dimly lit décor a coloured blur around the periphery of my vision, to this day I don’t know why I said the word “yes” but I did, this involuntary reflection came loudly from my mouth, without me trying to stifle or stop. His arms and hands dropped to his waist as he pulled away, I was a little taken aback by his instant rejection, then he rather tooo quickly motioned across the bedroom carpet, opened a desk draw, hands rummaging amongst clothing, he was searching for something and I had a feeling I knew what!! Then he found what he was looking for and held a small white plastic square to the light, excitedly saying “oui” with his find, all the time me standing statuesque my feet welded to the carpet, and oh yes, f#ck me yes, I knew exactly what he was holding!

Heart in my mouth I knew what was coming next as he rushed around the bedroom a blur of activity, I palpably saw a sexual frenzy overwhelm his being, moving so fast as if worried I’d leave, turning bathroom lights off shutting bedroom doors a whirlwind of activity going on around me. But a calm had enveloped my consciousness, my breath slowed now normal again. I can remember thinking with perfect crystal clear clarity, this is my final moment of choice, sexual intercourse, screwed for the first time in my virgin ass or say no, simple as that, there was no confusion, no ambiguous catch 22 his penis inserted up my ass in ten seconds time, or say “non” right now!

The next 5 seconds went on for an age, you’ll have experienced this stalling of time, I’m told during a car crash time stops still, now I felt like I had a lifetime to make a choice, and it was my choice no backing out now. ……… answer was a simple yes, uncomplicated as it sounds, answering yes to sex was all I needed to say, tomorrow is the time for regrets, ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ amusedly crossed my mind, a funny English phrase, and why not, life is now regrets come later. Furious activity complete he slowly walked toward me having ripped open the packet only stopping to unfurl the shiny latex along his hard pre coital shaft, complete with dark purple bell end. Now standing in front of me I noticed his skin shimmered and glistened, he was sweating and breathless but with a face carrying a rather worried expression.

“Paul?”, he questioned me, he’d neglected me, allowed me to think for myself for 5 seconds and now I could see the panic in his eyes, would I say no, but with a slight smile and resigned nod of my head I said “I’m ok”, mind you I wasn’t as keen as I once was! His eyes lit up like a child opening a present on xmas day, I’d never seen him so pleased and animated that made me smile, both at peace all tension between us disappeared like ether.

“Laydown” he said smiling, motioning towards the bed, thinking back now yes I reluctantly wearily took steps toward his double bed, feeling the soft brown sheets in my hands as I crawled onto his mattress and dutifully laying on my belly. Out the corner of my eye I could see him pick up a large white bottle taken from the top of an oak table, fuck I knew what that was as I turned my head to look against the opposing wall. I closed my eyes and felt the bed bounce up and down as he sat kneeling alongside my midriff, a heavier man than I first thought! Then I heard the recognisable sound of gel squirting from a pump action bottle top. God he’s not gonna massage me like those Croydon hookers I visit? No I knew what was happening next, repeating ‘yes’ to comfort myself, a feeling of calm overwhelmed me, joyous chemicals secreted my mind coursed my body, I was ready, my intimate passage now receptive to a virginal pleasure never experienced before, emotionless happy without fear or trepidation at last I relaxed, I DID want him inside me, do the dirty deed, f#ck me in the ass!

Still seated by my side, lights dimmed, bedroom warm and cosy, he turned and swung his strong thigh across the small of my back, now sitting straddling my legs, groin pressed between the cheeks of my succulent peachy ass, ripe for dividing in two, receptive to his seed. With hands either side of my turned head, I closed my eyes then seconds later I felt the tip of his erection push through between my squeezed together buttocks, rim of foreskin rubbing the skin coming to rest against my closed hole. My whole body convulsed in shock as the cold sticky gel pressed against the opening!

