26 – I live in Oxford UK and this is my home!

A quick Post I hope you enjoy!

I own a YouTube Channel garnering 850 subscribers with video views numbering over a million, but don’t get tooo excited because most of my videos feature America’s 1969-73 Apollo moon landings and yes a little boring……..but I enjoyed making them, they’re popular with ‘space fans’ and one upside is I receive LOTS of hater comments!! You won’t believe the abuse I get, threats bad language 😀 and I’m not joking.

From time to time I upload private videos similar to the two below. The first video below features my home filmed from the front, I stood on Chris’s driveway over the road filming and narrating at the same time so God know what she thought I was doing talking to myself! She is lovely though, age 50 attractive slim with rather a small chest but alas Chris is married to a very nice man 🙂

As my Post Title says I live in a two bedroom home situated on the outskirts of Oxford United Kingdom, it’s ok I have good neighbours and the area’s very quiet. As you can see the house is modern approx 1985 with a secluded rear garden lawn which is just about the right size for sunbathing British weather permitting.

Look carefully and you’ll notice I’ve covered the Street Sign with my blue jacket, lol I don’t want you visiting ‘Google Street’ and come knocking on my front door, mind you any blogger is welcome to come round and have a cup of tea……..just email 😀 first!

The trees and bushes are a pain…they keep growing!

You may have heard me refer to my Raspberry bushes in the ‘Back Garden’ video, well sadly summer is but a memory but those bushes fruited did all September and I might add lol I’ve eaten that many Raspberries I have had my fill for the year! Joking apart they were rather lovely though and I would recommend to any reader if you’re interested in no frills gardening why not buy some canes on line, then manure the soil, plant, stand back and watch them grow! They are the ideal garden plant for those without green fingers or in my case lazy. Basically I left them alone all summer then picked the fruits of my labour come autumn time.



Andrew 🙂