39 – Leonard Cohen – Suzanne

Canadian singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen has died aged 82, the news was announced on his official Facebook page.

10.55 am I switched on BBC Radio News at work today and the poem ‘Suzanne’ was playing so I listened because I love the song so, then when the song finished the announcer said he’d passed away ;( Leonard Cohen has died and the world is a much poorer place without him.

I must admit I’ve never been a fan of ‘Halleluiah’, it’s a great poem but I’m not religious that’s all, but I’ve always loved ‘Suzanne’, finally here’s something Leonard said which speaks volumes of the man!

“This is a song I wrote a very long time ago, I feel very good about this song and I’ll tell you why, it’s a song that people loved, and fortunately the rights of it were stolen from me, so um I thought that was perfectly justified because it would be wrong to write this song and get rich from it to! But I’m happy for that friend who put that piece of paper in front of me and said sign this!

So I said to him “what is this?”

He said “oh just the standard writers contract”

So I signed it and it was gone”. (Leonard Cohen on losing his song Suzanne)

His words were accompanied with a wry knowing smile, monetarily he’d lost an absolute fortune however he’d given the world a beautiful love poem, in these avaricious times what a lovely epitaph.