“Paul” he whispered with a hushed French accent, “Relax”, but I couldn’t, every muscle around my groin and buttocks clenched, he sat back a little then gently massaged my shoulder muscles allowing all tensions to release, minutes passed and a calm overcame me, a drowsiness as if my consciousness and eyelids requested sleep. But I didn’t! He was following all the signals coming from my body, he was skilfully playing me as if I were a musical instrument between the fingers of his hands, sensing I was ready he pushed his torso forward again at the same time his two hands placed either side of my head again holding the bridge of his chubby frame, absorbed into quilt and foam.

“Relax” he said more firmly and I obliged. now I felt the tip of his shaft again press against the most intimate part of a male’s body, then gently slid inside, the soft anus flesh parted and God the first inch was painful, my sphincter relaxed and his hole member, now lubricated slipped down my rectum all cold and wet. Jesus! He paused and we lay motionless coupled pre coital, then his pelvis began to rhythmically slowly rock back and forth both hands supporting his weight pressing into my pillow. Faster and faster he pushed, pulling his penis out, only to poke back in pressing even deeper, violating me deflowering me  buggering me, but I loved the pain I enjoyed the discomfort my rectum now full, me grimacing under the now powerful near violent stabbing of his penis as his groin hit my cheeks. Now he was hurting with each brutal thrust, the whole 9 inches momentarily touch my bladder making me want to pee, but I stopped myself through sheer blind concentration. He was now like a wild animal thrusting back and forth in an animalistic primeval sexual frenzy, gasping for air, drops of sweat falling from his forehead onto my neck, quicker and harder he rode, sodomising my anus, and it hurt the full weight of his heavy torso forcing his hard large dick for he was a man of great girth inside me. With every thrust I squealed eyelids tightly close teeth biting the soft cotton bedsheet, only for him to pull the pillow from under my head and toss across the room. Although my body was writhing in discomfort, my mind was crystal clear, my prostate stinging burning hot. Now he was fucking me so hard I thought I may lose consciousness, THEN his groin convulsed, his body momentarily in a spasm as my anus contracted in unison, I felt the veins of his penis against the inner walls as his throbbing member pumped its silky cream deep inside me and we screamed together a mixture of joyous agony.

Now the rhythmic rocking of his pelvis a top of mine slowed, he caught his breath and I felt the bulb of his condom grow large pressed against the inner organs of my body, all fear palpably dispersed, thank god he’d worn a condom, I’d forgotten, I’d trusted him, hookers tell me some men pull them off the moment before cumming, the rape makes them cry and only at the moment of orgasmic climax did I think Christ what if! Recovering composure his breath weakening, shoulders above mine arms like the overhanging canopy of a weeping willow, his hands like tips of branches touching the ground, now all was quietmy Frenchman silent not a muscle moving but our bodies still coupled his quivering member giving me every last drop, seconds passed and I began to feel agitated, “are you ok” I asked, then I sensed is body arch as he pulled out a softening dick, the two of us no longer joined as one living gasping animal my anus red and sore. Spent and pleasured he brought his right thigh up and across my spine, tossed the condom away and exhausted lay on his back beside me eyes closed, I gazed at him he oblivious to my stare and thought to myself ‘so this is how I appear moments after sex, worn-out serene satisfied!’ But as I’d always suspected, he was a man devoid of intimacy and affection blindly oblivious to me laying beside him, I’d been used, my body violently penetrated and now he was going to sleep, I’m a realist by nature, pragmatic I never let my guard down never let my heart rule my head, tonight I understood all, but instead of sleeping the podgy bastard could have chatted 😀


The remaining hours passed uneventfully, he asleep and me motionless laying on my back eyes fixed on the worm like cable flex attached to a light bulb, still a dull orange having been dimmed, wide awake I tried to rationally process what happened earlier, but I had no regrets sex emotionally means little to me, I fuck a prostitute then leave never to return, what happened between us was sex and little no nothing more. I felt no love for the guy no loving bond, he didn’t repulse me and nether did I much care for him, we’d f#cked so what I’ve paid hookers and sex is the same, complete emotional detachment, satisfying my carnal lust then we both go our separate ways each instantly forgetting the other, me £60 lighter. I smiled to myself at least this time was free! Perhaps most men would feel disgust their ass being so hellishly lovingly violated, but I’m not most men, I’m open to new experiences and I can detach sex from any thoughts of connecting with someone’s soul, believe me when I say I can fuck someone, feel no attachment then walk away satisfied with my conscience clear. My mind at ease I drifted into a deep sleep!

The sexual experience doesn’t bother me in the slightest, doesn’t play on my mind, doesn’t upset me. Orientation is of no consequence, if a guy is appealing and you’re both game sex is fine, I wonder how many of you have gay fantasies but don’t admit?


As we lay on his bed together unclothed, both nude and totally naked, sleeping side by side all night and yes chatting would have been nice! I’ll never forgive him for deceiving me, he wasn’t being friendly at all, if I’d met and offered a weary traveller a bed for the night, he’d have been given my spare bedroom, I’d have made him something to eat, brewed a pot of tea for us both, let him take a shower, hunted the house for maps and bus timetables, put clothes in the washing machine, made him breakfast maybe even a sandwich for his dinner, dropped him at the Station setting him straight for the day, I’d have been a Good Samaritan, I certainly wouldn’t have waited outside the bathroom door naked and asked “can I suck your dick”. Joking apart for many months after I slipped into a depression, shamed with what-ifs.

Looking back as of now, today, I think the whole sorry episode absolutely wonderful, I close my eyes seeing him again standing naked, with a hard-on, looking me in the eye, ‘cocked and ready to go’ and I never fail to laugh, and the fact I stripped off and went to bed with him is ABSOLUTELY F#CKING HILARIOUS! And yes he asked to suck my dick, now how many men can say that. PRICELESS!

The following morning. We dressed without speaking and he drove me all the way back to the railway station in his Renault Twingo with not a word of conversation between us, no hate or malice just nothing to say, we arrived at the station said our goodbyes and I’ve never heard or seen of him since! If that sounds all to short a story, as if I’d run dry of creativity, the answer’s no, that’s what happened we rose together, dressed, he dropped me at the train station and we went are separate ways.

He was a nice guy, a bit of a bastard but yes a sweet man.

So how did I do? Passably entertaining, a guy picking up weary male travellers with the promise of a bed and shower but knowing his wicked intention was consensual sex.

Original story © Andrew

Erotica – introduction to my original story

male-orgasm-2After writing and ‘posting’ Helen’s Striptease I’ve been temporarily bitten by a story telling bug, don’t worry I’ll get better!

Residing in my Drafts, loved, surviving deletion rests my first and final, one and only, original fictional story © ME, and incidentally sooon to be uploaded here, fingers crossed a few of you will enjoy reading because it was fun writing and took frigging hours to edit!

Bare in mind please my tale IS loosely based around true events.

© Andrew.

‘I was led never manipulated always willing’

I challenged myself to write a fictional story and took the challenge very seriously, it began life genre erotica but soon became sexually explicit very explicit the result being probably more airplane Terminal bookshop than serious literature, no matter erotica it was to be.

Erotica, def. Noun. Erotic art or literature

However 4700 words and many hours later I’d gotten carried away with myself and as a consequence my tale evolved, let me explain, 20 years ago, I know a long time ago but stay along for the ride no pun intended, whilst still a young man I’d toured central France by train, on my own I might add with only a rucksack and tent for company. Well a good way into my travels, and having missed all connections, I found myself sitting alone inside a provincial railway station waiting room, Le Mans Town to be exact and note the terminus clock was 10.55pm a time worth knowing!

So I’m sitting on a bench seat extremely tired, muscle achingly weary, completely exhausted, totally disorientated and yes frightened. Why? Because I hadn’t anywhere to stay that late June evening worse still the station was now emptying soon to close, consequently I knew within minutes I’d be out on the Street, alone at night, wandering a foreign city in pitch dark.

Fretting, with only minutes before staff evacuated what few passengers remained, a middle aged guy with dyed brown wispy fine hair, for some reason I’ll never forget the hair, sits down next to me, btw quite good looking, and starts chatting in hard to follow near incompressible broken sentence English, and slightly bewildered by this disorientating friendly introduction we struck up a ridiculous conversation until 11.05pm.

Only when sitting in his Renault Twingo, being driven to his house did I finally question why my Good Samaritan friend had been wandering around a waiting room 5 minutes before closing, only when sitting alongside him speeding around Le Mans backstreets did reality dawn on me he’d been seeking out, grooming, hoping to pickup a weary young backpacker. Me. Doh it slowly dawned on me his whole evening had been mapped out, he’d been cruising for young men and remember I hadn’t spotted he was gay, a fact rather important to the tale.

Naïvely and stupidly getting into a car with a single guy I didn’t know, in France, then driving to his home late at night was and is pure madness, in fact my stupidity brought about a depression which affected me for many months afterward but my tale doesn’t stop there though, oh no, consumed in what I’d describe as a ‘whirlwind’ I followed him into his home and slept naked in his bed with him naked alongside me, so up to THIS point my story is true as told, but from there on in the rest is pure fiction because combining actual true events with fiction seemed a fun idea, well my completed tale will be uploaded soon!

That much is TRUE.

Jeez I don’t half witter on!! …………but please don’t expect tooo much, humour me!

Andrew 🙂

To be continued…………………..

36 – Helen’s Striptease – voyeur pt 4

Disclaimer. This tale © Andrew is true then again maybe this story is fictional? The house could be mine or perhaps a previous home or fictitious? Either way the lady across the Street herein is over age 18. Well over 18!

I hope you enjoy, editing has been an age and it’s the closest I’ll come to writing a story ❤

Googled image……..every post has to have a picture!

‘Through slightly parted curtains I propped myself up against the bedroom window sill and looked across the fields behind the house opposite, tonight I was watching a truly spectacular thunder and lightening display, mother nature’s power can be truly awe inspiring………….

……….. below this display of electric lightening and bedroom rocking thunder a bright light suddenly appeared from the third story bedroom window opposite, an angled rooftop window set against grey tiles the white light so bright it woke me from my daydream, so what vision did my focusing eyes see? There before me in clear close view was the silhouette of a slim auburn haired middle aged lady standing waist up behind her window sill………. I knew her to speak to as my neighbour across the Street, a lady called Helen, 45ish attractive in a mummy sort of way, I fancied her of course and she’s happily married but I wouldn’t say no if she asked, I’ve seen her picking up leaves in the front garden and she’s a handsome figure of a woman, a sexy young looking 45 year old.

Quickly, in a state of nerves and shock, my mind trying to process what the f#ck was happening over the road, I ran and rummaged through a draw for my binoculars, God knows how I didn’t break my neck on the laminate floor, then quick as a flash I regained position and hands shaking drew lens to my eyes. I can remember clearly the moment Helen’s bright window appeared, crystal clear and pin sharp, so close now I could make out expressions on her face and the room within, my heart pounding I propped my elbows on the sill and watched!!!!! I’d seen tits down blouses before, by chance mind, but now I was a proper voyeur lol.

I’ve watched Helen before but seeing her tonight was a whole lot different, I assumed this was her spare room but I’ve no idea it being situated above my eye line and set well back behind Street’s view, no one but me could see Helen and she certainly knew I wouldn’t be watching however I was, all very Hitchcock’s Rear Window! Well tonight for about 25 minutes or so she went about her homely duties, mainly carrying bundles of clothes around the room, folding sheets. Putting clean washing in draws? Who knows, just understand Helen was busy and I’m excited, both engrossed and fascinated I noticed she’d pause time to time under the apex of this small cramped space, stopping aside the smallish square open window, blind open, visible waist up, me watching.

Each time she’d stopped to pause for a second I could see she was wearing a skin tight tee shirt so figure hugging I could see the profile of her bosom but of course I could see no lower. Observing her was enough and I wasn’t masturbating, she looked so lovely against this bright white light, quiet deep in thought a side of her I’d never witnessed, a sexy lady and I fancied her 😦

Well after a few minutes of innocent voyeurism all the more exciting because the female recipient wasn’t aware, she paused again and did something so shocking I remember swallowing hard and the binoculars trembling, Helen suddenly pulled up her shirt from the waist moving her arms skywards stripping off the garment over her head, then she held it up to the light (not window) looked at it then folded and threw to her side, at this point I was totally stunned, gobsmacked, I couldn’t believe I was actually watching her undress, the first and only time in my life, my God a performance like this only really happens in filthy novels and artistic movies. To say I was amazed is an understatement, my mind was alive, my heart was pounding, the tip of my penis quivering, the lady opposite was wearing only a pretty white bra set against her pink naked body, Helen’s gorgeous and I’m partial to naturel small breasts 😉

Seconds later she reached her arms behind her back, unclipped her bra allowing the white straps to glide down her arms before again tossing the undergarment to her side, minutes ago I’d been watching the approaching soon to be thunderstorm peeking through curtains, and by pure glorious coincidence I now see a bright nude like painting of the lady opposite completely naked, with my binocular lens centred on her perfect small pert breasts, her pink skin and auburn hair. Nothing below mind but I didn’t care, tonight I was a voyeur intimately watching my neighbour Helen undress and in hindsight I’m at a loss as to why I didn’t faint or have a heart attack. Unbelievable! Incredible! Beautiful! OMFG!!!! Voyeurism is wrong but by God forbidden fruit tastes sweet.

Throughout this striptease performance I’d asked myself ‘what’s she looking at her gaze fixed on something across the room?’ She’d been alone, was it a mirror or picture and I could sense Helen’s mind was elsewhere, then she startled me, she stretched an arm again straight up in the air and proceeded to move her other hand underneath the armpit gently smoothing the palm against her skin, methodically moving in circling motions concentration etched across her face.

I should I have turned away shouldn’t I, closed the curtains and gone back to bed! You decide but it’s my window sill and the view out is mine!

Of course I kept watching.

Helen caressessed squeezed poked her breasts with two fingers then switching hands she repeated this now obvious checking ritual underneath the other pit of her other upward stretched arm all the while her face a picture of serene concentration, she even held them both at once as if pointing squirting sprays of milk at a mirror, I’m sure she was looking at her reflection in a mirror opposite? Of course by now I’d worked out what she was doing, I was witness to something very private and intimate, she was examining her breasts in a time honoured womanly routine her wistful concentration so beautiful it touched my soul (true), she’d been of course feeling for changes, I hope to God there were none and of course I was a very VERY lucky man.

So a question to any ladies reading and judging voyeur Andrew, remember that definition, I ask if you happened to be watching a neighbour strip naked then feel squeeze examine his testicles what would you do? Close the curtains? Go to bed? Or satisfy your voyeuristic appetite? Come on be honest now, no please don’t, but I have my own idea what you’d all do, one or two would be in bed long before now, one or two would have their hands down the front of their panties doing the things girls do, remember I’m NOT a nasty man.

So how did your late night adventure end Andrew? Well her breast examinations lasted five minutes then all of a sudden something startled her, perhaps a noise from the Street below or a sudden awareness she was in fact standing naked in her bedroom, lights on, aside an open window wide open because tonight was so damn hot and humid, who knows? But quick as a flash she pulled a forearm across her chest covering her breasts at the same time leaning forward forcibly pulling down the blind shut!!.

Performance over I caught my breath, my heart rate lowered as I climbed into bed and most amusingly of all still with my binoculars, then I slept like a baby totally utterly exhausted and btw at no point did I pleasure myself. Have I ever seen her undress again? NO because I never look out of my window unless there’s lightening to watch thunder to hear, in-fact that statement is absolutely true. Therefore I’ve never seen her again or attempted to, even on humid warm balmy evenings, I know for fact striptease displays, naked ladies, live breast examinations are coincidences that never ever happen again.’

🙂 So there you are, I ask is my voyeurism tale true or fiction? Is my incredibly vivid and erotic memory so etched across my mind only a story? I’ll allow the reader to decide 🙂


(I’m feeling happier tonight, pt 2 was well received.)